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Other substructures, Construction machine Vehicles

Wheels 12.0/75-18 (foam) Kramer 2011Other4
Wilms - diesel heater - Type: VAL 6 - Heating Oil 2011Other5
WIMMER 3 quick change 2005Other7
Wimmer, quick record / atlas / Liebherr / CAT 2011Other2
Wood wood grip pliers SBL 0.8 m³ Drehservo 2006 2006Other13
Wrecking ball, about 700 kg 2011Other5
Łyżka przesiewająca Thurs Ładowarki HPL 1500 1998Other5
Łyżka przesiewająca Thurs Ładowarki HPL 2000 1999Other5
Łyżka szczękowa bez siłowników 2000Other2
Zagęszczarka Thurs JCB, CAT itp. 2005Other1
Zeno double decker sieve 1997Other5
Zweischahlengreifer with 75 cm Schahlen 2011Other3
Palfinger Crane Epsilon E140L 2007Palfinger5
Palfinger Crane, type: PK8000A 1992Palfinger12
Palfinger E Z 140 95 2005Palfinger8
Palfinger Grab clamshell f Auxiliary crane 1998Palfinger8
Palfinger HDS 2002Palfinger2
Palfinger HDS DŹWIG epsilon loglift vkran penz jonsored 2011Palfinger5
Palfinger Pallet fork 2000Palfinger3
Palfinger Pallettengabel for crane type :414-02 1992Palfinger2
Palfinger PK 20002 2006Palfinger8
Palfinger PK 32080 C crane with remote control! 1999Palfinger11
Palfinger PK10500A 1994Palfinger4
Palfinger PK44002 crane with jib D PJ115D 2003Palfinger4
Palfinger Wumag elephant 350 2000Palfinger14
Paus 30 2001Paus8
Paus 30/400 1999Paus5
Paus AKR 200 1991Paus10
Paus Funicular lift roofing furniture lift 2011Paus2
Potain PPM 1806 / Deutz engine 1971Potain10
Schaeff 30 cm grab SW 2011Schaeff1
Schaeff 50 cm grab SW 2011Schaeff1
Schaeff backhoe 2012Schaeff3
Schaeff Backhoe bucket 30 cm sw Schaeff HR 16 1995Schaeff4
Schaeff Backhoe bucket 45 cm sw Schaeff HR 12 1995Schaeff4
Schaeff Backhoe bucket 60 cm sw Schaeff HR 12 1995Schaeff5
Schaeff Backhoe bucket 60 cm sw Schaeff HR 16 1995Schaeff6
Schaeff Bucket / cutting width 300mm 2011Schaeff7
Schaeff Bucket / cutting width 400mm 2011Schaeff6
Schaeff Bucket, cutting width 60 cm 1996Schaeff4
Schaeff Clamshell / 500mm 2000Schaeff5
Schaeff Clamshell 2003Schaeff3
Schaeff Clamshell 2011Schaeff4
Schaeff Ditch Grading bucket mechanically 120 cm 1995Schaeff5
Schaeff GS350H clamshell 300mm 2000Schaeff6
Schaeff HML 30 1984Schaeff12
Schaeff Pallet loading fork fork fork loaders 2011Schaeff6
Schaeff Quick coupler adapter sw Schaeff mini excavator 1995Schaeff5
Schaeff Shovel SKL 844 / 850 / 861 2011Schaeff5
Schaeff Shovel to SKL 824 / TL 65 2012Schaeff3
Schaeff Spoon Set - 3 Piece 2011Schaeff3
Schaeff SWIVEL SPOON / HYD. Schwenkler. 2000Schaeff10
Sennebogen S613M mobile crane ALLRAD 1993Sennebogen15
Terex 3066 1993Terex8
Terex 310kg hammer 2002Terex5
Terex Cabin 2 pieces TC / TW 2011Terex6
Terex TEREX BEDFORD PS 6000 2002Terex5
Thwaites Dumpers 1989Thwaites1
Thwaites LTD 6 TON mini-dumper 1998Thwaites4
Thwaites LTD LTD 6 TON mini-dumper 1996Thwaites4
Thwaites LTD MACH 060-03 1998Thwaites5
Thwaites WOZIDŁO THEWAITES 2011Thwaites4
Unimog Blust snow plow, Räumkehreinheit 2011Unimog4
Unimog Front loader attachment for the Unimog, from Behördenb 1992Unimog3
Unimog Kahlbacher guardrail washer cleaner road 2011Unimog1
Unimog Salt shaker * Küpper Weisser 1988Unimog12
Unimog Schmidt Loader Sweeper VKS24H 1998Unimog3
Unimog Schmidt Reflector post washer RP1 JCB 1993Unimog2
Unimog Schmidt SK 502 Sweeper 2003Unimog12
Unimog Snow blower, Unimog, top states., As new 1988Unimog5
Unimog Snow plow Schmidt Tarron MS 30.1 2011Unimog4
Unimog Snow pusher blade, Type: Schmidt SM7SB - 4.80 m 1970Unimog8
Unimog Sweeper EM 23 Unimog 1991Unimog1
Volvo 1 lot of diggers with Schnellwecheslaufnahme 2011Volvo6
Volvo 60/70 2011Volvo4
Volvo Bucket with teeth, and for L 35 SW 2011Volvo2
Volvo EC 290 mono boom 6,3 m 2009Volvo3
Volvo High-tip bucket for L 60 / L70 / L90 / L120 2004Volvo5
Volvo High-tip bucket L 90 2 available 2011Volvo5
Volvo L 180 Volume Bucket 2011Volvo5
Volvo L 60/70 C / D / E skeleton bucket 2011Volvo6
Volvo L 70-dumping bucket 2 available 2011Volvo5
Volvo L70 C / D / E / F 2011Volvo6
Volvo Wooden tongs 2011Volvo6
Weber CR 7 2000Weber4
Yanmar Demolition Hammer 2012Yanmar5
Yanmar W.Freyuth aggregates diesel, V8 engine, Deutz 1987Yanmar6
Zeppelin 1100mm pallet fork lift fork ZL 80 ZL 100 2005Zeppelin1
Zeppelin 37 air compressors SOR / Bilig TRANSPORT 2001Zeppelin3
Zeppelin Betonmischschaufel 800 L - LIKE NEW! 2005Zeppelin5
Zeppelin Bucket with holder 2012Zeppelin1
Zeppelin GLV 2004Zeppelin3
Zeppelin Hydraulic Seitenkippschaufel fit ZL 80 2011Zeppelin6
Zeppelin Pallet forks for Schaeff and Zeppelin 2008Zeppelin4
Zeppelin Rotavator HPL 2000 2011Zeppelin3
Zeppelin Stemwood gripper 2012Zeppelin1
Zeppelin Vaculift Vacu Lift Capacity 20,000 kg 1993Zeppelin2
Zeppelin ZL 80 ZL 100 2011Zeppelin3
Zeppelin ZM 13B 1994Zeppelin3
Zettelmeyer 1.4 m³ bucket Zettelmayer ZL6 o.ZL8 1996Zettelmeyer6

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