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Other forklift trucks, Forklift truck Vehicles

Bobcat Mini Buldo 2012Bobcat5
BT CBE 1.6T Electric Forklift 2000BT5
BT Ergomover AC 610 Year 2007 2007BT4
BT GRU COPMA MOD C1230/25 1990BT4
BT GRU EPSYLON.E 128.78Z 1995BT6
BT LSV 1600/2 2000BT5
BT STAR 045 2003BT5
BT STERN ST 110 / 4 2007BT4
CAT Loading platform 2011CAT8
Cesab 165 1994Cesab7
Cesab 365 1995Cesab4
Cesab YARD 2001Cesab4
Clark C500-50 1991Clark3
Clark CTM 20 with side shift 1995Clark2
Clark DCY110 1970Clark5
Hyster H 2.00XMS 2002Hyster3
Hyster H 2.5FT gas 2006Hyster11
Hyster H 60 2012Hyster2
Hyster H2.5FT 2008Hyster2
Hyster H25E 2011Hyster3
Hyster H40J 2012Hyster4
Hyster H50XL 1990Hyster4
Hyster H80C diesel 1987Hyster4
Hyster rudolf Maxheim 12000 kg 2000Hyster4
JCB 926 B-terrain forklift 2011JCB6
Jungheinrich 1022 ETX Combi I 1993Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich Ant 1984Jungheinrich4
Jungheinrich Ant, 2000 2008Jungheinrich2
Jungheinrich DFG-25 BS 2002Jungheinrich1
Jungheinrich ECP 100 2001Jungheinrich7
Jungheinrich ECP 100-3ZG-100E, battery 05/2011 m. Charger 2000Jungheinrich14
Jungheinrich EJC 115-250 1990Jungheinrich3
Jungheinrich EJC 1to ex army ant 1979Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich EKC 12.5, 9855Bts! 2005Jungheinrich7
Jungheinrich KMS 100 ZG 80 75 340 ZT SF 1995Jungheinrich3
Kalmar 42 TON - 1200 MDCD 1990Kalmar2
Kalmar 45 to.Container truck / stacker Rach 2012Kalmar12
Kalmar EFY 20/12, TRIPLEX, 7346Bts! 1993Kalmar7
Kalmar SISU RTD 1523, built 2000 2000Kalmar2
Kalmar SISU RTD1523 1997Kalmar4
Kalmar Sisu TTX-182 1Z5 A4L with gooseneck 2001Kalmar15
Komatsu FG 15 Sideshifts height 4800mm 1995Komatsu3
Lansing EF G3.2 1982Lansing5
Linde E16C01 Electric godsis-equipment.com 2008Linde5
Linde EFZ P 60 tractors, tractor, rank Schierer 2000Linde5
Linde EFZ P 60 tractors, tractor, rank Schierer 2001Linde1
Linde el 1996Linde3
Linde H-15 D 2011Linde1
Linde H 40D diesel with side shift 1984Linde5
Linde H50-H80 2009Linde15
Linde L 12 R-02, FREE LIFT, 5271Bts! 1994Linde7
Linde N20 2005Linde4
Linde P 20 tractor 2004Linde3
Linde Pickers N20VI 2011Linde3
Linde T 20 AP 01 2000Linde1
Linde V 11 2005Linde7
Manitou 110 ELX 2001Manitou7
Manitou ME 3:16 2006Manitou6
Manitou MLT 626 2011Manitou4
Manitou MRI 1542 360 ° 2008Manitou6
Manitou MRI 3-D cable 2007Manitou6
Manitou MRT 1432 M 400 ° 2001Manitou6
Manitou MRT 1635 M 400 ° 2005Manitou6
Manitou MRT2150 2004Manitou5
Manitou MT 1233 S / 4x4 / Perkinson turbo engine 2002Manitou6
Manitou MT 1233S / 4x4 / 2001Manitou14
Manitou MT1740ORH 2006Manitou6
Manitou Terrain forklift MANITOU max M26-2. Height: 6.75m 2000Manitou12
Manitou Volume shovel Year 2011 2011Manitou2
O & K O \u0026 K 1980O & K5
Abrasion-suction machine Fiorentini I 18 B NEW 2012Other8
ACP 60 HD 1980Other13
Adjustable truck sign 1.5 meters 2011Other15
Adjustable truck sign 2.0 meters 2011Other15
Auramo / hydraulic bale clamp 1993Other7
BAKA ECSC 500 1983Other2
Bale Clamp 2011Other4
Balkancar EP 001.2 2011Other2
Boom SEITH 80.32 1997Other5
Cangaru forklift 1998Other5
CASCADE 2002Other4
DAF TT1305DH 2011Other6
Dieci Icarus 3814 Telescopic 2011Other4
Duplex mast, 2011Other4
Durwen DPK 30B, Double Pallet Handler 2011Other2
Faba ECC electric counterbalanced forklifts 1500kg. 1997Other8
Fetra duty trailer industry 1t 1998Other4
Fork plate with screw forks (round) 2004Other4
Fork positioner shift / front CASCADE 2003Other4
Forklift + KOOI AAP + Z2-3-SR + MOFFETT 1994Other10
Forklift Mofet Type M2003ELP 1999Other13
Forklift truck mount 2008Other8
Forklift truck wheel Kooiaap 2-Z-3-2028 2011Other13
Forklift trucks to take away Kooiaap-wheel-2Z 3-2028 1999Other14
Forkpositioner Stabau 1989Other1
Frako Charger 80 Volt 120 Amp 2011Other4
GTH 4017 2007Other1
Hand Pallet Truck 2011Other4
Hydr.Kippschaufel 2011Other3

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