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Combine harvester, Agricultural vehicle Vehicles

Agco / Massey Ferguson 31 1987Agco / Massey Ferguson3
Agco / Massey Ferguson 7242 Motor o.k INLUSIVE Poweflow cutting 2005Agco / Massey Ferguson1
Agco / Massey Ferguson 7278 Cerea 2003Agco / Massey Ferguson15
Agco / Massey Ferguson 9895 2009Agco / Massey Ferguson5
Case 2388 1998Case5
Case 2388 Axial Flow 2001Case15
Case IH 525 1999Case8
Claas 108 1991Claas8
Claas 108 SL Maxi 1990Claas4
Claas 68 s 1987Claas3
Claas claas dominator 85 senator 3.6m 3.9m 2012Claas3
Claas COLUMBUS 1964Claas11
Claas Columbus Combine 1970Claas4
Claas comet 1970Claas3
Claas Compact 25 combines two mowing m GVW 2600 1971Claas5
Claas Compact 30 1982Claas5
Claas Compact 30 2012Claas5
Claas Corsar 1970Claas6
Claas Cosmos 1970Claas5
Claas Cosmos 2.20 m Hächsler 1969Claas8
Claas Do 108 type 94 1987Claas1
Claas DO 108SL MAXI 1989Claas6
Claas DO 76 2011Claas5
Claas DO 96 1984Claas5
Claas Dominator / Mega / heder zbożowy C510 1995Claas11
Claas Dominator / Mega / Thurs Stół rzepaku 1998Claas9
Claas DOMINATOR 105 1980Claas4
Claas Dominator 108 s 1989Claas4
Claas Dominator 112 CS Header trailer choppers Verlu 2012Claas2
Claas Dominator 116 CS V-engine chopper Year 1985 2012Claas2
Claas dominator 118 1994Claas6
Claas DOMINATOR 58s 1988Claas4
Claas Dominator 68 1983Claas8
Claas Dominator 76 2011Claas7
Claas Dominator 76 2668 meters 3 hours cutting 2012Claas2
Claas Dominator 85 1977Claas7
Claas Dominator 85.4 m, Cab, 1979Claas12
Claas Dominator 86 - chüttlerlager, shredder warehouse, 125 2012Claas2
Claas Dominator 86 harvester, 2990 operating hours. Sieves, 2012Claas2
Claas Dominator 88 Classic 1987Claas4
Claas Dominator 88 S 1985Claas5
Claas Dominator 88S tylko 1700 mtg 2011Claas4
Claas Dominator 98 s 2011Claas4
Claas Dominator 98S 1986Claas4
Claas Dominator108SL 1986Claas4
Claas Europe 1963Claas1
Claas Europe 1965Claas6
Claas KOMBAJN ZBOŻOWY CLAAS MERCATOR Z sieczkarnia 2012Claas5
Claas Lexion 400 i 500, SL966 Tucano heder Dominoni 2011Claas1
Claas Lexion 415 with 450 cutting 1999Claas13
Claas Lexion 450 2001Claas1
Claas LEXION 480 2002Claas9
Claas Lexion 480 2003Claas9
Claas Lexion 560 2009Claas12
Claas Lexion 580 2007Claas4
Claas Lexion 580 with 7.50 m Cutting + car Rapsausr 2005Claas12
Claas Lexion 600 2007Claas3
Claas Lexion driver's stand 2005Claas2
Claas Matador Gigant 3 Hexle 120PS Perkings 1966Claas5
Claas Medion 310 with Rabsvorsatz with 2 knives and Ports 2012Claas2
Claas Mega 208 1994Claas2
Claas mega 218 1994Claas4
Claas mega 218 1996Claas4
Claas Mega 218 1998Claas5
Claas Mega 360 2010Claas6
Claas MERCATOR 50 1985Claas1
Claas mercator 50 2011Claas5
Claas Mercator 60 1980Claas7
Claas Mercator 75 1979Claas5
Claas Mercur 1965Claas8
Claas mercur 1966Claas4
Claas Senator Ready to use 1976Claas13
Claas ST 1957Claas1
Claas Thurs 218 1995Claas1
Claas Thurs Dominator 88 SL, 4.50 NW, 3-D, air 1996Claas5
Claas TUCANO 480 2010Claas7
Deutz-Fahr 1610 1985Deutz-Fahr2
Deutz-Fahr 34.80 M 1989Deutz-Fahr5
Deutz-Fahr 5545 H combine 2005Deutz-Fahr15
Deutz-Fahr 5585HT 2004Deutz-Fahr8
Deutz-Fahr Fournier M 35 80 4.20 m + rape Getreideschneidwer 1987Deutz-Fahr7
Deutz-Fahr M 2680 1985Deutz-Fahr4
Deutz-Fahr M66 1965Deutz-Fahr5
Deutz-Fahr SF 140 1975Deutz-Fahr12
Deutz-Fahr Topliner 4075 HTS 1995Deutz-Fahr4
Fahr Combine M88 1971Fahr5
Fahr M40 2012Fahr4
Fendt FE 5220 E COMBINE 300BTS 2010Fendt1
Fortschritt E 512 1976Fortschritt4
Fortschritt E 512 2011Fortschritt5
Fortschritt E 514 1987Fortschritt3
Fortschritt E 516 2011Fortschritt3
Fortschritt E514 1986Fortschritt6
Fortschritt E517 1989Fortschritt6
Fortschritt Harvest Master MDW 525 1993Fortschritt15
Fortschritt Header Trailer 2011Fortschritt3
Fortschritt MDV E 514 1989Fortschritt7
Fortschritt sprzedam Kombajn zbożowy 2012Fortschritt3
Fortschritt sprzedam Kombajn zbożowy I progressed 514 2012Fortschritt3

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