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Coaches, Coach Vehicles

Neoplan N208 L 1990Neoplan9
Neoplan N212 shd 1996Neoplan5
Neoplan N212H 1993Neoplan8
Neoplan N216 SHD 1990Neoplan5
Neoplan N2216 / 3 SHDL Tourliner * Euro4 * switch * Vollausst. 2007Neoplan15
Neoplan N312 U 2001Neoplan4
Neoplan N316 / 3KL + 3-axis + retarder + 61 seats 1998Neoplan15
Neoplan N316 1991Neoplan5
Neoplan N316 SHD 1997Neoplan11
Neoplan N516 SHD HC Starliner 2004Neoplan4
Neoplan N516 SHD Starliner € 3 1999Neoplan13
Neoplan N516/3HC 2005Neoplan10
Neoplan N516SHD 1999Neoplan14
Neoplan No. 316 (climate, MB 340 hp, 55 seats) 303.404 1993Neoplan6
Neoplan SHD-216 Mercedes-air engine 1990Neoplan12
Neoplan STARLINER / N 516SHDHC 2004Neoplan9
Neoplan STARLINER / N 516SHDHC 2005Neoplan7
Neoplan Starliner 516/3 SHDC 2005Neoplan12
Neoplan STARLINER N 1217 SHD 2007Neoplan15
Neoplan Starliner N 516 SHD / L -3 2002Neoplan6
Neoplan STARLINER N 516/3 SHD-HL EURO 4 2001Neoplan15
Neoplan Starliner N 5217 SHD 2006Neoplan4
Neoplan STARLINER N5218 SHD 2005Neoplan5
Neoplan Starliner Starliner N 5217 SHDC 12.99 m - 4 € 2007Neoplan9
Neoplan Telma Retarder Air jetliner N216 HD 50 +1 1988Neoplan11
Neoplan TOURLINER / N 2216SHD 2006Neoplan9
Neoplan Tourliner 2006Neoplan5
Neoplan Tourliner (air) 2007Neoplan8
Neoplan Tourliner, D20, high-wing, P22, N 2216/3 SHDL 2009Neoplan12
Neoplan Tourliner N2216 N 2216 SHD L SHDL 2005Neoplan15
Neoplan Tourliner P22, travel high-wing, N 2216-3 SHDL 2009Neoplan15
Ayats Atlas 2 at Mercedes OC 500 chassi 2011Other5
Beulas Aura 14 meters, vents Sun roof. Scania 2005Other2
Beulas Aura 15 meters, vents Sun roof. Scania 2005Other2
Bluebird climate-28w 2001Other7
BMC MIDILUX 2009Other8
BMC Probus 850 35 posti +1 aut. +1 Accomp. 2011Other15
BMC TBX 2006Other5
BOVA Magiq HD 120 2008Other15
Caetano Optimo Deluxe 2300 2006Other12
Complete coach in parts of 20 € 1992Other14
Contrac Caetano Euro 4 engine 2007Other15
Dennis Javelin bus 54 seats 1993Other9
E. A. Clubstar ATEGO based on 2001Other5
IRIZAR I4H 2011Other12
Jonckheere Arrow 70 2004Other7
Jonckheere Jonckheere SHD 140 2006Other8
KAROSA C 734.20 (id: 7132) 1988Other3
KAROSA C 734.20 (id: 7133) 1988Other3
KAROSA C 734.20 (id: 7324) 1988Other3
KAROSA C 734.40 (id: 7318) 1990Other3
KAROSA C 734.40 (id: 7319) 1990Other3
KAROSA C 734.40 (id: 7321) 1990Other3
KAROSA C 734.40 (id: 7323) 1990Other3
KAROSA C 734 (id: 7262) 1988Other3
KAROSA C 734 (id: 7263) 1990Other3
KAROSA C734.1340 (id: 7304) 1996Other3
KAROSA LC 735.40 (id: 7301) 1988Other3
KAROSA LC734.40 (id: 7302) 1989Other3
KAROSA LC734.40 (id: 7303) 1990Other3
Long Boxer 1999Other3
MCW - MF/814/Optimo 1991Other10
Optimo 2300 de luxe 2008Other11
Otokar NavigoT 2012Other5
Otokar Vectio T 2011Other12
Thomas Built Bus Freightliner 3800 1995Other4
Thomas Freightliner bus 2001Other5
Toyota Caetano Optimo 2300 Deluxe Air 2000Other15
Toyota, Caetano.Optimo, Salvador 2001Other6
Toyota Caetano Toyota Optimo Caetano de Luxe 27 2005Other10
Toyota Optimo 2001Other4
Toyota Optimo 2300 de luxe - EURO 4 2008Other12
Toyota Optimo 2300 de luxe 2007Other12
Viseon C10 midibus 2010Other6
ZG6700 29 SEATS NEW BUS-2012 RECLAME VIDEO 2012Other15
ZG6700 3RZ-FE Toyota PETROL ENGINE NEW BUS 2012 2012Other15
ZGT 6700 NEW BUS / CUMMINS ENGINE YEAR 2012 2012Other11
Renault ARES SFR 116 2003Renault7
Renault FR 1 Obrador 1995Renault5
Renault FR1 1994Renault5
Renault FR1 GTX 1992Renault5
Renault FR1GTX 1990Renault12
Renault FR1GTX 1993Renault12
Renault FR1TE 1993Renault14
Renault FR1TE 1995Renault14
Renault Iliad 1998Renault13
Renault Iliad 2001Renault4
Renault Iliad GTX-51 seats-New-switching TUV + AU 2002Renault11
Renault Iliad RTX / 381 HP / € 2 / German Zlsg. (HDH) 2001Renault14
Renault Iliad RTX 1997Renault13
Renault Iliad RTX 2006Renault13
Renault Iliad RTX FR1 GTX 1999Renault13
Renault Iliad TE 2000Renault8
Renault Karosa C 934.1351, RETARDER 2001Renault15
Renault Karosa Recreo 1999Renault12
Renault KAROSA RECREO C51034 1997Renault15
Renault KAROSA RECREO C51034 EURO2 TOP CONDITION 1997Renault15
Renault KAROSA RECREO C51034 EURO2 TOP CONDITION 1998Renault15
Renault Opel Movano 16 seats 3.0D 2006Renault11
Renault PADANE MX2 1992Renault3

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