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Tractor, Agricultural vehicle Vehicles

Kirovets K700 A 1992Other1
Kirovets Kirovets Kirowetz K 700 2011Other1
KÖPPL K 425 Signed 1991Other15
Krieger KS 20 1965Other5
Krieger KS 50 A front loader 37 KW no loss of oil. 2012Other2
KS 30 A 1972Other5
Lenar FS 254 II super loader with 70 Zens 2006Other6
Lenar Mahindra 254 II with mulcher 2007Other5
Lizard 1964Other5
Lutz Hong Tractor Type 300 2012Other10
Meili DM 36, no Fendt, Deutz, Kramer, IHC 1957Other13
MTS 50 1984Other3
MTS 52 1975Other5
MTS 82 1989Other5
MTS 82 1992Other5
MTS 82 2011Other4
MTS 82 820 WHEEL 1997Other5
MTS 82-wheel 1990Other5
MTS Belarus 1974Other5
MTS Belarus 550 1985Other5
MTS Belarus 550 1988Other5
MTS MTS 50 + excavator 2011Other2
MTS50 Lowest BELARUS ON THE WEB!! I 1978Other8
MTS82 1982Other1
MTZ 82A 2002Other1
New! Hydraulic snow plow. VStB. HS 2000 2011Other11
Normag F 16 1956Other10
Normag NG 15 1950Other5
Normag NG 22 2011Other2
NORMAG NG 22 pre-war tractors 1939Other5
Normag Zorge NG16 1951Other5
Others, Agria 9300, Hydrostatic drive 1980Other12
Phenomenon H65 water evaporator 2011Other5
PLS 500 FRICKE salt spreader 2011Other4
Plug Thurs Thurs śniegu hydrauliczny tuz na Tuza 2010Other4
Plug Thurs Thurs śniegu tuz na Tuza 2010Other3
Portable Compressor m. Motor NEW - AIR COMPRESSOR 2009Other15
Progress ZT 323 2011Other2
Pronar MTZ82TSA 2008Other15
Renault 155.54 2011Other5
RENAULT 1963Other14
Renault 7052 1965Other4
Renault 715 2003Other6
Renault 75.1S 1982Other2
Renault 751-4 1975Other6
Renault 781-4 2011Other5
Renault 891-4 1981Other2
Renault 951-4 with Loader - TOP CONDITION 1978Other5
Renault Ares 836 RZ 2003Other14
Renault R 56 1969Other4
Renault R7611-S 1971Other13
Renault Super 5 1968Other5
Renault TX 155.54 1995Other6
RS 14/36 1963Other5
RS 30 1956Other3
RS with 09 shovel loader 2011Other5
Schanzlin 504 narrow gauge 2001Other4
Schanzlin giant 25 1970Other5
Schilter, Aebi, reform, Vans, Bucher, Lindner 1967Other5
Schilter Weasel 228 1981Other15
Schlüter Super 1250 V 1974Other5
Schlüter Super 650 SV 1979Other5
Schlüter Super sprinter 650VS export 1969Other6
Schlueter 95o 1982Other1
Schluter AS 222 B with deck. 1958Other7
Schluter AS 30 + rear hydraulic + (rare) 1960Other1
Schluter B 22 1955Other5
Schluter DS 15 H, 1 cyl. 1953Other5
Schluter loader + new + +30 km TÜV / tire 1966Other5
Schluter loader 1967Other2
Schluter S 50 1962Other1
Schluter S30 1961Other12
Schluter S450 / SF 3400 1963Other11
Schönebeck - TRAC 160 - with syringe 2000Other10
Schönebeck 74kW Year 1988 5590 EUR 1988Other5
Single-axle tractor Yanmar YK FL 682, Year: 1999 1999Other12
Single axle trailer plus Mts50 1974Other5
StigaParkPrestige 4WD all-wheel 2005Other1
TERRION ATM 3180 2009Other5
TERRION ATM 7360 2011Other5
TORO 2004Other2
Torpedo TX75A 1988Other12
Tripplex Forklift lifting height 6200 mm 2011Other7
TZ 4 K-14 1976Other5
Tz4k-10 2011Other5
Tz4K 14c 2011Other5
TZ4K14C wheel good condition, lots of accessories 1988Other5
UE 600 Hercules 1994Other5
UNIVERSAL 4x4 1997Other3
Uniwersalny OBCIĄŻNIK BETONOWY 1000 KG 2011Other5
Uniwersalny OBCIĄŻNIK BETONOWY 600 KG 2011Other3
Uniwersalny OBCIĄŻNIK BETONOWY 800 KG 2011Other2
Ursus C 335 mill with 2m 1985Other1
UT 082 1986Other5
Valtra 6850 2002Other11
Vtz 2003Other7
Wesseler WL 18 1958Other13

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