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Road building technology, Construction machine Vehicles

BWB type: 150 asphalt Warmfräse__ 1982Other4
Cast asphalt GKS 10 1996Other10
Cedima 2005Other5
Cedima CF 11 B Joint cutter 1991Other3
Cedima CF 40 D 1986Other3
Christensen joint cutter Hatz 1996Other4
cold binder spray machine similar spritzmau 1993Other11
Concrete crusher, Arrow D500, EXCELLENT CONDITION .... 1993Other6
Delmag HW75 roll 2012Other7
DSK slurry seal GRSL10 2011Other1
Emulsion system 2011Other1
Have a lot of RAB 500 SP asphalt milling 1987Other7
Hofmann H26 marking machine road marking 1991Other15
Hofmann H33 D Marking Road Marking 2011Other8
Hofmann H8 road marking Marking 2011Other6
Hofmann Road Marking Roadmarking H33D 2011Other7
HYDROG TR-4H 2011Other9
INGERSOLL RAND 350 P 1991Other15
Ingersoll rand 350P 1998Other12
Ingersoll Rand Light Tower V 9 2009Other6
Joint cutter Clipper / Norton 1986Other2
LKVÖ-052 with cast asphalt spraying equipment 2007Other10
MARINI - M 120 - *** ASPHALT PLANT Batching *** 2003Other15
Marks SF 500 K asphalt milling Deutz - Diesel 1987Other10
mbu asphalt recycle recykler asfaltu 1993Other2
Midland Road Widener Paver-page SPD 6 2011Other6
Mouse 90A/28-00 cold binder spraying machine 2001Other14
Norton 358 CK Asphaltsäge concrete saw 2011Other2
Norton 358 CK Joint cutter 2011Other2
Norton CK 34 S 1986Other3
Other sidewalk pavers Vögele Super Boy 2011Other2
ROAD READY DUAL 350P 1992Other2
Roads Vogele paver 2190m / h 1995Other5
SAKAI TS31 Bomag Pneumatic compare 2011Other4
Schafer Technic KRZS 14 000 1991Other2
Sidewalk pavers Vögele Super Boy 700 2011Other6
SMC TL35 2006Other8
Spray mouse bitumen sprayer sprayer sprayer 2011Other6
Spray mouse mouse 90A / 28-00 G437 2001Other11
Spritzmaschiene Weiro TM 504 SH 2002Other7
Strassmayr joint sealing machine 2011Other3
Super 1803-1 2004Other10
Super 1803-1 2006Other8
Talpa SF60T3 asphalt milling machine * 458 hours * 2011Other8
Tar injection mouse car trailer 1980Other9
Theodore OHL Fugenvergusskocher bitumen tar 1970Other9
Titan 325EPM 2001Other6
Vögele super 1203 2001Other8
Vögele Super Boy 2000Other1
Vögele Super Boy 6-90 / leveling system 1992Other1
Vibromax asphalt cutter TCC 6 1990Other3
Vogele 1804 paver 1800 1998Other6
Vogele Super 150 - 5.5 m 1978Other5
Scania 112H 1988Scania6
Vermeer T655 router 1996Vermeer4
Wacker BTS 13 2012Wacker2
Wacker Neuson EH 23 Low Vib 2011Wacker4
Weber TC 705S vibrating plate 2012Weber6
Wirtgen 1000 C 1991Wirtgen11
Wirtgen 35 W DC 2006Wirtgen6
Wirtgen 500 asphalt cold milling cutter 2011Wirtgen9
Wirtgen 500 C 1985Wirtgen3
Wirtgen 600 W DC 2005Wirtgen8
Wirtgen 600 W DC 2006Wirtgen6
Wirtgen Asphalt paver Vögele Super Boy / mini paver 2011Wirtgen6
Wirtgen Fine milling drum for W1300 2011Wirtgen5
Wirtgen FK 1000 2000Wirtgen2
Wirtgen Milling drum for W2000 2011Wirtgen5
Wirtgen Robot RAB 516 DL 1992Wirtgen4
Wirtgen SD4100 1998Wirtgen5
Wirtgen SF 1000 C asphalt milling, cold milling, all-wheel 1988Wirtgen4
Wirtgen SF 500 C4 1987Wirtgen10
Wirtgen SF 500 cold planer / milling asphalt / 1300H / TOP! 1985Wirtgen15
Wirtgen Streumaster 5W 16TC 2008Wirtgen1
Wirtgen Super Boy Super 700 paver walkway / mini paver 1989Wirtgen4
Wirtgen VÖGELE SUPER BOY 1999Wirtgen3
Wirtgen Vögele Super Boy pavers, mini paver 2011Wirtgen6
Wirtgen Vogele 1800-1, SUPER! GERMAN MACHINE! 2004Wirtgen5
Wirtgen Vogele asphalt pavers Superboy / mini paver 1989Wirtgen4
Wirtgen VOGELE SUPER 1800-1 2004Wirtgen15
Wirtgen Vogele Superboy 6-90 1990Wirtgen2
Wirtgen VOGHELE S 600 2008Wirtgen11
Wirtgen W 100 - cold milling 2007Wirtgen2
Wirtgen W 1000 2000Wirtgen7
Wirtgen W 1000 2003Wirtgen10
Wirtgen W 1000 2005Wirtgen12
Wirtgen W 1000 2006Wirtgen10
Wirtgen W 1000 F 2001Wirtgen7
Wirtgen W 1000 F fine milling drum 2005Wirtgen4
Wirtgen W 1000 FK 2002Wirtgen11
Wirtgen W 1000 FK 2004Wirtgen10
Wirtgen W 1000C Pneumatic Asphaltfräse including conveyor 1995Wirtgen8
Wirtgen W 1000F, h. 3390, MANY NEW PARTS, TOP CONDITION 1998Wirtgen11
Wirtgen W 1200 F 2005Wirtgen8
Wirtgen W 1200 FK 2006Wirtgen9
Wirtgen W 150 2008Wirtgen11

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