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Articulated bus, Coach Vehicles

DAF Berkhof 1970DAF5
Ikarus 280.02 1985Ikarus9
Ikarus 280.17 1985Ikarus5
MAN 2x A11 NG 312 + green badge gear exchange 1997MAN13
MAN A 23 articulated bus with air-3 € 2004MAN13
MAN A 23 NG 313 / climate / 310 hp 2000MAN11
MAN A 23 NG 353 seats: 63 2000MAN15
MAN A11 € articulated two automatic 1995MAN5
MAN A11 NG 312 € 2 Air ramp 1996MAN15
MAN A11 (NL202G) przegubowy articulated 1997MAN6
MAN A23 1999MAN7
MAN A23 2002MAN10
MAN NG 272 -8-Present 1996MAN7
MAN NG 272 1991MAN8
MAN NG 272 1992MAN6
MAN NG 272 1993MAN10
MAN NG 312 - A 11 - Air double - 4 door 1997MAN15
MAN NG 312 A11 GREEN BADGE exchange transmissions Intard 1997MAN7
MAN NG 312 (AIR) 1997MAN15
MAN NG 312/2 vehicles 1998MAN6
MAN NG 313 A 23 2000MAN6
MAN NG A11 1994MAN6
MAN NG272 1994MAN5
MAN NG312 1998MAN15
MAN SG 242 articulated 1989MAN4
MAN SG 242 articulated top condition 1987MAN4
MAN SG 312-793 1996MAN5
MAN SG 312 OL 1996MAN7
MAN SG 322 1995MAN8
MAN SG 424 1990MAN8
Mercedes-Benz € 2 405 GN 1995Mercedes-Benz11
Mercedes-Benz 0405 NG (CNG) Natural gas euro2 AIR + matrix + parking heater 1995Mercedes-Benz10
Mercedes-Benz 405 G 1993Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz 405GN 1997Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz 405ng 1996Mercedes-Benz11
Mercedes-Benz Evobus Citaro articulated bus --- 0530 --- READY TO RIDE 2004Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz O 405 G 1988Mercedes-Benz3
Mercedes-Benz O 405 G High floor with new paint 1995Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz O 405 G high ground 1995Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz O 405 G high ground 1996Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz O 405 G TOP CONDITION ONLY 600.000KM 53SITZPLÄTZE! 1995Mercedes-Benz12
Mercedes-Benz O 405 GN 1994Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz O 405 GN 1998Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz O 405 GN 2000Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz O 530 Citaro G AT AT gear motor 2000Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz O405 G 1999Mercedes-Benz9
Mercedes-Benz O530 G 2000Mercedes-Benz11
Neoplan 321 u 1992Neoplan6
Neoplan 4021 1993Neoplan7
Neoplan 4021 articulated VDV work 1998Neoplan7
Neoplan 4421 2000Neoplan9
Neoplan N 138 largest motorhome in the world 1975Neoplan5
Neoplan N 4021 1995Neoplan12
Neoplan N 4021 1997Neoplan7
Neoplan N 4021 1999Neoplan10
Neoplan N 4021 articulated bus, 55 sitting and 99 standing places 1997Neoplan8
Neoplan N 4021 articulated bus, 55 sitting and 99 standing places 1998Neoplan8
Neoplan N4021 driver air 3x presence 1997Neoplan7
Neoplan OFFICE BUS 1983Neoplan15
Heuliez articulee 1993Other11
Setra 221 UL 1995Setra8
Setra S 321 UL 2002Setra13
Setra SG 219 SL 1991Setra5
Setra SG 219 SL 1993Setra6
Setra SG 219SL 1988Setra5
Setra SG 221 UL 1993Setra8
Setra SG 221 UL 1994Setra8
Setra SG 321 UL 1999Setra2
Setra SG 321 UL 2002Setra5
Temsa TB162L / Safari 2003Temsa15
VDL Berkhof VOLVO articulated BL 7 45 + 87 seats Berkhof 2001VDL Berkhof1
VDL Berkhof VOLVO BL 7 articulated 45S + 87 standing Berkhof 2001VDL Berkhof1
Volvo 7000 51 +81 +1 2001Volvo9
Volvo 7000 A with air conditioning, 25 x available 2000Volvo15
Volvo B 10 R 1992Volvo3
Volvo B10LA HESS with particle 2004Volvo4
Volvo B10MA - System 2000 1996Volvo2
Volvo B10MG Berkhof 1999Volvo3
Volvo LA B 7/7000 A with air conditioning, 25 x available 2000Volvo10

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