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Construction crane, Construction machine Vehicles

Atlas 100.1 1995Atlas1
Atlas 120.2E 2007Atlas5
Atlas 2 Schalengreifer 1996Atlas10
Atlas 60.1 1998Atlas3
Atlas 80.1 703rd AK-2-A2 1993Atlas1
Atlas 85.1 A -2 crane 2000Atlas6
Atlas 95.1 2001Atlas1
Atlas 95.2 2005Atlas5
Atlas AK 1401 crane with grab 2011Atlas5
Atlas AK 1401 crane with grab 2012Atlas5
Atlas AK 3003D 3 hydr.2x 12.31 max manuel top condition 1989Atlas11
Atlas AK 3006 B 1984Atlas4
Atlas AK 4006 / 1 200 (2 HYDRAULIC EXTENSIONS BJ 1980) 1980Atlas9
Atlas AK 60.1 1981Atlas5
Atlas AK HDS 90.1 7.0 / 2 A12 1995Atlas12
Atlas crane 140.1 1999Atlas3
Atlas Crane 60.1 1991Atlas4
Atlas Grijp grab shells 1996Atlas2
Atlas Schalengrijper 1995Atlas2
CAT 140H 2004CAT3
CAT 322BL 2002CAT4
CAT SEC Boomklem Grapple 2009CAT3
Daewoo SOLAR 200W V excavator 2000Daewoo7
Demag 30 ton truck crane 1971Demag15
Demag AC 265 1991Demag5
Demag AC 75 1996Demag5
Demag AC25 1998Demag5
Demag Crane arm TC 35 50mtr. / Load 30 tons. 1974Demag7
Demag Crane V42, 1987Demag4
Demag Mannesmann Demag 2001Demag5
Demag Miag mobile crane 1966Demag5
Demag Mobile crane 42S V 5-ton 1984Demag13
Demag other 1962Demag5
Demag V 70 1976Demag5
Demag V 70 2011Demag1
Demag V 70 N Mobile Crane 2012Demag13
Faun KF30.31 48 1974Faun15
Faun RTF 30-2 1992Faun5
Faun RTF 50 ACCIDENT 1990Faun3
Faun RTF30 1987Faun2
Faun TADANO FAUN 50-3 M +16 40 1996 1997Faun1
Fuchs MTK 115 1999Fuchs8
Grove 7450 - Year 2009 2009Grove3
Hitachi FH 130 W 3 1998Hitachi6
Hitachi KH125 1979Hitachi6
Hyundai 250 LC-7 2004Hyundai6
JCB JS 220 LC 2007JCB3
Krupp 35ton GT 1988Krupp5
Krupp Ardelt crane GTT-12 S 4x4 1971Krupp3
Krupp GMT-AT mobile crane 1985Krupp5
Krupp KMK 2020 1993Krupp3
Krupp KMK6200 2001Krupp3
Krupp Macara MOBILA 1984Krupp4
Liebherr 112 EC-H 1991Liebherr5
Liebherr 120 HC tower section 10m 2006Liebherr4
Liebherr 20 K Hinterachsadapter 2011Liebherr4
Liebherr 20K 1991Liebherr4
Liebherr 26H 2003Liebherr1
Liebherr 27 K tower crane 1978Liebherr5
Liebherr 27K 1980Liebherr3
Liebherr 28 K 1992Liebherr5
Liebherr 33K 1978Liebherr6
Liebherr 45.1 HC tower crane 1976Liebherr9
Liebherr 45K80S 1978Liebherr4
Liebherr 71EC22/36 1994Liebherr8
Liebherr 91EC 1992Liebherr2
Liebherr A 921 1984Liebherr1
Liebherr A914B 2004Liebherr15
Liebherr AK 35 1960Liebherr7
Liebherr Erecting Crane Tecno 25-700 as H-S 1995Liebherr8
Liebherr FB 727D 2012Liebherr1
Liebherr K 20 1980Liebherr5
Liebherr K63, 4 TO, 45/45 meter, TOP CONDITION 2005Liebherr10
Liebherr LR 1160 with mtr 52nd boom 2004Liebherr15
Liebherr LTM 1025 1992Liebherr3
Liebherr ltm 1035-3 1989Liebherr5
Liebherr LTM 1040 1992Liebherr2
Liebherr Ltm 1045 1987Liebherr4
Liebherr LTM 1050 / 1 1997Liebherr4
Liebherr LTM 1095-5.1 2006Liebherr2
Liebherr LTR 1100 2008Liebherr15
Liebherr Transport axis TRA201 GZ 1 1981Liebherr4
Liebherr XCMG QY70K NOWY DŹWIG Żuraw 2010Liebherr2
30t telescopic crane telescopic boom 20 meters long 1969Other5
75 RS MK reactors with fuel 2011Other5
ABUS gantry crane 3,2 t, 12 m wide, 18 m long, 3 2004Other1
Arcomet T24 with radio and Suspension 1988Other4
Arcomet tower crane 2012Other2
Astom Ascolift 1025, 28m galvanized 1995Other5
ATLAS CRANE 60.1 1998Other1
Böcker AK 35/2000 1995Other5
Chrono Flash 25 1992Other1
Cibin Gru S 30 1994Other4
Condecta crane 2610/29 radio 1990Other13
Crane Crane Crane rear Cormach 13500E 1993Other5
CRANE CRANE EFFER 210 2 S max. 9 t 2005Other3
CRANE PANOBA 107-3 2001Other3
CRANE PENZ 14erH 2011Other1
Crane PK - 3700, 1997Other5

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