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Mobile digger, Construction machine Vehicles

Case WX 145 / 2xPratzen/Schild/16000kg/SW / T O P 2005Case12
Case WX 165, boom, full piping, maintained 2007Case4
Case WX-165 outrigger plate / rod blade 2008Case6
Case WX-165 outrigger plate / rod blade 2009Case6
Case WX 165 run2 Tier III 2008Case2
Case WX 165 SERIES 2 2007Case6
Case WX 165 Series 2 Tier III 2008Case6
Case WX 185 P2AL 2-piece boom 2011Case6
Case WX 185\u003e\u003e Occasion \u003c\u003c 2009Case6
Case WX 210 2nd series 2008Case5
Case WX 210 excavator with grapple 2008Case5
Case WX145 2005Case6
Case WX150 * BJ * 2002/Klima/Sw/Mono/Hammerltg/Top 2002Case9
Case WX150 2002Case5
Case WX150 2003Case5
Case WX170 2003Case6
Case WX185 P4A 2005Case5
Case WX95 2005Case4
Case WX95 2009Case2
CAT 206 1987CAT8
CAT 206B FT 2011CAT3
CAT 206BFT 1992CAT3
CAT 212 1994CAT2
CAT 212 B 1991CAT1
CAT 212 BF T 1992CAT4
CAT 212 BFT wheel excavator 1991CAT8
CAT 224B 1991CAT15
CAT 312 1999CAT5
CAT 312CL 2004CAT4
CAT 315 2002CAT4
CAT 315-A New Motor 1999CAT4
CAT 316 C 2003CAT6
CAT 318 1990CAT2
CAT 318 1996CAT7
CAT 318C Kompiabstützung 2004CAT15
CAT 318MH 1999CAT6
CAT 320CL 2002CAT4
CAT 345 CL 2008CAT5
CAT 345BLME 1997CAT3
CAT 365BL 1999CAT12
CAT 385B 2003CAT6
CAT 4 x 212 mono block clamps 1985CAT15
CAT 428 1986CAT5
CAT 428B telescopic 1996CAT12
CAT 432 D 2003CAT5
CAT 438 II 1990CAT12
CAT 906 2003CAT5
CAT 950 G 2000CAT8
CAT Backhoe bucket width: 720 mm ** NEW ** 2011CAT5
CAT BFT 206 1991CAT12
CAT BFT 206 1995CAT15
CAT BFT 212 excavator 1991CAT8
CAT catepillar M318C TOPZUSTAND 2006CAT5
CAT Eder 815 excavator with dozer blade 1981CAT13
CAT GRL 2.00 2004CAT2
CAT Koparko ŁADOWARKA 422 E-2007r idealna 2007CAT10
CAT KOPARKO-ładowarka Cat 428C 2000CAT3
CAT M 312 2000CAT4
CAT M 313 C - shield, hydr. Boom - 30 km / h 2007CAT5
CAT M 313 C 2006CAT5
CAT M 315 1997CAT4
CAT M 315 C 2011CAT13
CAT M 315 hyd. Ditch 200mm 2000CAT6
CAT M 315 mono 2002CAT4
CAT M 316 C - shield, hydr. Boom, AirCo, SW 2005CAT5
CAT M 316 C 2004CAT7
CAT M 316 C excavator 2005CAT6
CAT M 316 excavator with 2.75m track 2005CAT13
CAT M 318 1988CAT5
CAT M 318 1998CAT7
CAT M 318 2002CAT4
CAT M 318 2005CAT2
CAT M 318 C - SPEED 34 km / h 2004CAT6
CAT M 318 C 2003CAT4
CAT M 318 C 2004CAT7
CAT M 318 m. Shield clamps + / + blade stabilizers 2000CAT15
CAT M 318C M318C hydraulic shield climate SW Vollverrohrun 2004CAT15
CAT M 320 1997CAT15
CAT M 320 climate! 2001CAT8
CAT M 322 C 2005CAT4
CAT M312 * Year 1996/10000 h / VA / Hammerltg / shield * 1996CAT6
CAT M312 2001CAT13
CAT M312 2002CAT7
CAT M313 D 2010CAT4
CAT M313C 2004CAT12
CAT M315 1998CAT3
CAT M315 1999CAT7
CAT M315 2000CAT8
CAT M315 2002CAT10
CAT M315C 2005CAT8
CAT M315D 2007CAT7
CAT M316C 2002CAT3
CAT M316C Year 2003/9500 h / mono / Sw / shield / claw 2003CAT5
CAT M316C Year 2004/5100 * h / VA + kink / Sw / Hammerltg * 2004CAT15
CAT M318 1999CAT3
CAT M318 C 2006CAT6

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