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Double decker, Coach Vehicles

EVO Evobus Setra S 328DT 2002EVO4
MAN 24 370 Salvador Cuetano Location: Wismar 1994MAN10
MAN 2x SD202, Green sticker, Convertible, MOT-NEW 1992MAN5
MAN Ayats Bravo 1 new vehicle, Mega Liner, 431 DT, 927 2012MAN5
MAN Berkhof 1997MAN11
MAN Berkhof Exelence 2000 1994MAN5
MAN SD 200 1980MAN5
MAN SD 200 Convertible 1985MAN5
MAN SD 200, Double Decker, lounge, bar, cinema, SPECIAL PRICE 1976MAN11
MAN SD 202 Green sticker, Convertible, MOT-NEW 1990MAN13
MAN SD 202, Green sticker, Convertible, MOT-NEW 1991MAN13
MAN SD200, classic car, convertible, green sticker 1978MAN3
Neoplan 1122 340 000 Skyliner original KM! 122 431 2003Neoplan11
Neoplan 122 1984Neoplan5
Neoplan 122 1992Neoplan2
Neoplan 122 doble 2000Neoplan5
Neoplan Ayats Bravo 2 Loungeliner Hire vehicle 2011Neoplan6
Neoplan Ayats Bravo 2 Loungeliner Hire vehicle 2012Neoplan6
Neoplan N 1122 C Skyliner (€ 3, Air) 2004Neoplan15
Neoplan N 1122/3C 2004Neoplan8
Neoplan N 1122/3L Skyliner / 431, 4 € 2007Neoplan14
Neoplan N 122 1993Neoplan9
Neoplan N 122 85 seats 1998Neoplan8
Neoplan N 122 engine with ATM-400000 1988Neoplan11
Neoplan N 122 Green sticker 2001Neoplan7
Neoplan N 122 Skyliner 1989Neoplan5
Neoplan N 122 Skyliner 1995Neoplan5
Neoplan N 122 Skyliner 1997Neoplan14
Neoplan N 122 Skyliner 1999Neoplan11
Neoplan N 122 Skyliner 72 +2 2000Neoplan12
Neoplan N 122 Skyliner 72 seats 1994Neoplan7
Neoplan N 122/3 L 1999Neoplan5
Neoplan N 4026 1997Neoplan5
Neoplan N 424 Auwärter gastronomy fair bus party bus 1982Neoplan15
Neoplan N 426/4026/A 14/SD 202 Convertible 1995Neoplan12
Neoplan N 4426, € 4, Erdgasbus 2000Neoplan10
Neoplan N1122 / 3 C Skyliner 122 / circuit / 78 seats 2003Neoplan15
Neoplan N122 / 3 Skyliner ski case with (AT-engine € I) 1991Neoplan5
Neoplan N122 1995Neoplan13
Neoplan N122 1996Neoplan5
Neoplan N122 1997Neoplan6
Neoplan N122 Skyliner Air V8 MB TD retarder TV Lounge 1992Neoplan14
Neoplan N426, 106 seats, Green sticker, Convertible 1992Neoplan5
Neoplan No. 1122 / 3C 2004Neoplan5
Neoplan No. 1122 / 3C 2005Neoplan10
Neoplan No. 1122/3 ** Skyliner ** Euro3 € 145,000 net ** 2005Neoplan8
Neoplan No. 1122/3 ** Skyliner ** Euro3 € 155,000 net ** 2006Neoplan12
Neoplan No. 1122/3 Skyliner | Bistro | Net: 161,000 2005Neoplan1
Neoplan SKYLINER / N 1122L 2008Neoplan13
Neoplan SKYLINER / N 1122L 2009Neoplan13
Neoplan Skyliner double-decker PB 2 2009Neoplan8
Neoplan Skyliner N1122 / 3 2004Neoplan6
Neoplan Skyliner N1122 / 3 2006Neoplan12
Neoplan Skyliner N1122 / 3 L 2005Neoplan10
Neoplan Skyliner N122 1995Neoplan3
Neoplan Skyliner PB2 N1122 / 3 L double-decker 2008Neoplan15
A.E.C Regent English double-decker with a bar 1945Other15
AEC double-decker London bus Routmaster Schalke 1960Other5
AEC Routemaster 1968Other5
Ayats Bravo 1 Convertible double-decker sightseeing 2011Other9
Ayats Bravo 1 new vehicle 92 seats 2011Other9
Ayats Bravo 1 urban brand new car 2011Other15
Bristol LondonBus 1964Other4
Dennis 5 x UNITS - Convertible - City tour - Open Top 2001Other7
Gaubschat-Bussing, Classic Convertible 1968Other5
London AEC Routemaster / Mobile Cafe, Restaurant 1966Other5
London bus, double decker bus, london double decker 1950Other9
Vintage double decker bus LondonBus 1964Other5
Scania Ayats Bravo 1 new vehicle 87 seats 2011Scania8
Scania EB 470 Atomic 2009Scania12
Setra 200 S 228 DT 1986Setra9
Setra 328 DT 1996Setra5
Setra 328 DT 2002Setra8
Setra 328 DT 82 seats 2000Setra5
Setra 328DT 1997Setra5
Setra 328DT 75SS +1 +1 TOP 2001Setra5
Setra Double-decker S 431 DT 2007Setra12
Setra S 228 DT 1988Setra5
Setra S 228 DT 1989Setra5
Setra S 228 DT 83 seats 1983Setra10
Setra S 328 1996Setra5
Setra S 328 DT 1993Setra5
Setra S 328 DT 1994Setra8
Setra S 328 DT 1995Setra3
Setra S 328 DT 2000Setra8
Setra S 328 DT 2001Setra11
Setra S 328 DT 2002Setra14
Setra S 328 DT Vollaustattung / FULL / FULL 2000Setra15
Setra S 431 DT 2003Setra15
Setra S 431 DT 2004Setra14
Setra S 431 DT 2006Setra6
Setra S 431 DT 2007Setra14
Setra S228 DT 1991Setra13
Setra S228DT 1990Setra5
Setra S328DT 1998Setra5
VDL Berkhof 3000 manual 1997VDL Berkhof7
VDL Berkhof Axial 100 (Air Navigation) 2004VDL Berkhof15
VDL Berkhof Axial 70 2000VDL Berkhof13
VDL Berkhof Axial DD 100 139 430 2004VDL Berkhof5

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