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Farmyard tractor, Agricultural vehicle Vehicles

Massey Ferguson MF 373 A 1999Massey Ferguson9
Massey Ferguson TEA 20 1955Massey Ferguson3
Massey Ferguson TEA20 1950Massey Ferguson4
Massey Ferguson TED 1951Massey Ferguson5
McCormick 324 D 1961McCormick2
McCormick D - 217 1962McCormick5
McCormick D-324 1960McCormick5
McCormick D-432 1962McCormick5
McCormick D214 1959McCormick4
McCormick d439 1961McCormick3
McCormick tractor mc cormick 2012McCormick3
New Holland Ford 4600 2011New Holland4
New Holland G210 2011New Holland2
€ 64 4x4 Part FT404 lots of accessories 2008Other10
Activist / chunks Witch 1951Other12
Agria 1900 diesel 1959Other5
Agria 7900 1980Other4
Belarus MTS 50 3pc. 2011Other4
Bucher TM 1000 4x4 slope mower equipment rack 1990Other9
Cormick DLD-2 1956Other5
Cultivators 2011Other3
ddr tractor 1965Other2
DIY 1978Other6
DIY 2011Other4
Equipment rack RS09 1960Other3
Famulus RS 04 30 1955Other3
Ftech FT-908 2012Other5
Gehl AL 300 Demonstration 2011Other11
Holder AG 35 articulated 1968Other5
KIPOR KDD 06 2011Other4
loader tines 190 d 1996Other5
Materiel de-TP-mini-pelle-48U Airman AX-5 2011Other2
MIG 32 with telescopic boom 2005Other3
MUSTANG 406 AL 2011Other4
Mustang AL306 2012Other5
Pomsenschlepper / loader 2011Other1
Renault TX 145.14 1986Other4
Riding mower 2011Other5
Thaler loader 2026/KA 2011Other3
Thaler mini loader KL 120 / Z 2011Other1
VEMAC 254 wheel tractor 2010Other13
Yanmar FH16D 2011Other3
Porsche 319 1958Porsche5
Porsche Allgaier A111 1955Porsche5
Porsche Allgaier AP 22 1955Porsche4
Porsche Junior 108 L 1960Porsche2
Same 90 explorer air cond. 1992Same8
Same Corsaro 2 RM 1973Same6
Same LASER 100 V DT anno-1984-5600 ore 1984Same2
Same silver 130 2005Same4
Same tractor 110 cv 2012Same2
Same Tractor SAME ASTER 70 DT 2012Same3
Same VDT Explorer II 80 1990Same3
Same Vendo Explorer II 80 Special 2011Same5
Same vendo ottimo affare 2012Same4
Weidemann 1050 DM ready to use 1993Weidemann5
Weidemann 1070 D / M 1998Weidemann5
Weidemann 1090 1998Weidemann7
Weidemann 110 DR 1978Weidemann5
Weidemann 1130 CX 30 - special offer 2011Weidemann3
Weidemann 1130cx 2007Weidemann4
Weidemann 1140 CX30 2008Weidemann6
Weidemann 1230 CX neuw 30th sof available, delivery poss. 2011Weidemann8
Weidemann 1230 cx30 2006Weidemann5
Weidemann 1240 Light-CX 35 + pallet fork 2011Weidemann2
Weidemann 1250 CX 2012Weidemann5
Weidemann 130 D / D 1976Weidemann4
Weidemann 130 D / D 1978Weidemann5
Weidemann 130 D / F 1979Weidemann5
Weidemann 130 DD 2012Weidemann13
Weidemann 1302 1983Weidemann5
Weidemann 130DF 2011Weidemann5
Weidemann 1370 Hoftrack 2002Weidemann2
Weidemann 1490 2003Weidemann4
Weidemann 1502/DR 2011Weidemann5
Weidemann 1503 Hoftrac Skid 1983Weidemann6
Weidemann 1770 2011Weidemann4
Weidemann 2002 1995Weidemann5
Weidemann 2070 CX50 LPT loaders with telescopic arm! 2008Weidemann4
Weidemann 2070 CX50 LPT loaders with telescopic arm! 2009Weidemann7
Weidemann 3002 1997Weidemann5
Weidemann 912 D / P 1996Weidemann5
Weidemann 915D / P Schäffer loader änlich 1994Weidemann10
Weidemann 916 D / M 1989Weidemann5
Weidemann 916 D / M 2012Weidemann5
Weidemann 917 D / M 1992Weidemann5
Weidemann DD 130 1978Weidemann5
Weidemann DP 1904 1998Weidemann2
Weidemann Farmyard 1981Weidemann4
Weidemann HOFTRAC 2012Weidemann7
Weidemann Hoftrac P33 1370 1999Weidemann1
Weidemann Loader pallet fork more accessories 1980Weidemann5
Weidemann P50 2006 2006Weidemann6
Weidemann Schäfer W 215 Loader 1995Weidemann5
Weidemann See DM-1502 four-wheel-essential 1983Weidemann5
Weidemann Skid-1030 CX 20 CROCODILE WITH TEETH!! 2007Weidemann4
Weidemann Skid Hoftrac Type 2002 1996Weidemann7
Weidemann Striegel 190 D / I 1996Weidemann5
Weidemann Sweeper KH Heitmann 2002Weidemann1
Weidemann Thaler 120 / Z 2009Weidemann2

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