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Other agricultural vehicles, Agricultural vehicle Vehicles

Accord Foil insert device 2012Accord5
Accord G3-potato planter and cultivator 2011Accord5
Amazone Profihopper PH 125 2007Amazone5
Amazone Profihopper PH 125 2009Amazone5
Amazone Reiser SCH 125 Mähcontainer 1999Amazone5
Bergmann Manure 8t 2011Bergmann3
Bergmann Sillierwagen Royal SL-5 28S 2010Bergmann2
Bergmann TSW 18/16 Universal spreader 1999Bergmann1
BvL - Van Lengerich Honda F560 2011BvL - Van Lengerich5
Carraro HST 4400 2001Carraro3
Carraro Rondo K333 with cab / winter + Return + mowing 2006Carraro15
Case IH JX 95-wheel 2004Case6
Claas 4 randuri 2012Claas2
Claas Ares 696 RZ 2011Claas4
Claas Axion 850 2011Claas7
Claas Frontmähwerk 1996Claas4
Claas GPS adapter 840-880 chopper 2012Claas2
Claas INDEPENDENT 532 1988Claas5
Claas JAGUAR 850 4WD 2010Claas1
Claas JAGUAR 870 4WD 2010Claas4
Claas Pick-up 2012Claas9
Claas Rollant 66 baler 1993Claas3
Claas Rollant Pick Presser 85 1981Claas7
Claas Telehandler CLAAS Ranger 964/974 Plus Turbo 2012Claas7
Deutz-Fahr D 25.2 1964Deutz-Fahr1
Deutz-Fahr D.25.2-NG F2L V12 \ 1962Deutz-Fahr11
Ducker Dücker Dücker HM 140 wood chipper, shredder, shredders 2006Ducker3
Ducker Dücker Ital. Chipper shredder Gandini Meccanica 50s 1991Ducker5
Eicher ELK 11 1956Eicher5
Fahr D 131 W 1960Fahr4
Fahr Green Country Food Self-loading trailers K 7:32 1998Fahr5
Fella förderbant 2012Fella3
Fendt 922 Vario 2012Fendt4
Fendt Farmer 2 E 1961Fendt4
Fendt Farmer 310 2011Fendt3
Fendt Favorit 600 LS - FW 280 1981Fendt5
Fendt GT 1969Fendt4
Fiat Trattore d'epoca 25 R 2011Fiat4
Fortschritt 721 1992Fortschritt1
Fortschritt Grain Hopper, Hopper 2012Fortschritt7
Fortschritt HTS 100 1990Fortschritt4
Fortschritt hts 100 2011Fortschritt5
Fortschritt HTS 100.27 manure trailer 2011Fortschritt5
Fortschritt HTS 100.27 Vacuum tanker 1980Fortschritt3
Fortschritt HTS 100.27 Vacuum tanker 1987Fortschritt3
Fortschritt HTS 100 Güllefass 1977Fortschritt5
Fortschritt HTS 100 Güllefass 1985Fortschritt5
Fortschritt KGB 33A-E 281 1988Fortschritt5
Fortschritt RS09 potato multiple attachment sandblasted 2012Fortschritt8
Fortschritt T 088 - Manure spreaders 1988Fortschritt7
Fortschritt T 157 2012Fortschritt2
Fortschritt T 157 Crane 2011Fortschritt4
Fortschritt T 174-2 1987Fortschritt3
Fortschritt T174-2 1986Fortschritt4
Fortschritt THK 5 2011Fortschritt4
Fortschritt Weimar T157 / 2 wheel excavator 2011Fortschritt15
Fortschritt xxx 2012Fortschritt5
Fortschritt ZT 300 D 2012Fortschritt3
Fortschritt ZT 320 1985Fortschritt4
Foton FT 250 A 2010Foton8
Grimme DN3 Dr1500 Kombajn Thurs ziemniaków 1985Grimme9
Grimme DSN Samojezdny Kombajn Thurs ziemniaków 1985Grimme10
Grimme GL 20 KLZ - potato planter 1997Grimme1
Grimme Kartoffeltechnik 2011Grimme3
Grimme KS 4500 - haulm 2000Grimme2
Grimme SE 150-60 POTATO / POTATO 2006Grimme5
Grimme Visser conveyor duo 1992Grimme3
Guldner Güldner 22 K 1956Guldner5
Gutbrod 1050 1977Gutbrod5
Gutbrod 1050D 1964Gutbrod5
Gutbrod 2350 D 1990Gutbrod6
Gutbrod 2500 1980Gutbrod5
Gutbrod 2500 1982Gutbrod6
Gutbrod 2500 2011Gutbrod3
Gutbrod 2600 D 1986Gutbrod1
Gutbrod 2850 D with lawnmower 1970Gutbrod6
Gutbrod 5030 4x4 1998Gutbrod9
Gutbrod B 900 sweeper 2011Gutbrod7
Gutbrod G 550 2011Gutbrod2
Gutbrod G 650 + single axle snow plow 2011Gutbrod4
Gutbrod G650 2012Gutbrod2
Gutbrod Kommutrac k34A 1986Gutbrod5
Gutbrod Super U 6 with seat cart 1965Gutbrod5
Gutbrod Superior 1031 1967Gutbrod4
Gutbrod Superior 1050/1 1974Gutbrod4
Gutbrod Tractor 2011Gutbrod14
Gutbrod Type 2500 1991Gutbrod5
Gutbrod u6 1965Gutbrod4
Hako 2000 V Hakotrak - Komunaltraktor - Snow Blade 1989Hako6
Hako 3800 D-8050 1979Hako15
Hako 800E 2012Hako5
Hako Bucher 1995Hako5
Hako City Master 1750 2001Hako6
Hako Citymaster 1800 TDI 2003Hako5
Hako D 522 1971Hako3
Hako Flipper E 2011Hako2
Hako Hakorette 1957Hako2
Hako Hakorette 1984Hako2
Hako Hakorette 2011Hako3
Hako Hakorette 220 1980Hako5

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