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Reach forklift truck, Forklift truck Vehicles

OTHER neos 14ac 2011Other3
OTHER nr14 2011Other1
OTHER nr14k 2011Other1
OTHER NR16 2011Other5
OTHER nr16k 2011Other5
OTHER r14 2011Other3
OTHER r20 2011Other4
OTHER tes16 2011Other2
Takraf DFG3202 Low profile! 3.2 t 1979Other8
vendo muletto 3:15 tp 2011Other5
Sichelschmidt D 1215 Pedestrian Reach Forklifts 2001Sichelschmidt7
Sichelschmidt Four-way power driver's seat 9 with mosquito truck 1972Sichelschmidt5
Sichelschmidt M 1210 ASM 2000Sichelschmidt3
Sichelschmidt M925 1993Sichelschmidt7
Sichelschmidt Reach Truck mosquito 9 1974Sichelschmidt5
Steinbock BOSS / WP 13 MK 5 B 2 / Electro Ameiße 1991Steinbock7
Steinbock Boss WR 14 2000Steinbock6
Steinbock DFG3.5/300 1963Steinbock3
Steinbock EFG TD/420 1.6 1982Steinbock5
Steinbock fj 1979Steinbock2
Steinbock NMK1B WR13-1 triplex 1994Steinbock8
Steinbock WR 16 triplex full free lift side shift 1995Steinbock5
Still 1.5 tons of diesel 1991Still6
Still 16 ESSM triplex free lift side shift 1993Still9
Still EFM 20I mtr FM 11.5. Height 2006Still7
Still EFSM 14 / Explions proof Pyroban zone 3 G 1994Still3
Still FM 12 2004Still10
Still FM 12 2005Still2
Still FM 12 I, TRIPLEX, 2462Bts ONLY! 2006Still9
Still FM 12 I, TRIPLEX, 2960Bts ONLY! 2006Still8
Still FM 12 P, TRIPLEX, 4468Bts ONLY! 2005Still8
Still FM 12, TRIPLEX, 4424Bts ONLY! 2006Still9
Still FM 12I Electric Reach Truck 2003Still4
Still FM 14, battery built in 2005, reach trucks 2005Still7
Still FM 17 2000Still3
Still FM 17 2001Still9
Still FM 17, TRIPLEX 2007Still8
Still FM 20 2004Still7
Still FM 20, SS, TRIPLEX, 7900Bts! 2007Still7
Still FM14 2002Still7
Still FM17 triplex 1999Still10
Still STILL R50-15 Electric Forklifts 1987Still4
Still STILL R50-15 Electric Forklifts 1990Still4
Toyota 6FBRE14, SS, TRIPLEX 2001Toyota7
Toyota 6FBRE20 2001Toyota9
Toyota 7FBRE 16, SS, TRIPLEX, 1944Bts ONLY! 2005Toyota8
Toyota 7FBRE 16, SS, TRIPLEX, 1962Bts ONLY! 2005Toyota8
Toyota 7FBRE14-3C refrigerated equipment included. 2 batteries 2006Toyota3
Toyota 7FBRE16, SS, TRIPLEX, 4297Bts ONLY! 2004Toyota7
Toyota 7FBRE20-1 2005Toyota4
Toyota EFM BT RR B3 / 5-valve TRIPLEX HEIGHT 8m 2006Toyota7
Toyota FBESF15 electric 2001Toyota2
Toyota RR B3 BT Reach Truck Hub 9.4 m 2006Toyota8

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