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Front-mounted forklift truck, Forklift truck Vehicles

Tcm FG30T3 2009Other7
Telescopic - forklifts Balkancar 450 cm height 1990Other6
Terberg KingLifter forklift TKL-1X3-S 2005Other4
Terrain forklift JCB 926 4x4 RTFL - 5.5m 2005Other11
TFG 435 gas truck 2008Other11
Truck snow plow snow plow - NEW 2011Other10
TrueMax CPCD30 Sideshift full cab 2006Other5
URSUS 1988Other5
Valmet LogHandler RTD 1523 1991Other1
Valmet TD1610C 1979Other13
VALMET-TP1612-A1660 1983Other11
Wózek GPW Zręb Gliwice 2011Other2
Wózek widłowy HAWKER ATLET 2006Other5
YAM FD-25 1992Other9
Yang FD40 1996Other1
Yang FG-15 1996Other5
ZTS-ND 9-031 1990Other4
Palfinger F3-151 2005Palfinger5
Palfinger Max Holland FD 35 T 2012Palfinger4
Palfinger TERBERG TKL 1x3 S 2005Palfinger7
Pimespo EU 3/15 1994Pimespo6
Pimespo G15 2003Pimespo5
Pimespo G20 2003Pimespo3
Pimespo OM - XD25 Triplex 2005Pimespo4
Pimespo OM - XE 18 3 / SIDE SHIFT 2004Pimespo4
Pimespo OM - XE 18 3 / TRIPLOMAST 2004Pimespo4
Pimespo OM XE 15-3 Triplex 2005Pimespo4
Pimespo XE 12 3 2006Pimespo5
Pimespo XE 153AC 2008Pimespo6
Pimespo XE 15H 2006Pimespo11
Pimespo XG 30 2003Pimespo3
Pimespo XG15 2005Pimespo7
Sambron Forklift 2012Sambron10
Sambron H 80.50 2000Sambron4
Sichelschmidt ASG 1075/EX 1989Sichelschmidt5
Sichelschmidt Electric forklifts 1976Sichelschmidt4
Sichelschmidt Explosion Proof EEX ASM M 716-3 2001Sichelschmidt5
Sichelschmidt Explosion-proof M 716-3 EEX ASM 2002Sichelschmidt4
Sichelschmidt M 716-4 EEX explosion-proof 2000Sichelschmidt4
Steinbock - Boss Propane Forklift 2000Steinbock5
Steinbock ? 2012Steinbock4
Steinbock 1.2 DFG HLY/410 turret device * * 1.2T or 2T 1994Steinbock15
Steinbock 1,6 to. Forklifts 1967Steinbock3
Steinbock 20 LE PAGE SKI EBER 1999Steinbock12
Steinbock 30CD30H 2011Steinbock4
Steinbock 5t very clean diesel 1990Steinbock2
Steinbock BOSS 1989Steinbock5
Steinbock BOSS 1992Steinbock8
Steinbock Boss 1994Steinbock10
Steinbock Boss 1995Steinbock3
Steinbock Boss 2012Steinbock3
Steinbock Boss B1512 1994Steinbock13
Steinbock Boss CD 50 2001Steinbock6
Steinbock Boss CL 25 C Gas lifting height 3.50 2000Steinbock5
Steinbock Boss CL16C gas Triplex 4.4 m Seitensch. Free lift 2000Steinbock14
Steinbock Boss CL16C gas Triplex Seitensch 4.4 m. Free lift 2000Steinbock14
Steinbock Boss Diesel Mercedes engine .3 tons 1986Steinbock9
Steinbock Boss H70 / 70D - 7to. 1986Steinbock10
Steinbock Boss JE 10-50 electric forklift 1996Steinbock11
Steinbock Boss JE 13-70 1996Steinbock9
Steinbock BOSS LE 16 1991Steinbock4
Steinbock BOSS, LE 16-50 HVMP MK V 1 A-1, 3710 KG 1996Steinbock10
Steinbock BOSS LE 16 PAGE SKI EBER 1990Steinbock7
Steinbock Boss LE 20 2001Steinbock6
Steinbock Boss LE 20-66 MP 2011Steinbock4
Steinbock BOSS LE16 ELECTRIC 24V 5,4 m 1,6 t 1993Steinbock8
Steinbock BOSS MH 40 D / 4 B-2 1990Steinbock7
Steinbock Boss MH40D 1993Steinbock5
Steinbock Boss NH 20 1 hand inspection New 1993Steinbock11
Steinbock BOSS PE 25 MK VA 3 1991Steinbock4
Steinbock Boss RH 25 L Forklift 1990Steinbock5
Steinbock BOSS RH25D 4B-2 1993Steinbock7
Steinbock Boss SH 50 1997Steinbock9
Steinbock Boss SX45 1991Steinbock7
Steinbock C100-4D1 1997Steinbock13
Steinbock CD 20 H Diesel forklift diesel particulate filter 2002Steinbock1
Steinbock CD 25 H 1995Steinbock3
Steinbock CD 30 C - TRIPLEX 4.7 m - DIESEL SS - 6500 Bts. 1999Steinbock4
Steinbock CD 30 C 1998Steinbock5
Steinbock CD 30 H Sideshift 2000Steinbock14
Steinbock CD 33 C truck maintained top 1998Steinbock4
Steinbock CD16C 1998Steinbock4
Steinbock CD16C 2000Steinbock5
Steinbock CD25C/500T 2000Steinbock4
Steinbock CD40C 2001Steinbock2
Steinbock D30 PE 1998Steinbock8
Steinbock DF 2,5 - 340 / gas / extension 1974Steinbock5
Steinbock DFG 1.2 D / L 1965Steinbock3
Steinbock DFG 6D/420 1978Steinbock5
Steinbock DFG 6F/380 1983Steinbock8
Steinbock DFG 7.5 F/340 1984Steinbock3
Steinbock DFG F 5 / 340 (5 TON) 1981Steinbock6
Steinbock DFG HLY/410 1.2 * turret device * 1.2T or 2T 1994Steinbock15
Steinbock DFG1, 75DA/290 1975Steinbock5
Steinbock DFG2C / L 1965Steinbock5
Steinbock DFG3 / L 1965Steinbock6
Steinbock DGF 1.5 / 300 H 1956Steinbock4
Steinbock Drum Clamp rotator barrel 1994Steinbock3
Steinbock EFG 08 1968Steinbock5
Steinbock EFG 1 1983Steinbock5

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