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Forestry vehicle, Agricultural vehicle Vehicles

Bergmann Lanholzwagen 1985Bergmann4
Case 1455 XL 1996Case4
Case 745 xl 1988Case5
Case 956 xl 1984Case14
Case CS 110 1999Case4
Claas Renault MX 9034 1991Claas8
Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 110 2012Deutz-Fahr3
Deutz-Fahr dx 4.70 1990Deutz-Fahr4
Deutz-Fahr Dx 4:50 1986Deutz-Fahr1
Deutz-Fahr DX110 1980Deutz-Fahr5
Deutz-Fahr tree farmer 2011Deutz-Fahr4
Deutz-Fahr Wood Splitters 2012Deutz-Fahr5
Ducker Dücker 760 ZW 1990Ducker4
Ducker Dücker HF 760 1991Ducker6
Ducker Dücker HM140 2005Ducker5
Ducker Dücker lopper pruner of culverts Mulag Unimog Fendt 1998Ducker1
Ducker Dücker road and hedge shears Dücker as new 2012Ducker2
Ducker Dücker shredder / chipper HM 560 1999Ducker1
Ducker Dücker shredder, chipper, shredder 2007Ducker2
Ducker Dücker wood chipper shredder HF 560 for Unimog, MB trac 2012Ducker5
Ducker Dücker woodcutter Dücker HF 200 2012Ducker4
Eicher Mamut 2 1971Eicher2
Fendt 275 S Schlang and Reichart 1992Fendt4
Fendt Xylon 1995Fendt4
Frost Forwarders, Ponsse bison 2004Frost5
Frost Gripper 2012Frost5
Frost HSM 904Z 1998Frost4
Frost Long wood splitter / log splitter for about 5m 2012Frost5
Frost Oehler winch 8.5 tonnes 2012Frost2
Holder A 60 Forstaustattung 1984Holder10
Holder A60 Forstaustattung 1991Holder8
Holder B 10 1953Holder2
IHC 844S 1976IHC5
JCB Ciągnik leśny never LKT 1115 1997JCB8
JCB FASTRAC 2135 2011JCB15
JCB Fastrac 3185 2011JCB5
John Deere 1010 D 2009John Deere15
John Deere 1410D 2012John Deere3
John Deere 2850 1989John Deere5
John Deere 322 2012John Deere5
John Deere 548 GIII 2007John Deere10
John Deere 6510 2002John Deere9
John Deere 6600 2011John Deere7
John Deere 6610 Pre. 2000John Deere9
John Deere 6810 2000John Deere5
John Deere Knight JD 6910 new winch 1998John Deere3
John Deere Logmax 6000 2008John Deere5
John Deere Waratah H 270 2005John Deere4
Kubota Circular saw Thor Ideal Katana 750 2011Kubota6
Kubota Thor 13 ton log splitter Magik combination 2011Kubota6
Landini LANDINI LEGEND TOP 165 + MAXIM 850 Rebak 1999Landini13
Massey Ferguson 376 CF 1994Massey Ferguson15
Mengele ES 300 H 1973Mengele5
Mengele Mengele mobile chipper / BruksCT 600 1998Mengele5
Mengele SF 6000 wood chipper, chipper, shredder 1987Mengele3
Mercedes-Benz MB 1000 Forest 1990Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz MB trac 1300 turbo 1979Mercedes-Benz4
Mercedes-Benz MB-TRAC 800 1978Mercedes-Benz10
Mercedes-Benz MB Trac 800 forest 1991Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz MB-TRAC 900 Turbo 1988Mercedes-Benz4
Niemeyer neuson mht 11002 2002Niemeyer5
Ammboss splitter 13to 2011Other5
BAGELA auxiliary winch / winch type 30/11 2010Other3
BANDIT BEAST 3680 2003Other5
BGU gap master SM 500-2 Z 2011Other5
BGU saw Förderbandsäge Deutz Unimog IHC MF 2008Other5
BGU unit top wooden beams Unimog John Deere Deutz 2009Other4
Binderberger 100cm wooden tongs 2011Other6
Binderberger 120cm wooden tongs 2011Other6
Binderberger 150cm wooden tongs 2011Other6
Binderberger 3-point crane FK6300 2011Other5
Binderberger 3 point FK 7200 2011Other7
Binderberger four finger gripper 2011Other6
Binderberger H20 2011Other12
Binderberger RZ 17 wooden tongs 2011Other6
Binderberger RZFH 17 2008Other4
Binderberger wooden tongs 140cm 2011Other6
Biojack 300 Fällgreifer 2012Other12
BOXER chopper WC-8N PTO DRIVE 2010Other14
CAT 570 Ciągnik leśny Procesor never LKT 2000Other14
Chipper shredder wood chipper Farmi CH160 2006Other11
Ciągnik leśny Bruun never LKT Timberjack 2002Other9
Ciągnik leśny FMA FT 45LR never LKT 1997Other5
Ciągnik leśny KOCKUMS never LKT 822 1976Other6
Ciągnik leśny KOCKUMS never LKT 822 1991Other5
Ciągnik leśny LKT 120 KLEMBANK never Timberjack 1986Other7
Ciągnik leśny LKT 80 1980Other5
Ciągnik leśny LKT 81 Turbo 1995Other7
Ciągnik leśny LKT 81 Turbo 1999Other6
Ciągnik leśny LKT 81 Turbo 2000Other7
Ciągnik leśny LKT 81 Turbo 2005Other7
Ciągnik leśny LKT 81 Turbo 2011Other8
Ciągnik leśny LKT 81 Turbo 4x4 1996Other7
Ciągnik leśny LKT 90 A 2011Other7
Ciągnik leśny PONSSE ERGO S15 never LKT 1996Other8
Ciągnik leśny PONSSE WISENT never LKT 2004Other8
Ciągnik leśny Procesor Timberjack 1270 never LKT 1995Other8
Ciągnik leśny Timberjack 1210 never LKT 1995Other7
Ciągnik leśny Timberjack 240 never LKT 1991Other7
Ciągnik leśny Timberjack FMG 678 never LKT 1988Other5

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