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Coaches, Coach Vehicles

Ford VIP Party School Bus 1994Ford4
Ikarus 256 AIR 1993Ikarus3
Ikarus E 98 1996Ikarus4
Ikarus E 98 2001Ikarus4
Ikarus oferta negociabila! 1989Ikarus1
Irisbus 50 C 15 19 + 1 people 2008Irisbus9
Irisbus 65 C 18 stainless steel toilet, 28 people, funding 2012Irisbus10
Irisbus ARES 2002Irisbus13
Irisbus atlantis-1size 51-1 2003Irisbus4
Irisbus Ayats Atlas 2 € New Rider Chassis 2011Irisbus9
Irisbus CROSSWAY 2008Irisbus8
Irisbus Daily 90 d, delivery 01.02.2012, 30 sleeper seats 2012Irisbus9
Irisbus Daily 90 stock, 30 sleeper seats 2012Irisbus15
Irisbus Daily Rosero First FLHI 2010Irisbus14
Irisbus Domino 20 001 HD 2004Irisbus8
Irisbus Domino HDH 20 001 2004Irisbus14
Irisbus Dyparro 90, delivery 01.02.2012, 23 SS, WC 2012Irisbus12
Irisbus Dyparro 90 VIP, delivery, 01.04.2012, 23 SS, WC 2012Irisbus12
Irisbus EURORIDERC38 Sunsundegui SIDERAL 2000 2012Irisbus1
Irisbus EURORIDERC45 TATA Hispano Xerus 13.80 2012Irisbus3
Irisbus EVADYS H 12 M 53 +1 2008Irisbus10
Irisbus Evadys hd 2006Irisbus11
Irisbus GTC VIP 2004Irisbus14
Irisbus Iliad EURO 3 2005Irisbus6
Irisbus Iliad GTX EURO 3 2003Irisbus5
Irisbus Iliad Iliad 49 +1 +1 2004Irisbus9
Irisbus Iliad RTX 2004Irisbus6
Irisbus Iliad RTX 2006Irisbus7
Irisbus Iliad TE, 51 +1 +1, gearbox, Telma 2004Irisbus8
Irisbus ILIADE GTC 36 +1 +1 2004Irisbus15
Irisbus ILIADE GTX 44 +1 +1 2003Irisbus14
Irisbus ILIADE GTX 48 +1 +1 2003Irisbus14
Irisbus Iliade GTX 48 +1 +1 2006Irisbus9
Irisbus ILIADE GTX 49 +1 +1 2002Irisbus13
Irisbus ILIADE GTX 49 +1 +1 2004Irisbus12
Irisbus ILIADE GTX (TOP BUS) 4x available 2002Irisbus5
Irisbus ILIADE RTX, 38 +1 +1 leather seats, kitchen, toilet 2001Irisbus10
Irisbus Iliade RTX 49 +1 +1 2006Irisbus9
Irisbus Iliade RTX EURO 3 TOP CONDITION 2003Irisbus15
Irisbus Iliade RTX (EXCELLENT CONDITION) 2004Irisbus13
Irisbus ILIADE TE 2006Irisbus3
Irisbus Iliade TE AIR EURO 3 2002Irisbus15
Irisbus ILIADE TE RT RTX 2002Irisbus6
Irisbus IRISBUS WAY ELECTRICAL DOOR OPEN 2007 E4 2007Irisbus10
Irisbus Magelys 2011Irisbus9
Irisbus Magelys PRO 12.8 m 2012Irisbus13
Irisbus Marco Polo III 350 VIAGGIO coach 2011Irisbus5
Irisbus Marcopolo Viaggio 2008Irisbus11
Irisbus Marcopolo Viaggio 2009Irisbus11
Irisbus Midi Rider Marco Polo 2008Irisbus12
Irisbus Midis 34 seater with toilet, fully equipped 2005Irisbus7
Irisbus mydis 2004Irisbus3
Irisbus New € 2 Ayats Atlas Rider chassis 2012Irisbus8
Irisbus Noge Touring Iveco Euro Rider 391E.12.35 2000Irisbus5
Irisbus Proxies Iveco 2006Irisbus8
Irisbus Reault Iliad gtx 2002Irisbus5
Irisbus Sundset XL 24-seater Year 2009 2009Irisbus15
Isuzu Citimark, only 49000km 2010Isuzu3
Isuzu Harmony 2007Isuzu5
Isuzu L / Cuby / LOW FLOORING CITY BUS 2009Isuzu14
Isuzu Novo Ultra Euro5EEV 2011Isuzu5
Isuzu Q-31 bus Turquoise 2007Isuzu7
Isuzu Q Bus 2008Isuzu5
Isuzu turquise 2007Isuzu5
Isuzu Turquise Q-31 BUS 2001Isuzu8
Isuzu Turquoise € 5 New from general importer! 2011Isuzu15
Isuzu TURQUOISE 2005Isuzu5
Isuzu TURQUOISE 2006Isuzu5
Isuzu TURQUOISE 2008Isuzu5
Isuzu Turquoise direct from the general importer! VIP LUXURY 2012Isuzu10
Isuzu Turquoise Exclusive Euro5EEV 2011Isuzu5
Isuzu Turquoise NEW! Euro5 FULL EXTRA! 2011Isuzu1
Iveco € 380 E Class 1995Iveco10
Iveco 35C13 18 SEATS NEW ENGINE 2002Iveco5
Iveco 35E 10 A 1997Iveco3
Iveco 391 E / Rider € 35 / double glazing 1999Iveco10
Iveco 45-12 Zwillingbereift 1997Iveco10
Iveco 50C 13 SEATS 2005Iveco10
Iveco 50C18 - Crono Digital - Prezzo trattabile! 2008Iveco14
Iveco 5231 1989Iveco5
Iveco 75 C 170 Omnibus Trading Sunrise 2010Iveco6
Iveco 95e18 1995Iveco4
Iveco A49-12/19.REISESITZE.BUS-VOLLAUSTATTUNG + AIR-95 1995Iveco11
Iveco AURA 2011Iveco15
Iveco Ciacciamali 2004Iveco5
Iveco Class 380 HD 12:38 euros - Ultimo rimasto 1994Iveco10
Iveco Class A380 € 1997Iveco15
Iveco DAILY 2009Iveco2
Iveco daily 40 c 13 2006Iveco4
Iveco Daily 50 C13 2004Iveco4
Iveco Daily 50C15 2007Iveco3
Iveco Daily 50C15 3.0 HPI 19 +1 2010Iveco7
Iveco Daily 65 C15/23Sitze with Gird / Euro 3 / Panorama 2002Iveco15
Iveco DAILY 70C17 COMPA T AIR TELMA 29 PLACES 2011Iveco15
Iveco DOMINO 2001 2002Iveco9
Iveco Domino GTS 1993Iveco3
Iveco Euro Rider C43 430HP 316KW 2007Iveco8
Iveco EUROCLASS HD - 380 2000Iveco9
Iveco EUROCLASS HD 380.12.38 RETARDER, WC 2000Iveco15
Iveco EURORIDER Castrosua 1998Iveco15

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