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Road building technology, Construction machine Vehicles

ABG 111 Titan 1990ABG14
ABG 2 bunker walls for 7820 2007ABG2
ABG 420 Titan 1988ABG6
ABG Broadening of 250 mm 1999ABG3
ABG Titan 111 1996ABG3
ABG Titan 111 2012ABG4
ABG TITAN 111, complete with leveling!!! 1991ABG15
ABG Titan 225 EPM 2002ABG14
ABG Titan 273 1995ABG7
ABG Titan 325 - 8.0 m 2002ABG10
ABG Titan 325 EPM 2003ABG11
ABG TITAN 326 2004ABG12
ABG Titan 350 S 1977ABG4
ABG Titan 7820 paver / finisher / Paver 2006ABG6
ABG Titan paver 1972ABG5
ABG Titanium 2011ABG1
Ammann Asphalt mixing plant dedusting / Bag house / dry f 1978Ammann1
Ammann Asphalt mixing plant drum dryer 1978Ammann1
Ammann Asphalt plant Mixer / Mixing Tower 1978Ammann1
Ammann Burner 2002Ammann3
Ammann DTV653 2011Ammann1
BOMAG 223c BF 2011BOMAG6
BOMAG Asphalt Recycler 6 AR compare BAGELA MBU 2011BOMAG4
BOMAG BW 154 AD Variomatic clean from 2000 2000BOMAG2
BOMAG MBU Allatt SP 50 1988BOMAG10
CAT Bitellii 600 milling machine 1992CAT12
Demag 60c 1995Demag5
Demag DF 105 P / paver / 5100 Original Bst 1998Demag7
Demag DF 110 P 1992Demag15
Demag DF 110 P 1993Demag6
Demag DF 115 P 6 X 6 top condition 2001Demag12
Demag DF 115P ** Year 2004/6200Bstd/Top state ** 2004Demag8
Demag DF 12 C 1978Demag14
Demag DF 130 P TOP condition Vögele 1995Demag14
Demag DF 135 C asphalt paver crawler asphalt paver 2012Demag13
Demag DF 135 C asphalt pavers crawler paver 2012Demag13
Demag DF 140 C 1999Demag8
Demag DF 140 C 2000Demag9
Demag DF 140 CS 1995Demag9
Demag DF 140 CS 2012Demag14
Demag DF 40 C 1994Demag5
Demag DF 45 C 1997Demag4
Demag DF 45C compare Vögele Super Boy 700 2012Demag9
Demag DF 45C Gehwegferiger, small pavers 2012Demag9
Demag DF 60 C Vögele 1989Demag6
Demag DF 90 P 6x6 1996Demag10
Demag DF115C 2001Demag7
Demag DF115P 6 X 6 Top Auto Levelling 2001Demag13
Demag Dynapac - Hoes 1500 K 1980Demag15
Demag Paver DF 145 CS / to 14.10 m 2005Demag1
Demag SF 120 P 1992Demag3
Dynapac 11011K asphalt pavers 1992Dynapac6
Dynapac 12000R - 4.75 m 1988Dynapac4
Dynapac 12000R 1992Dynapac15
Dynapac DYNAPAC 11 011 K 1990Dynapac5
Dynapac F 14 C 1998Dynapac9
Dynapac F12W 1995Dynapac2
Dynapac F8 4W 1999Dynapac15
Dynapac F9-6W 2001Dynapac4
Dynapac Hanta F3C sidewalk pavers 1992Dynapac10
Dynapac HOES 11011K TYPE 865 1985Dynapac15
Dynapac PL 500 - TD 2008Dynapac5
Dynapac VB 805 TV 1995Dynapac3
Dynapac Vibrorepartizator 11,011 4WD 2012Dynapac5
Hamm 2401 S roller 1983Hamm12
ABG Puma 171 chip spreader 1992Other3
Allat SP 350 1989Other1
Asphalt cutter / Joint cutter, like new 2011Other4
Asphalt cutting machines 2011Other1
Asphalt kettle \ 1996Other9
Asphalt Star 400 1995Other1
Asphaltrecycler BAGELA BA 7000 R / hr only 567 2006Other13
Asphaltrecycler BAGELA BA 7000 R / hr only 661 2006Other12
Asphaltrecycler BAGELA BA 7000 R / hr only 714 2005Other1
awa SK 2000 Bitumen Bitumen kettle propane fuel 1979Other3
Bagela 4000 Asphaltrecycler Asphaltrecycler 2011Other3
Bagela 6000 Asphaltrecycler 2011Other3
Banquet pavers, paver side, Road Widener 2011Other5
Banquet-side shop, Blaw Knox Road Widener 2011Other7
Barber Greene paver 3-axle wheeled 2011Other1
Benninghoven GLK 6 OIL - H bitumen tar kettle 1990Other10
Benninghoven MBA 200 2008Other2
Bitelli BB ** 630 ** Bj1995/6300Bstd/ZSA/Top 1995Other14
Bitelli BB 611 2009Other15
BITELLI BB 621 C chains of finished asphalt paver 1998Other15
BITELLI BB 650 ** ** FINISHER / pavers 1993Other13
Bitelli BB 670 1989Other9
Bitelli SF60T3 Planers 2011Other8
Bitelli SF60T3 Planers compare Wirtgen W600 2011Other8
Bitumen Bitumen Sprayer Straßmayr syringe 1000ltr 1995Other4
Bitumen sprayer - Spray mouse m. Hatz 673 mouse 90A 1987Other8
Breining MONO 500 AFU T *** 2002Other8
BWB asphalt milling cutter 365 1989Other12
BWB, hot asphalt milling type: 150 1983Other3
BWB model 200 1986Other5

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