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Coaches, Coach Vehicles

Renault TRACER 1994 EURO1 R332A3MB 60 SITES FR1 ILIADE 1994Renault15
Renault TRACER 1994 EURO1 R332A3NB FR1 GTX TE 1994Renault15
Renault TRACER 1995 EURO1 R332A1 FR1 GTX TE 1995Renault15
Robur LO3000 1969Robur15
Robur NEW BUS LO 3000 vintage TÜV 1978Robur4
Scania 12/3 ,8-BEULAS AURA 2006Scania15
Scania BERKHOF EXCELLENCE, bus parts, bus parts, air 1998Scania8
Scania Century 12.35 / 12:38, Original KM, Euro 4 2006Scania11
Scania Century 12.35 2007Scania6
Scania Century 12.37 / 12.85 2006Scania7
Scania Century 12-38, Bova FHD, Altano 2004Scania9
Scania CENTURY 1235 2004Scania6
Scania Century 1237 2001Scania11
Scania COACH 2000Scania9
Scania DAB 2000Scania5
Scania Delta 1984Scania6
Scania ECO3 L94IBECO3 ECO 3 SCOLAIRE 2005Scania6
Scania Icarus HD 12 1996Scania5
Scania IRIZAR 12:35 2008Scania14
Scania IRIZAR 12:37 2000Scania5
Scania Irizar 1996Scania11
Scania Irizar 1999Scania5
Scania IRIZAR 2001Scania4
Scania Irizar 2002Scania5
Scania Irizar 2003Scania8
Scania Irizar 2008Scania4
Scania Irizar Century 12.37/12.85 2010Scania9
Scania Irizar Century 12/3.5 2007Scania5
Scania Irizar Century 1997Scania8
Scania Irizar Century 2006Scania14
Scania IRIZAR dł. 12.85 2005Scania11
Scania IRIZAR EURO 2 1997Scania7
Scania IRIZAR EURO 4 2006Scania9
Scania IRIZAR NEW CENTURY € 4 63 Seats 2007Scania5
Scania Irizar PB + FACTORY REBUILD DRIVELINE 2007Scania9
Scania Irizar PB / II MAN 19 480 EEV 2011Scania5
Scania Irizar PB 12.92-12:37 2009Scania3
Scania Irizar PB 380 K 2007Scania12
Scania Irizar PB K-124 / EURO 3 / HDH / Century 2004Scania15
Scania Jonckeere 1992Scania5
Scania Jonckheer 2001Scania5
Scania Jonckheere 1991Scania7
Scania K 113 1987Scania5
Scania K 113 N60 Irizar Century High 1993Scania12
Scania K113 1994Scania5
Scania K114 Jonckheere Mistral 70 2003Scania7
Scania K124 Irizar Century 12.37 13M 2000Scania5
Scania K124 Irizar PB 420 M 13.95 2005Scania1
Scania L 113 CLB 1994Scania4
Scania L 94 2003Scania4
Scania L 94 UB / auto / retarder 1998Scania15
Scania New Century 13.37/13, 7 2008Scania6
Scania New Century 2010Scania11
Scania PB 12.37 / Irizar Century 12.92, € 4 2008Scania10
Scania SIMON DE 1996Scania6
Scania Tetis 2007Scania9
Scania Vest Ambasada ¶ r 2001Scania5
Scania Vest L94UB 2001Scania5
Setra 209 H 1983Setra13
Setra 210 H 1989Setra6
Setra 210HD, air, WC.TV video, kitchen, VIP BUS 1988Setra5
Setra 211 H 1983Setra5
Setra 211 HD 1991Setra6
Setra 211 HD (air) 1992Setra5
Setra 211 HD Air, 290PS MB German vehicle 1990Setra13
Setra 211H 1979Setra1
Setra 215 1985Setra1
Setra 215 1991Setra5
Setra 215 H 1977Setra4
Setra 215 H C 4 pieces 1991Setra15
Setra 215 HD 1982Setra2
Setra 215 HD 1988Setra10
Setra 215 HD 1990Setra4
Setra 215 HD ocasion! 1993Setra5
Setra 215 HD, PARTS. SHARE 1989Setra5
Setra 215 HDH top condition 1992Setra15
Setra 215 HR - driving school - 1994Setra5
Setra 215 HR 1986Setra15
Setra 215 HR 1992Setra15
Setra 215 HR 1993Setra3
Setra 215 HR 1994Setra2
Setra 215 HR 1995Setra6
Setra 215H MAN AIR KALORYFER 1995Setra5
Setra 215HD 1986Setra14
Setra 215UL 1994Setra4
Setra 215UL47T 1994Setra6
Setra 216 HDS 1990Setra15
Setra 309 HD / 39 seats / AC / WC / Retarder/585058 KM 1999Setra15
Setra 309 HD 1996Setra5
Setra 309 HD 1997Setra7
Setra 312 HD 1996Setra7
Setra 312 HD 1999Setra4
Setra 312 HD 2001Setra4
Setra 312 HD 2002Setra5
Setra 312 HD German car, Top! 1993Setra10
Setra 315 Ankai 2007Setra3
Setra 315 GT 1996Setra12
Setra 315 GT 1998Setra15
Setra 315 GT 2002Setra6
Setra 315 GT-HD 1999Setra13

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