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High-bay rack, Forklift truck Vehicles

BT C15 narrow aisle lift 9050 2005BT4
BT RR M16 2006BT4
BT SR 1.6 L / Z 2006BT5
BT TSF 150A / C15 2006BT6
BT VCE 150 A, C 15 narrow aisle, with security system 2006BT4
Clark LIFT (((((WITH diesel)))) 2012Clark5
Crown CROWN rt3020 2011Crown1
Crown WF 3000-1.0 TL 2007Crown5
Hyster H * 1.6 FT 2007Hyster12
Hyster H 1.6 FT * 2pcs 2004Hyster6
Hyster H700XL / Bilig TRANSPORTATION / TOP CONDITION 1996Hyster11
Irion EGY 12-35 1982Irion5
Jungheinrich A 12 ETM 1992Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich A 13.5 ETM GE 1992Jungheinrich13
Jungheinrich ECP 100 - Customer Service Maintained! Battery 2002Jungheinrich13
Jungheinrich EJC 12.5 1991Jungheinrich1
Jungheinrich EKX 513 three-truck operation in 1329 hours 2006Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich ETV 10 G + E 1989Jungheinrich4
Jungheinrich ETV-A-106 1982Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich ETV core 12.GE 1991Jungheinrich7
Jungheinrich ETV12 1998Jungheinrich10
Jungheinrich ETV16 1997Jungheinrich6
Jungheinrich ETX 100 N HIGH SIDE-electric trucks 1.000kg 1979Jungheinrich4
Jungheinrich ETX 125 with new battery 2002Jungheinrich9
Jungheinrich ETX 515 10 400 three-lift truck 2005Jungheinrich8
Jungheinrich ETX Combi I 1000 1987Jungheinrich8
Jungheinrich WAGNER-FM17 1995Jungheinrich10
Lansing ERT 3.10 1987Lansing5
Lansing ERT 9.1 / 16 high rack stackers 5.20 m 1989Lansing14
Lansing ETT 5.1/15/S-X 1979Lansing5
Linde L 16, 4200Bts ONLY! 2005Linde8
Manitou EMA18 ** High shelf stacker / height 5.5 m ** 2001Manitou4
Manitou MRI 1540 2011Manitou4
Nissan Datsun CPF02 2011Nissan5
Nissan GN01L18HQ 2004Nissan10
Dambach Hi Racker 120 AC 10 720 stroke 2000Other10
Linde order pickers N20VI 2011Other3
OTHER n20 2011Other1
OTHER trs15-55 2011Other3
OTHER V10L 2011Other1
Samag Elfo 1 1996Other9
Sichelschmidt ? 2.5 tons. / 5.60 meters 1985Sichelschmidt9
Sichelschmidt high-bay stacker mannheim 1988Sichelschmidt3
Sichelschmidt m12 1990Sichelschmidt8
Sichelschmidt Reach Truck 1970Sichelschmidt5
Steinbock EFLI 1.5 BB/50 1982Steinbock5
Steinbock Narrow aisle truck WA 12-1814 MK I B-1 1991Steinbock3
Steinbock Stacker, triplex 4.3m, battery 10/08 1999Steinbock9
Steinbock WD 15 three-truck 1999Steinbock10
Steinbock WK10EF-16101/4012T 1998Steinbock4
Steinbock WM 10 1997Steinbock5
Steinbock WR 14 1997Steinbock9
Still EGU 16 2003Still4
Still RX 20-16 Triplex with a new charger 2007Still10
Toyota 7-16N-FBRE 2008Toyota9
Toyota elektryczny 2000Toyota2
Toyota RBG BT C 15 / 150A VCE turret fork / 7.7 m 2006Toyota14

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