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Harvesting machine, Agricultural vehicle Vehicles

Bergmann Royal Largo 30 K 2000Bergmann4
Busatis Heckmähwerk Agrostroj + sparepart 1975Busatis5
Case 445 T 2011Case5
Claas 255 Uniwrap 2004Claas4
Claas 690 1991Claas9
Claas C510 heder zbożowy 1995Claas11
Claas CLAAS JAGUAR 695 SL Hächsler breaker 1991Claas9
Claas Commandor 228 CS / 2 cutting units 1992Claas5
Claas dominator 108 2012Claas2
Claas DOMINATOR 88 2012Claas2
Claas Europe 1959Claas4
Claas Jaguar 695 MEGA 1993Claas8
Claas Jaguar 695 S4 as Dismantled 2011Claas3
Claas Jaguar 870 4x4 Profistar 2005Claas15
Claas Kemper 360 for Type 492 net price 2004Claas2
Claas Magnum 2011Claas3
Claas Markant 50 2012Claas4
Claas Mercator 1979Claas7
Claas Pick Rolland 44 S 1990Claas11
Claas PU 220 Pickup 2011Claas1
Claas PU 220 pickup for Jaguar 600 1990Claas4
Claas Quadrant 1200 1994Claas5
Claas Quadrant 3400 RC baler 2007Claas9
Claas Rolland 355 Uniwarp 2009Claas2
Claas ROLLANT 255 Roto Cut 2002Claas7
Claas Rollant 46 1995Claas3
Claas Rollant 46 1996Claas5
Claas Rollant 46 2011Claas4
Claas Rollant 62 1988Claas4
Claas Round baler Rollant 62 S 2011Claas5
Claas Single rotor WAS 280 D 2011Claas5
Claas Sprint 324 k 1998Claas5
Claas Stół Thurs rzepaku 1998Claas9
Claas Variant 280 2002Claas4
Claas Variant 280 round baler 2012Claas3
Claas Variant 385 R / C 2007Claas6
Deutz-Fahr FE 6.37 2011Deutz-Fahr2
Deutz-Fahr k 327 1984Deutz-Fahr2
Deutz-Fahr k-327 1987Deutz-Fahr4
Deutz-Fahr KM 24 2011Deutz-Fahr2
Deutz-Fahr Ladewagen K327 2011Deutz-Fahr5
Fahr Baler 2011Fahr4
Fahr E 327 1979Fahr4
Fahr KH 4 2011Fahr2
Fahr Ladewagen WE327LSK 1980Fahr5
Fahr loading wagons 2011Fahr4
Fahr m-1000 1990Fahr1
Fahr M 900 1975Fahr5
Fortschritt E 281-C 1988Fortschritt7
Fortschritt E025 with Claas Jaguar adapter for 8 Series 2011Fortschritt4
Fortschritt E512 2011Fortschritt4
Fortschritt E682 potato harvester 1988Fortschritt3
Fortschritt E686 1987Fortschritt15
Fortschritt E742 forage cutter f. Jaguar 800 1994Fortschritt3
Fortschritt EM11-1 carrot - carrot harvester 1988Fortschritt9
Fortschritt Forage E280 E281 E295 with corn cutter 1985Fortschritt7
Fortschritt K 454 1986Fortschritt2
Fortschritt K 743 1977Fortschritt4
Fortschritt K453 1976Fortschritt3
Fortschritt K730 Kartoffelsortieranl. Screening 1989Fortschritt6
Fortschritt LTS Maral 150 forage harvester 1993Fortschritt12
Fortschritt RS09/GT124 Kartoffelvielfachhäufelgerät complete. 2012Fortschritt6
Fortschritt RS09/GT124 Kartoffevielfachanbauhäufelgerät 2012Fortschritt6
Grimme DL 1700 - About loader or 1996Grimme7
Grimme DR 1500 1991Grimme3
Grimme DR 1500 1998Grimme5
Grimme European potato harvester 1987Grimme4
Grimme European Super 1980Grimme3
Grimme GB ST 1500 1997Grimme2
Grimme HL 750 - potato harvester 2011Grimme8
Grimme MK 700 1986Grimme3
Grimme RH 24-60 CF 2007Grimme4
Grimme RLS 1500 1990Grimme2
Grimme SE 150-60 SBR - potato harvester 2002Grimme7
Grimme SL750 1 row potato harvester 2011Grimme7
Grimme SL800 2011Grimme6
Grimme Transfer vehicle for potato 1995Grimme6
Hako Hakorette 2T 1967Hako4
Hassia Kartoffellegmaschine 2011Hassia6
Hassia Potato harvester 1984Hassia4
Hassia Potato harvesting 2012Hassia5
Hassia Potato planter 2011Hassia2
IHC 422 2011IHC5
IHC Baler 425 D 1984IHC2
John Deere 2066 Hillmaster 1996John Deere1
John Deere 332 2011John Deere3
John Deere 332 2012John Deere3
John Deere 5720 1984John Deere1
John Deere 5830 1989John Deere5
John Deere 592 2002John Deere3
John Deere 6910 1996John Deere5
John Deere 7400 2004John Deere4
John Deere 864 premium, with New Vollausst.Rundballenpresse 2011John Deere9
John Deere FH 6810 1996John Deere4
John Deere Pick-up 582 2003John Deere4
Landsberg LH 280 1975Landsberg3
Landsberg LH 3131 1989Landsberg5
Landsberg LS20 1969Landsberg5
Lanz LK20 2011Lanz1

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