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Wheeled loader, Construction machine Vehicles

Volvo L 25 B 2004Volvo7
Volvo L 25 B 2005Volvo6
Volvo L 25 B-P 2003Volvo4
Volvo L 30 2012Volvo4
Volvo L 30 B - Z / X 2002Volvo6
Volvo L 30 B 2004Volvo7
Volvo L 30 B Pro 2012Volvo4
Volvo L 30 B-Z / X 2003Volvo5
Volvo L 30 B Z / X Pro 4x4 WHEEL 52 KW 2009Volvo6
Volvo L 30 B-Z 2001Volvo4
Volvo L 30 B ZX hydr. SW, shovel, 3 Control circuit 2004Volvo5
Volvo L 30 B ZX Pro 2010Volvo3
Volvo L 30 B ZX Pro, new, 4in1 front bucket, PG, CE 2011Volvo9
Volvo L 30 W - Z 2002Volvo10
Volvo L 30 wheel loaders 2011Volvo7
Volvo L 30 Z ładowarka Kolowa 1998Volvo2
Volvo L 330 C 1997Volvo10
Volvo L 35 B-Z 2000Volvo15
Volvo L 35 B-Z 4/1 - Shovel and Fork 2002Volvo11
Volvo L 35 B-Z 4x4 WHEEL 59 kW 2010Volvo7
Volvo L-35 new first-hand shovel and fork tires 2000Volvo14
Volvo L 35 W - Z 2000Volvo7
Volvo L 350 F 2008Volvo6
Volvo L 40 B 2008Volvo8
Volvo L 40 B TP / S 35 km / h 2003Volvo9
Volvo L 45 B-TP - SW, 3rd Circle, tires 90% 2008Volvo5
Volvo L 45 B TP 2000Volvo3
Volvo L 45 F 2009Volvo6
Volvo L-45B TR (id: 7542) 2007Volvo2
Volvo L 50 D bucket with holder 2011Volvo2
Volvo L 50 D NEW TIRES XHA 2001Volvo7
Volvo L 50 E Sw / 3 Circle / Orig Hours 2004Volvo9
Volvo L 50, F-TP - SW, 3rd Circle AirCo 2010Volvo4
Volvo L 60 F 2007Volvo3
Volvo L 70 D 2000Volvo11
Volvo L 70 E ZSA, BSS, climate, SW ... 2005Volvo1
Volvo L 70 F - S, 3rd Circle AirCo, BSS, tires 50% 2008Volvo5
Volvo L 70 F 2010Volvo6
Volvo L 70-F not used / unused 2010Volvo6
Volvo L 90 2006Volvo10
Volvo L 90 D - AirCo, BSS, tires 50% 2006Volvo5
Volvo L 90 D - High-tip bucket, AirCo, BSS, Rf 90% 2003Volvo5
Volvo L 90 D in 2006 2006Volvo13
Volvo L 90 E wheel loader (paint was partly out more 2004Volvo14
Volvo L 90 F - S, 3rd Circle AirCo, BSS - NEW MACHINE 2011Volvo5
Volvo L 90 F - S, 3rd Circle AirCo, BSS, tires 40% 2007Volvo5
Volvo L110E 2003Volvo11
Volvo L110E 2005Volvo11
Volvo L110E 2006Volvo5
Volvo L120 2005Volvo5
Volvo L120C 1995Volvo9
Volvo L120C 1996Volvo3
Volvo L120E 2004Volvo8
Volvo L120E 2007Volvo15
Volvo L120F climate BSS SWE 2007Volvo7
Volvo L150 1995Volvo6
Volvo L150D 2000Volvo8
Volvo L150E 2002Volvo5
Volvo L150E 2003Volvo7
Volvo L150E 2004Volvo5
Volvo L150E 2005Volvo15
Volvo L150E 2007Volvo15
Volvo L150F 2008Volvo15
Volvo L180, 220 (liebherr, komatsu, cat) 1998Volvo7
Volvo L180C 1996Volvo15
Volvo L180C 1999Volvo9
Volvo L180E 2003Volvo5
Volvo L180E 2006Volvo8
Volvo L180E 2007Volvo10
Volvo L180F 2008Volvo4
Volvo L180F 2010Volvo5
Volvo L180F 2012Volvo6
Volvo L20B 2004Volvo5
Volvo L220 E 2005Volvo14
Volvo L220D 1998Volvo15
Volvo L220D no 150/180 1999Volvo14
Volvo L220E new engine 2004Volvo6
Volvo L25 2006Volvo2
Volvo L25F-P 2010Volvo5
Volvo L30 2008Volvo6
Volvo L30 B 2000Volvo5
Volvo L30 per 2007Volvo5
Volvo L30 TUCHEL snow plow 2011Volvo9
Volvo L30B Pro 2007Volvo15
Volvo L30B Pro with Warranty until 03/2014 2011Volvo2
Volvo L30B wheel loader 2006Volvo3
Volvo L30B-Z / X 2007Volvo7
Volvo L30B-Z / X SWE bucket 0,9 m³ 2007Volvo7
Volvo L30Z SWE bucket 0,8 m³ 1998Volvo10
Volvo L32 Z fully equipped machine SWE top fork 2000Volvo12
Volvo L330E 2003Volvo4
Volvo L35B 2011Volvo8
Volvo L40B-TP * Year 2006/Klima/5900Bstd/Sw/3ter circle ** 2006Volvo14
Volvo L40TP 2000Volvo12
Volvo L45B - TP-dumping bucket loaders 3.2 m³ 2005Volvo13
Volvo L45TP 1999Volvo6
Volvo L50 1989Volvo5
Volvo L50B 1994Volvo1
Volvo L50E 2008Volvo2
Volvo L50F 2010Volvo13

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