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Tractor, Agricultural vehicle Vehicles

Massey Ferguson MF 6465 Dyna 6 2006Massey Ferguson10
Massey Ferguson MF 65 1963Massey Ferguson5
Massey Ferguson MF 8280 Xtra 2002Massey Ferguson10
Massey Ferguson MF with 135 FL 1968Massey Ferguson6
Massey Ferguson MF with 30 Automotive letter 1964Massey Ferguson5
Massey Ferguson MF35 1962Massey Ferguson6
Massey Ferguson MF595 1989Massey Ferguson5
Massey Ferguson Pony 1953Massey Ferguson11
Massey Ferguson SDM 35 1957Massey Ferguson5
Massey Ferguson TE 20 diesel 1955Massey Ferguson5
Massey Ferguson TEA 20 1950Massey Ferguson1
Massey Ferguson TEA 20, TED gasoline, TE 20 1955Massey Ferguson7
Massey Ferguson TED 1954Massey Ferguson3
Massey Ferguson Tractor 1964Massey Ferguson4
McCormick 1246 + + + POWER-wheel car + air + +30 km Tüv 1972McCormick4
McCormick 320 1956McCormick5
McCormick 323 1967McCormick6
McCormick 323 1969McCormick4
McCormick 323, Agriomatic 1969McCormick5
McCormick 324 1956McCormick8
McCormick 324 2011McCormick8
McCormick 324, canopy, winch 1960McCormick10
McCormick 324, with cutter bar, 1962McCormick5
McCormick 324 With Mährwerk 1962McCormick6
McCormick 326 1964McCormick5
McCormick 326 with Mährwerk 1962McCormick7
McCormick 353 1967McCormick5
McCormick 353 2012McCormick5
McCormick 423 1971McCormick5
McCormick 430 1959McCormick4
McCormick 432 + + top loader 1963McCormick4
McCormick 436 1960McCormick6
McCormick 439 + + Tüv top condition 1963McCormick4
McCormick 523 Agriomatic 2012McCormick5
McCormick 523S 1971McCormick5
McCormick 724 + Industriefr. + Power + shovel +25 km 1970McCormick6
McCormick 724 + wheel + car + power + +30 km Tüv new 1974McCormick5
McCormick B 275 1966McCormick6
McCormick B 414 1966McCormick7
McCormick C 95 MAX MAINTAINED CONDITION 2007McCormick10
McCormick C105 Max 2007McCormick4
McCormick CX 70L 2011McCormick3
McCormick d -322 1962McCormick5
McCormick D-214 1960McCormick5
McCormick D-215 1963McCormick3
McCormick D 320 1956McCormick4
McCormick D-320 1958McCormick5
McCormick D-320 2012McCormick4
McCormick D-320, D-322 1958McCormick4
McCormick D 324 1958McCormick4
McCormick D-324 1961McCormick1
McCormick D-324 1962McCormick5
McCormick D 324 TÜV 03/2013, Mower, hydraulic, PTO 1960McCormick5
McCormick D-326 1962McCormick5
McCormick D-326 1963McCormick4
McCormick D-326 1964McCormick5
McCormick D 326 1965McCormick5
McCormick D 430 1956McCormick9
McCormick d 430 farmall 1958McCormick5
McCormick D-432 1964McCormick5
McCormick D-432 1965McCormick3
McCormick D-432 1966McCormick4
McCormick D-432 NEW HEAD COVER WITH FRITZ MAIER 1965McCormick6
McCormick D 436 1961McCormick5
McCormick D-436 1962McCormick1
McCormick D19 1964McCormick5
McCormick D214 1958McCormick3
McCormick D214 1959McCormick5
McCormick D217 WITH TÜV Automotive LETTERS AND LIFT TICKET! 1962McCormick6
McCormick D320 1961McCormick10
McCormick D322 1964McCormick4
McCormick D324 1964McCormick2
McCormick D430 1958McCormick5
McCormick D430 1962McCormick5
McCormick D439 2011McCormick3
McCormick DED-3 1954McCormick5
McCormick Deering 1940McCormick5
McCormick Deering F-12-G 1937McCormick5
McCormick DGD4 1955McCormick5
McCormick DLD 2 1954McCormick5
McCormick DLD 2 1955McCormick1
McCormick Farmall Club 1953McCormick14
McCormick Farmall D-320 1958McCormick4
McCormick Farmall D 320 1959McCormick7
McCormick Farmall International DGD 4 1954McCormick4
McCormick FARMALSUFCC Oldtimer Bj1954 roadworthy 1954McCormick10
McCormick FG-Dering 1942McCormick13
McCormick IHC 1962McCormick5
McCormick IHC 624 1966McCormick5
McCormick IHC D 323 1969McCormick9
McCormick IHC D436 1962McCormick5
McCormick IHC324 1960McCormick5
McCormick Mc Cormick 326 2011McCormick3
McCormick MTX 120 ** NEW ENGINE FITTED WITH CALCULATION 07-2012 * 2006McCormick8
McCormick MTX 140 2002McCormick10
McCormick MTX 150 with front loader and front hydraulic 2008McCormick5
McCormick V 50 HST 2012McCormick10
McCormick X10.25H 2011McCormick5
McCormick XTX 145 2009McCormick11

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