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Haymaking equipment, Agricultural vehicle Vehicles

Bergmann L 20 1970Bergmann5
BvL - Van Lengerich Ball rail 2012BvL - Van Lengerich4
BvL - Van Lengerich Siloverteiler 2012BvL - Van Lengerich5
Carraro 1200 2011Carraro3
Case IH 68 (2000) 2011Case3
Claas Arobale 12/12s 2011Claas4
Claas Corto 270 F 2002Claas3
Claas Hay / straw baler * Medium 100-Instant use. 2011Claas4
Claas Kuhn baler 2160OC 2012Claas15
Claas Liner 350 s contour 2010Claas4
Claas Liner 350S 2008Claas5
Claas Quadrant 3400 RC baler 2007Claas11
Claas Rollant 250 1999Claas9
Claas Rollant 66 2012Claas6
Claas Round Baler 385 RC Variant, fire damage 2011Claas6
Claas Satellite 2012Claas6
Claas Striking 40 2011Claas3
Claas Variant 280 2004Claas3
Claas Variant 360 2008Claas8
Claas Volto 740 H 1998Claas12
Claas WAS 450 2011Claas3
Claas WAS 450 2012Claas3
Claas WS 310 2011Claas4
Deutz-Fahr Deutz 3:45 rakes 4.5 meters 2011Deutz-Fahr5
Deutz-Fahr Fixmaster 235 2008Deutz-Fahr11
Deutz-Fahr GP 220 2011Deutz-Fahr3
Deutz-Fahr GP2.30 Press 1995Deutz-Fahr9
Deutz-Fahr HD 30 2011Deutz-Fahr7
Deutz-Fahr HD 300 1986Deutz-Fahr3
Deutz-Fahr KH4 2011Deutz-Fahr3
Deutz-Fahr KM22 mower 2011Deutz-Fahr2
Deutz-Fahr Kreißelheuer KH 20 2011Deutz-Fahr3
Deutz-Fahr KS 1:50 2011Deutz-Fahr3
Deutz-Fahr KS85DN 2012Deutz-Fahr5
Fahr APN low hay press printing press 2011Fahr3
Fahr E 327 1979Fahr5
Fahr KH 20 2 Star Tedder Kreiselheuer 2012Fahr4
Fahr KH 20 2011Fahr3
Fahr KH 40 1975Fahr5
Fahr KHD 5 m 1994Fahr2
Fahr Kola rival 20 2011Fahr2
Fahr Kola rival 20 2012Fahr1
Fahr Kola rival 30 2011Fahr5
Fahr Kreisler Tedder KH 40 2012Fahr4
Fahr KS 80 DN 2012Fahr1
Fahr Rakes KH 40 2012Fahr1
Fahr Tedder KH4SD 2012Fahr4
Fahr Turner CH 4 2012Fahr2
Fahr Wender-HN-4 SD 2011Fahr4
Fella FB 212L 2005Fella6
Fella Frontmähwerk 2011Fella4
Fella Hay-turner / 4-star turner 2011Fella4
Fella KM 166 2011Fella3
Fella Kreißelheuer 2011Fella5
Fella Kreißelmäher 1.85 2011Fella3
Fella Kreißelmähwerk Km 225, 2012Fella3
Fella L20 2011Fella1
Fella Peggy L22 2012Fella2
Fella Rakes TS 290 DS 2011Fella5
Fella Rakes with driving three-point 2011Fella3
Fella SM 210 2011Fella1
Fella Tedder 4 rotors 2011Fella4
Fella Tedder 520 D Turbo Heuer 2012Fella3
Fella TH 330D 2011Fella2
Fella TH 360 Tedder 4 rotors 2012Fella4
Fella TH 360D 2011Fella5
Fella TH 520 1989Fella5
Fella TH 520 H 2012Fella4
Fella TH330D 2012Fella2
Fella TH380 2012Fella1
Fella TS 1601 1999Fella5
Fella TS 1602 Hydro 2001Fella1
Fella TS 185 2012Fella2
Fella TS 250 2012Fella1
Fella TS 290 rakes DS 2011Fella5
Fella TS 300 Kreißelschwader 3 m 2011Fella5
Fella TS 320 RDF 2011Fella3
Fella ts 330 2012Fella5
Fella TS 330 DN 2012Fella2
Fella TS 426 DN 2010Fella5
Fella TS390DN 1998Fella5
Fella Turbo Heuer TH4 2012Fella5
Fella Turner Tedder 2012Fella5
Fella Wenner 3.60 2011Fella5
Fortschritt E 247 1968Fortschritt5
Fortschritt East German IFA Press straw hay press press K442 2011Fortschritt7
Fortschritt presa kostka 2011Fortschritt5
Fortschritt Tedder 2011Fortschritt5
Fortschritt Windrowers E 303 with Case Trommelmähwerk 1989Fortschritt3
IHC 422 2011IHC7
IHC 435D 2011IHC5
IHC 440 HD 2011IHC6
JCB 535-125 TurboSway 2012JCB4
John Deere 300 2012John Deere6
John Deere 540 2011John Deere6
John Deere 550 2011John Deere3
John Deere 678 TT SYSTEM COMBINATION 2005John Deere5
John Deere JD 590 round baler 1998John Deere4

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