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Other buses and coaches, Coach Vehicles

DAF Jonckere mistral 70 TURYSTYCZN A 1997DAF7
EOS 100 Turystyczna 1991EOS4
EVO Evobus Setra S 315 GT 2003EVO9
Fiat 160 Ducato L5H3 van roof air (Euro 4) 2009Fiat13
Fiat Bravo 1989Fiat6
Fiat Bravo 1996Fiat1
Fiat Dotto train 1996Fiat1
Fiat Ducato 11 2.8 JTD Comb Comb K 6prs 2005Fiat10
Fiat Ducato 11 2.8 JTD Comb K 10prs 2005Fiat7
Fiat Ducato 16 + 1 (Euro 4) 2011Fiat11
Fiat Ducato 16 +1 navigation system 2011Fiat14
Fiat Ducato 40 3.0 JTD Maxi Base 2008Fiat4
Fiat Ducato 40 3.0 JTD Maxi Base 2009Fiat7
Fiat Ducato 40 3.0 JTD Maxi XL 16prs 2008Fiat9
Fiat Ducato Maxi 16 +1 persons (Euro 4) 2011Fiat9
Fiat RIMOR 2008Fiat8
Ford E350 School Bus Schoolbus 1994Ford7
Ford Metro Bus E450 Diesel Super Duty 22 places AIR 2002Ford15
Ford Transit 100 2.5 D 10 prs 1999Ford1
Ford Transit 14 - bedded 2002Ford7
Ford Transit 1995Ford8
Ford Transit 2.4 TDCI AIR BUS 2005Ford9
Ford Transit 2004Ford10
Ford TRANSIT 350L 2004Ford7
Ikarus 311.51 1968Ikarus10
Ikarus 55 party bus, event bus 1972Ikarus11
Irisbus 397E.12.35 2005Irisbus11
Irisbus autobus irisbus315.8.17 adibito orchestra ad 1987Irisbus5
Irisbus DAILY TRAVEL THESI 26 (24 +1 +1) 2011Irisbus9
Irisbus ILIADE RTX, 38 +1 +1 leather seats, kitchen, toilet 2001Irisbus10
Irisbus MEDIO AUWARTER Mercedes-Benz Vario 2006Irisbus8
Irisbus TEMA UP TO 37 seats 2012Irisbus14
Isuzu Direct importer from the General Harmony !!!!!!! 2008Isuzu8
Isuzu L 2010Isuzu15
Isuzu tourquase 27/Q-bus31 2005Isuzu1
Isuzu turquoise 2006Isuzu5
Iveco 40 C 13 V 2006Iveco5
Iveco 45-10 Turbo Daily Climate 1990Iveco15
Iveco 49-12 1995Iveco6
Iveco 50C13 2001Iveco5
Iveco 6 x Noge Aertour Airport Apron Bus Terminal 2000Iveco2
Iveco A50 C15 2004Iveco4
Iveco Cacciamali THESI 1998Iveco13
Iveco CC 120 1999Iveco11
Iveco DAILY 50C15 HPI 2007Iveco7
Iveco FIAT 370 10 1989Iveco6
Iveco FIAT 370 10 1992Iveco7
Iveco MAGO 2 2003Iveco9
Iveco NUTRUK 2007Iveco5
Iveco open bus 2011Iveco15
Iveco Optare Alero Party Liner 2002Iveco10
Iveco TECTOR 2007Iveco6
Iveco TURBO DAILY 40.10 4X4 MANUEL 1990Iveco9
MAN 10 220 1999MAN1
MAN 292 UEL 1993MAN7
MAN Ikarus E97 1993MAN5
MAN NU 263 EURO 3 2002MAN4
MAN SG 192, RV 1970MAN5
MAN SL 200 1980MAN5
MAN SL 202 1991MAN15
MAN SL202 1989MAN5
MAN UEL 292 1993MAN4
Mercedes-Benz 2 x Citaro bus Airport - Terminal Apron transfer 2001Mercedes-Benz2
Mercedes-Benz 313 sprinter 2003Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz 416 2003Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz 515 CDI 2010Mercedes-Benz6
Mercedes-Benz 516 CDI Sprinter 19 +1 2011Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz 614 25 +1 miejsc 1997Mercedes-Benz11
Mercedes-Benz 614 D-structure Kowex 1995Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 711 D KA 1993Mercedes-Benz7
Mercedes-Benz 813 24platz 1990Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz Ayats Atlas 2 Convertible 2011Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz O 319 1967Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz O317 Aero Louis 1973Mercedes-Benz3
Mercedes-Benz SCHOOL BUS 44 SEAT CUMMINS 5.9 TD BLUE BIRD 1993Mercedes-Benz1
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 211 CDI Combi II high + long Klim 9 seats 2008Mercedes-Benz7
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 215 CDI Combi 9 Seats II trailer hitch, Tempom., K 2008Mercedes-Benz9
Mercedes-Benz sprinter 308 cdi 14 persoons 2002Mercedes-Benz7
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 315 318 316 319 CLASS VIP No.: 1195 2011Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 315 CDI Combi II Long 8 seats Air 2009Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz SPRINTER 411 CDI 15 SEATER BUS MAXI + AIR 2003Mercedes-Benz1
Mercedes-Benz SPRINTER 416 2002Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz SPRINTER 515 CDI XL 2007Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 515CDI 2008Mercedes-Benz14
Mercedes-Benz SPRINTER NVC3 2010Mercedes-Benz3
Mercedes-Benz SRINTER 312TD 15-osob! 1998Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz Viano 2.2 CDI Trend 2005Mercedes-Benz9
Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 CDI Combi II 9 seats AHK Air Long EZ 2010Mercedes-Benz7
Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 CDI Combi II 9 seats Air 2009Mercedes-Benz7
Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 CDI Combi II Long 9 seats AHK Air 1a 2010Mercedes-Benz7
Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 CDI Combi II XL 9 seats AHK Air 2010Mercedes-Benz10
Mercedes-Benz Vito 113 CDI Combi II NEW MODEL Climate, 9 seats 2011Mercedes-Benz10
Mercedes-Benz Vito 113 CDI Long Combination II NEW MODEL climate, AH 2011Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz Vito 115 CDI Combi II Long Auto, Climate, 9 sit 2010Mercedes-Benz7
Mercedes-Benz Vito 115 CDI Combi II XL automatic, air conditioning, trailer hitch, 9 S 2010Mercedes-Benz9
Mercedes-Benz Vito 116 CDI Combi II NEW MODEL Climate, Navi, 9 2011Mercedes-Benz9
Mercedes-Benz Vito 116 CDI Combi II NEW MODEL Klimaaut., Bi- 2010Mercedes-Benz7
Mercedes-Benz Vito 116 CDI Long Combination II NEW MODEL, Climate, 9 2011Mercedes-Benz10

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