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Rollers, Construction machine Vehicles

ABG 122 tandem roller 1963ABG5
ABG 128 2012ABG5
ABG 128 tandem roller 10.2 t 51kW 1981ABG6
ABG 128 tandem roller 10 t 2012ABG2
ABG 130 1987ABG5
ABG 160 V ** vibration / Operating hours 3600 ** 1990ABG15
ABG 168 A vibrating rubber tyred roller 1986ABG2
ABG 169 AV, 1988ABG6
ABG 169 AV 1991ABG4
ABG 654 2012ABG1
ABG Ammann SD 70 2008ABG4
ABG Bucher Edge-u. HP 75 Andruckgerät 1986ABG8
ABG Ingersol Rand DD-20 2006ABG2
ABG Ingersoll-Rand DD20 2006ABG5
ABG Ingersoll-Rand roller 16000 kg 1989ABG3
ABG Ingersoll-Rand roller SD40 D 4000kg 1988ABG7
ABG Puma 168 A 1983ABG2
ABG PUMA 169 AI 1994ABG8
ABG Puma 169 AV 1993ABG4
ABG Puma 169 AV 1997ABG3
ABG Puma 169 EV combination roller vibration 1989ABG15
ABG Puma 1980ABG5
ABG SAW186 1977ABG4
ABG Tandem Roller Type 126 1969ABG6
ABG Tandem Roller Type 126 1974ABG8
Ammann AC 70 1994Ammann5
Ammann AC 70 1996Ammann4
Ammann AK 16 / spraying / vibration 2003Ammann9
Ammann AMMAN RAMMAX RW 2000 grave roll 2001Ammann5
Ammann AR 65 2000Ammann3
Ammann AR 65 roller 2012Ammann1
Ammann AR65 2001Ammann3
Ammann AR65 2004Ammann8
Ammann ASC 110 2009Ammann3
Ammann ASC 110 D 2007Ammann7
Ammann ASC 110 HD 2008Ammann5
Ammann ASC 110 HD with ACE and printer 2010Ammann3
Ammann ASC 150 D 2009Ammann5
Ammann ASC 70 D 2008Ammann6
Ammann ASC 70D only 750 operating hours 2010Ammann4
Ammann ASC110HD 2006Ammann9
Ammann ASC70 2005Ammann6
Ammann AV 110 X - NEW 2006Ammann6
Ammann AV 115-2 2008Ammann15
Ammann AV 12E 2004Ammann9
Ammann AV 16 1997Ammann4
Ammann AV 23 1997Ammann14
Ammann AV 26 2000Ammann5
Ammann AV 26 2005Ammann5
Ammann AV 26 E 2004Ammann5
Ammann AV 26 with orig. 798 Bh 2000Ammann2
Ammann AV 75 N ACE roller edger \u0026 Tax 2005Ammann12
Ammann AV 95-2 2007Ammann6
Ammann AV 95-2 2008Ammann15
Ammann AV 95-2 ACE 2008Ammann5
Ammann AV 95 N 2000Ammann11
Ammann AV12 AV 12 roller tandem drum vibratory roller 2001Ammann10
Ammann AV20E 2003Ammann6
Ammann AV23 2002Ammann11
Ammann AV23 2005Ammann8
Ammann AV23 TANDEM 2004Ammann11
Ammann AV23 TANDEM 2005Ammann8
Ammann AV26 1998Ammann5
Ammann AV95 1996Ammann2
Ammann AV95 2005Ammann8
Ammann AV95N ACE 2001Ammann8
Ammann AV95N ACE 2003Ammann8
Ammann DR-63 1991Ammann5
Ammann DR-63 1994Ammann6
Ammann DTV 112 1991Ammann4
Ammann DTV 143 1993Ammann14
Ammann DTV 143 H 0157 2011Ammann8
Ammann DTV 213 1991Ammann6
Ammann DTV 213 1993Ammann3
Ammann DTV 213 2011Ammann7
Ammann DTV 213 roll - 2.8 tons - Vibration 2012Ammann9
Ammann DTV-233 2012Ammann2
Ammann DTV 233 (Duomat) 2011Ammann7
Ammann DTV 366N 903 with edger 1995Ammann6
Ammann Duomat roller 63 1991Ammann9
Ammann DVK 153 Combination roller steel / rubber 1992Ammann8
Ammann DVK 223 2000Ammann2
Ammann Maszyna drogowa AC120, 2011Ammann3
Ammann Mini AV 23-2 roll tandem roller roller 2008Ammann5
Ammann Rammax RW 1805 2008Ammann6
Ammann Roll - DTV 213 2012Ammann10
Ammann STAVOSTROJ VV2010 D 2005Ammann5
Ammann Tandem roller, AV 20E 2000Ammann6
Ammann V 95 T 1998Ammann6
Ammann Walec drogowy AC-190-2 2007Ammann1
Atlas ATLAS AW 1070 2007Atlas1
Atlas ATLAS AW 1110 2009Atlas1
Atlas ATLAS AW 1130 2009Atlas1
Atlas AW 1130 + Smooth sheep foot drum! 2009Atlas1
Atlas Compactor AW1070 2011Atlas4
BOMAG 100 AC-3 1995BOMAG3
BOMAG 164 AD built 1992 / spreader / 1.HAND / TOP! 1992BOMAG14

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