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Other substructures, Agricultural vehicle Vehicles

Accord Planter 2012Accord5
Agco / Massey Ferguson MF 440 Combine axis 1982Agco / Massey Ferguson2
Agco / Massey Ferguson MF 6290 MF 6200 wheel set complete with Mow 2001Agco / Massey Ferguson14
Amazone Disc spreader fertilizer spreader top condition 2012Amazone7
Amazone SEEMACHINE SUPER -5 2011Amazone6
Amazone U.S. 602 three-point sprayer syringe pump wave 1984Amazone4
Amazone ZA-602 XS 2011Amazone5
BvL - Van Lengerich 10 Vertimix feed mixer 2001BvL - Van Lengerich2
BvL - Van Lengerich Kompostar compost converter wagon humus 1992BvL - Van Lengerich12
BvL - Van Lengerich Silage 2011BvL - Van Lengerich2
BvL - Van Lengerich Siloblockschneier Topstar 195 DW 2011BvL - Van Lengerich3
Carraro HST 4400 Super Park 2011Carraro5
Carraro Rondo K333 with cab / winter + Return + mowing 2006Carraro15
Carraro TT1500 2005Carraro9
Case Rear weight 1992Case1
Claas Ball collection trucks 2011Claas6
Claas Corto mower 270F * good condition * 1990Claas5
Claas MITAS 460/70R24 159A8 TR01 2011Claas3
Claas PS3000 - SNOW PLOW 2011Claas6
Claas VARIANT 180 1998Claas2
Claas Variant 280 RC 2002Claas15
Deutz-Fahr Care Tyres 2011Deutz-Fahr3
Deutz-Fahr Deutz engine F 12 L 413 - 0 km - 2011Deutz-Fahr5
Deutz-Fahr DX 3.65 Fronthydraulik 2011Deutz-Fahr4
Deutz-Fahr Front hydraulics for deutz intrac 2011Deutz-Fahr5
Ducker Dücker front mower and shears AWS C3 UNA 500 22 2012Ducker12
Ducker Dücker Posch 1999Ducker5
Ducker Wood chipper shredder Dücker HM560 1999Ducker5
Duvelsdorf Düvelsdorf blade shield 2007Duvelsdorf2
Duvelsdorf Düvelsdorf Stratos sweeper 2011Duvelsdorf4
Duvelsdorf Düvelsdorf Stratos type DKBW2.2 2012Duvelsdorf3
Eberhardt Blade 220 cm 2012Eberhardt2
Eicher 3105 2012Eicher3
Eicher 3354 A 2011Eicher5
Fahr D130A / BARN FUND / MOTOR TOP GEAR! 1959Fahr7
Fella conveyor belt 2012Fella3
Fella Peggy Ladewagen 2700 kg GG * fin possible 2011Fella6
Fella Schneider block SU 145 2011Fella4
Fendt 2 tractor tires 12.4 R36 tire care 1990Fendt5
Fendt Farmer 2, 2D, 2DE, 2E 2011Fendt3
Fendt Mounting plate for GT 380 2000Fendt3
Fendt Tipper 2011Fendt5
Fendt Under push frame for 380 GTA 2011Fendt1
Fortschritt 2 cups gripper 2011Fortschritt2
Fortschritt Cambridge rolls B435 rolling packer 3 pieces - SET 2012Fortschritt5
Fortschritt DDR K454 B hay press baler straw Press 1987Fortschritt5
Fortschritt E 294 Pick Up 1988Fortschritt1
Fortschritt HTS 100 1977Fortschritt7
Fortschritt Pick up chopper cutting E280 / 281 trailer 1990Fortschritt6
Fortschritt T 088 1988Fortschritt4
Fortschritt T157 chicken knee 1974Fortschritt5
Fortschritt T237 2011Fortschritt4
Fortschritt Tipper for tipper W50-2 2011Fortschritt2
Gutbrod 1 axis, with snow-plow plate mill 2011Gutbrod6
Gutbrod 1026 1968Gutbrod5
Gutbrod 2440D 1980Gutbrod5
Gutbrod 2900 2011Gutbrod3
Gutbrod 650 2012Gutbrod1
Gutbrod B 13 200 2012Gutbrod3
Gutbrod B1200HD 2000Gutbrod8
Gutbrod Bübingen winter service 1987Gutbrod2
Gutbrod Broom broom 2011Gutbrod5
Gutbrod l 2012Gutbrod8
Gutbrod MF 11 1965Gutbrod7
Gutbrod Road network model 3100 1983Gutbrod3
Gutbrod Trailer 1967Gutbrod4
Hako 45oo 2000Hako1
Hako 6 hp 1979Hako1
Hako AS Tyres 2011Hako3
Hako Cutting Bar Variette 2011Hako2
Hako HAKOrette RG 1969Hako3
Hako HAKOTRAC 1800D snowplow 1986Hako14
Hako Hakotrac 2000V * WINTERDIENST * 1980Hako5
Hako Hakotrac 2000V 1980Hako5
Hako Jonas 1100 D 2012Hako3
Hako Mauser type AS 410 2011Hako5
Hako Record with trailer 1962Hako5
Hako Saugaufbau with mower 1995Hako1
Hako Schneeeschild dozer 2011Hako2
Hako Snow plow 2011Hako3
Hako Snow shovel and lawn mower \ 2011Hako6
Hako Snowblower 1.15 m winter 2011Hako3
Hako Snowthrower 2011Hako3
Hako Trac V490 1982Hako4
Hanomag C 220 1959Hanomag5
Hassia HASSIA / RAU 1994Hassia1
Hassia Potato plug fully automatic 2012Hassia5
Holder A5.58 with front linkage 2002Holder9
Holder Honda Power Tiller 2012Holder5
Holder Single Axle 1950Holder5
Holder Viniculture 2012Holder9
IHC 1255 turbo engine 1985IHC2
IHC Front axle ZF AS-946 from 2011IHC1
IHC Front-wheel- 2011IHC5
Iseki 3030 as new snow blower univ also KUBOTA oä 2005Iseki7
Iseki 3125 sliding plate and spreader. 2 Seater 2001Iseki10
Iseki Agria snowplow ISR 125 Front Hydr recording 2000Iseki8
Iseki Cabin 2011Iseki4
Iseki TG5390 oil-track 2007Iseki4
Iseki TXG 23 A 2010Iseki3

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