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Low-lift truck, Forklift truck Vehicles

BT 7PM18 tested battery 2006BT8
BT EGU LPE 200-8 long forks 2006BT4
BT EGU LPE 240 / S 2009BT5
BT Lifter 2011BT2
BT LPE 240 / S 2005BT5
BT LT2000EI stainless steel 1994BT3
BT LWE 180 2006BT4
BT LWE200 2008BT2
BT No. 20, 4716Bts ONLY! 2000BT8
BT OS 2.0 1969BT6
BT Toyota LPE200 / 8 4 piece! 2006BT9
Clark Electrostivuitor Clark 2012Clark2
Crown ant 2012Crown4
Crown CROWN gpc2020 2011Crown3
Crown CROWN wp2020 2011Crown1
Crown CROWN wp2320 2011Crown4
Crown WE 2300 - 1.25 electric Hubameise 2000Crown8
Crown WP 2015 2006Crown2
Crown WP 2320 only 960 hours 2011Crown4
Crown WP2015 Integrated charger 2002Crown3
Crown WP2320 2006Crown1
Daewoo DOOSAN LEDH 18 2011Daewoo1
Hyster hyster 2006Hyster7
Hyster P2.0S 2006Hyster13
Hyster P2.2 1998Hyster5
Hyster P20L 2004Hyster5
Jungheinrich Ant 1988Jungheinrich4
Jungheinrich Ant EJE 16 G Niederhubstapler 2011Jungheinrich6
Jungheinrich ECE 220 115 2003Jungheinrich2
Jungheinrich ECE 220 HP 3x Available 2006Jungheinrich10
Jungheinrich ECE220 2005Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich ECP100 LG110-3-100E 2002Jungheinrich6
Jungheinrich EFU EKE 20 6xLAGER! 1998Jungheinrich3
Jungheinrich EJE 116 2005Jungheinrich7
Jungheinrich EJE 116 2009Jungheinrich4
Jungheinrich EJE 116 ant E truck 2003Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich EJE 118 2004Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich EJE 20 / 122 1997Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich EJE 20G Elektrohubameise / multiple entries 1998Jungheinrich9
Jungheinrich EJE 220 2007Jungheinrich3
Jungheinrich EJE 222/111 1995Jungheinrich6
Jungheinrich EJE-A 16/4-120-52 1997Jungheinrich3
Jungheinrich EJE R20 ant trucks 2000Jungheinrich4
Jungheinrich EJE R22 reach truck 1999Jungheinrich11
Jungheinrich EJE20G 1990Jungheinrich2
Jungheinrich EKE 20 1999Jungheinrich8
Jungheinrich EKE 20 2000Jungheinrich6
Jungheinrich EKE 20 G Niederhubstapler - ant defective 2001Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich EKE 20 Niederhubstapler - Ant 2001Jungheinrich7
Jungheinrich ELE 116 2005Jungheinrich1
Jungheinrich ELE 20 / 110 2001Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich ELE 20 / 117 1998Jungheinrich6
Jungheinrich ELE 20 1998Jungheinrich4
Jungheinrich ELE 20 2000Jungheinrich4
Jungheinrich ELE18 2002Jungheinrich2
Jungheinrich EMC 10 2001Jungheinrich14
Jungheinrich EME 12 - truck driving Suitable - Weight 170 Kg 2001Jungheinrich7
Jungheinrich ERE 20 G 115 2002Jungheinrich1
Jungheinrich ERE 220 2011Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich ERE 220, 5037Bts 2005Jungheinrich8
Jungheinrich ERE 220 Battery built in 2009 3x presence 2004Jungheinrich8
Jungheinrich ERE 240, 1929Bts ONLY! 2006Jungheinrich8
Jungheinrich Low level order picker battery ECE 20 2006 2002Jungheinrich8
Jungheinrich Low level order picker ECE 20 Mitfahrplatform 2003Jungheinrich6
Jungheinrich MIC ON 120/222 1993Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich Pallet 18 Bauj ELE 2001 - 5x presence 2001Jungheinrich6
Jungheinrich Pallet Bauj.2000 ELE 16 - x 8 Available 2000Jungheinrich8
Komatsu MWP16 1RAC 2008Komatsu4
Lansing EDP ​​11th 5C/16 2012Lansing4
Lansing ESU 12 520 T20S01 1991Lansing4
Lansing TH10 2011Lansing4
Linde 16 * T LIKE NEW BATTERY * TOP CONDITION!! 2011Linde6
Linde ESU S02 T20 / 1 1994Linde4
Linde N 20, 2671Bts ONLY! 2001Linde7
Linde N 20, 5185Bts ONLY! 2000Linde7
Linde Pallet 2000Linde4
Linde T 16 / 213 2004Linde6
Linde T 16 electric pallet truck ant 2011Linde5
Linde T 18 2005Linde3
Linde T 20 S 2002Linde5
Linde T 20 SP / 254 2006Linde8
Linde T16/360 2005Linde1
Linde T18 2003Linde6
Linde T18 top condition! 2004Linde10
Linde T20 2002Linde5
Linde T20 APO1/141 2002Linde4
Linde T20, Battery since 2003, UVV NEW 1994Linde3
Linde T20 ESP 12.5 / 20 1989Linde4
Linde T20AP 2001Linde5
Linde T20B 2004 battery 1999Linde2
Linde T20R driver's seat 2004Linde4
Linde T20R driver's seat 2005Linde4
Linde T20S driver's seat 2005Linde4
Linde T20SF driver's stand 2005Linde4
Linde T20SF driver's stand 2006Linde4
Linde T20SF driver's stand 2007Linde4
ATLET TLP 200 2003Other2
Crown GPC 2040 Kommissioniere 5x presence 2006Other3
Crown WP 2000 4 x Available 2003Other4

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