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Front-mounted forklift truck, Forklift truck Vehicles

Still R 70-30i 2006Still6
Still R 70-30T 2000Still7
Still R 70-30T 3t 3.7 m 3 +4. VALVE LPG 2006Still9
Still R 70-30T, Tele / free-view, 3 +4. Valve, cabin 1997Still6
Still R 70-35 1989Still9
Still R-70-35 1992Still11
Still R 70-35 1999Still15
Still R 70-35 T 2001Still2
Still R 70-40 1994Still5
Still R 70-40 2003Still11
Still R 70-40, SS, CAB, 8655Bts! 2001Still8
Still R 70-40T Gas with canopy 2005Still5
Still R 70-45 1994Still5
Still R 70-45 forklift diesel forkpositioner 2004Still12
Still R 70-45 with hydr. Forkpositioner soot filter 2006Still11
Still R 70-45T 2005Still4
Still R 70-45T 2006Still4
Still R 70-60 2012Still1
Still R 70-70 2000Still6
Still R 70 TFG side shift 1987Still5
Still R15 SEITENSCHIEBER 1994Still7
Still R20-15 2000Still6
Still R20-16 No. 4 1997Still3
Still R20-18 No. 10 1995Still2
Still R20-18 No. 12 2001Still3
Still r50-10 1992Still4
Still R50-10 2011Still5
Still R50-12 / 1.2 EFG 5008 1973Still8
Still R50-12 1983Still4
Still R50-12, Battery BJ2005 2002Still8
Still R50-15 1987Still3
Still R50-15 1996Still7
Still R50-15 1999Still5
Still R50-15 2000Still3
Still R50-15, built 2006 battery, UVV NEW 1997Still6
Still R50-16 battery 2005 2001Still7
Still R60-16 2001Still11
Still R60-16 triplex-SIDE SLIDE 2003Still7
Still R60-22 elektryczny! 2002Still11
Still R60-25 1990Still6
Still R60-25 1992Still8
Still R60-25-1996 Year to Auschlachten 1996Still5
Still R60-25 1997Still10
Still R60-25 2001Still15
Still R60-25 2002Still4
Still R60-30, Battery year 2009, UVV NEW 2000Still9
Still R60-30 Triplex 1997Still6
Still R60-30 triplex 2002Still1
Still R60-35 elektryczny! 2003Still11
Still R60-40 1993Still6
Still R60-40 1995Still7
Still R60-40 2006Still5
Still R60-40 duplex 4t 1994Still14
Still R60-40 elektryczny! 1997Still11
Still R7-60 1997Still6
Still R70 - 16 1990Still10
Still R70-15 1995Still4
Still R70-16 1995Still3
Still R70-16 1998Still4
Still R70-16 1999Still4
Still r70-16 2012Still1
Still R70-16 N 2006Still7
Still R70-16 T 2008Still10
Still R70-16D 1994Still8
Still R70-16G 2004Still4
Still R70-16T 1988Still8
Still R70-16T 2004Still4
Still R70-16T 2005Still8
Still R70-18 T 1997Still3
Still R70 1981Still2
Still R70-20 - TFG 7018 1986Still8
Still R70-20 1991Still3
Still R70-20 2000Still10
Still R70 2011Still4
Still R70-20C triplex half-cabin side slide 2000Still1
Still R70-25 diesel forklifts 1999Still5
Still R70-25 T 1991Still7
Still R70-25i 2005Still7
Still R70-30 1990Still8
Still R70-30 1993Still10
Still R70-30 1999Still1
Still R70-30 diesel only 3560 hours of operation 2001Still7
Still R70-30 Gazowy! 2001Still8
Still R70-30i 2001Still3
Still R70-35 1990Still1
Still R70-40 1992Still6
Still R70-40 1995Still4
Still R70-45 diesel 1993Still5
Still R70-45 dual tires 2003Still13
Still R70-45 T triplex 2002Still4
Still R70-50 2008Still10
Still R70-60 2007Still10
Still R70-80 2003Still2
Still RC40-25T, R, RX, 70, Triplex, warranty, NEW 2010Still3
Still RX 20 - 20 P SIDE SLIDE 2006Still14
Still RX 20-16 2005Still5
Still RX 20-16 2006Still5
Still RX 20-16, SS, TRIPLEX, 8247Bts! 2006Still10

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