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Reaper, Agricultural vehicle Vehicles

Accord AS Enduro 28/4 2005Accord4
Amazone Grasshopper 2011Amazone3
Branson 4720 2011Branson3
Busatis Bar mower 2011Busatis1
Busatis fendt farmer 2D 2012Busatis5
Busatis Hydraulic diameter bars. Double knife front mower rear 2012Busatis5
Busatis Mortar 1985Busatis3
Carraro Antonio 4400 HST / Shredders / slope mower 2006Carraro2
Carraro HTM 5400 Supertrac 2001Carraro4
Carraro Rondo K333 with cab / winter + Return + mowing 2006Carraro15
Carraro SP4400 HST + mower + container 1100 L 2000Carraro13
Carraro Stoll Mower + container C 1100 L 2000Carraro8
Claas 695 MEGA 1993Claas7
Claas Corto 185 N Rotary mowers rear mower deck 2011Claas5
Claas Corto 185S 1996Claas4
Claas Corto 270 F 2002Claas5
Claas Corto 3100 FC front mower 2006Claas4
Claas Disco 260 1998Claas10
Claas Disco 2650 Plus 2003Claas4
Claas Disco 300 2000Claas3
Claas Frontrommelmähwerk Corto 270F defective 2002Claas8
Claas Unifarm EM 185 2012Claas1
Claas WM 290 2011Claas3
Deutz-Fahr KM 3.27 FS Frontmähwerk 2007Deutz-Fahr3
Deutz-Fahr KM22 2011Deutz-Fahr5
Deutz-Fahr KM25 2011Deutz-Fahr1
Deutz-Fahr Mower deck hydraulically- 2011Deutz-Fahr4
Ducker Dücker FBM 300 2000Ducker13
Ducker Dücker front mower Dücker UNA 500C3 2012Ducker12
Ducker Dücker Mower Type 500 2011Ducker1
Ducker Dücker UNA 350 1998Ducker5
Ducker Dücker Una 500 C.2 2012Ducker6
Ducker Dücker UNA600 2006Ducker5
Ducker Ducker Ducker SMK 500 Mower f. Unimog 2011Ducker5
Fahr Bar mower, snow blade mower deck 2012Fahr4
Fahr BVNR Mähbinder 1950Fahr4
Fahr Cutter bar mower completely Ex. D133 ud more 2012Fahr4
Fahr KM 22 2011Fahr3
Fahr KM 22 mower 2012Fahr2
Fahr KM22 1.65 m AB 2012Fahr3
Fahr Rakes KH 4 D Kreissel folding 2011Fahr5
Fahr Rotary mowers, KM 22 1.65 m 2011Fahr5
Fella KM 166 2012Fella5
Fella KM 225 2007Fella1
Fella KM 225 H 2011Fella4
Fella KM 230 FP 1994Fella5
Fella KM 295 F 2011Fella5
Fella KM166 2011Fella3
Fella KM187 2012Fella3
Fella Kosiarka ROTACYJNA FELLA KM187 1995Fella4
Fella Mower 2011Fella1
Fiat 940 DT kosiarka DO POBOCZY 1978Fiat10
Fortschritt Claas 290 FF 2012Fortschritt2
Fortschritt E 302 1981Fortschritt2
Fortschritt E 303 swather 1989Fortschritt5
Fortschritt E 303 swather with cutting E025 1988Fortschritt9
Fortschritt E025 1988Fortschritt3
Fortschritt E301 2011Fortschritt5
Fortschritt E340 Rake 1993Fortschritt15
Fortschritt Rake E 303 1989Fortschritt15
Fortschritt Rake E303 E023 with macerator 1987Fortschritt11
Fortschritt Rake E303 E327 with Rapeseed 1987Fortschritt9
Fortschritt RS 09 / Gt124 2011Fortschritt2
Fortschritt RS 09, GT 122, GT 124, Cutterbar 2011Fortschritt4
Guldner Güldner cutterbar mower completely Ex A2K and more 2012Guldner5
Gutbrod 10 HP 2012Gutbrod4
Gutbrod 1000 E Sprint 2012Gutbrod3
Gutbrod 1010 2011Gutbrod4
Gutbrod 1026 1968Gutbrod5
Gutbrod 2060 1974Gutbrod5
Gutbrod 250 2011Gutbrod1
Gutbrod 2500 2012Gutbrod5
Gutbrod 2500 with snow plow, mower approval before 11.2013 1983Gutbrod4
Gutbrod 650 mower 2012Gutbrod5
Gutbrod GLX 105 RHL 2002Gutbrod5
Gutbrod GLX 92 RH incl.Kehrwalze 2008Gutbrod5
Gutbrod Lawn tractor sprint SLX92 RH 2004Gutbrod2
Gutbrod Other bar mower Eurosystem M210 with 1.07 m 2010Gutbrod4
Hako 1200 2012Hako3
Hako Echo Track W11 2012Hako3
Hako Hakorette 220 1988Hako4
Hako Rasenmähwerk 2011Hako1
Hako Rasentrac 600 2012Hako5
Hako Sperber Van mower + SC-W Mähcontainer 2011Hako9
Holder B10 1956Holder5
Holder Stoll 2000Holder4
IHC Heckmähwerk 2011IHC4
Iseki 6114 TOP STATE CM / Special Financing 2011Iseki8
Iseki High dump GLS 1600 2011Iseki6
Iseki Mower / Front mower 130cm 2011Iseki3
Iseki Mower FM 150 1994Iseki5
Iseki SF 303 2005Iseki5
Iseki SF 333 2011Iseki5
Iseki SG 173 H 2011Iseki3
Iseki Simplicity 3 blade side discharge mower 2010Iseki3
Iseki SXG 22 / mower / uploader / Power Arm 2009Iseki7
Iseki WHEEL MOWER * 1300 * * * * TOP SAUGCONTAINER 2011Iseki8
Jacobsen 305 Fairway 2008Jacobsen4
Jacobsen F-10 1975Jacobsen3
Jacobsen F-10 2012Jacobsen5

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