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Rough-terrain forklift truck, Forklift truck Vehicles

BT C4E 200, SS, TRIPLEX, CABIN, 9185Bts 2007BT10
CAT Caterpillar TH63 TURBO 4x4x4 - 12m / Zusatzhydr. 2000CAT6
CAT Caterpillar TH63 TURBO 4x4x4 / auxiliary hydraulic 1996CAT15
CAT Caterpillar TH63 TURBO 4x4x4 / auxiliary hydraulic 1998CAT14
CAT Caterpillar TH82 TURBO 4x4x4 / Zusatzhydr. 1996CAT15
CAT V50 1997CAT4
Cesab Drago 200 Diesel 1196h keinHYSTER CLARK 2006Cesab7
Cesab ECO / KD 1.20 1991Cesab5
Clark C 500-Y 70 PD 1984Clark9
Clark C500 Y 100 1979Clark4
Clark CDP 30 ** diesel ** ** terrain forklift 1995Clark8
Clark DCY70 terrain forklift 3.5 ton. 1968Clark4
Clark DPH60 1994Clark6
Clark EM30S year 1996 Electric 1996Clark8
Clark EX GPX S40 D Explosionproof 1996Clark12
Clark GPM 20S00 1996Clark5
Clark Holli WT Class 5000 Deutz diesel-terrain forklift 1990Clark11
Clark TA Kraf / stroke 3200 mm / 3200 kg / Eig.Masse 5.3 t 1986Clark2
Clark TMX 1994Clark4
Hyster H2.50XL 1991Hyster8
Hyster H3 .50 XL 1998Hyster7
Hyster H50XL 1992Hyster3
Irion 4000 1982Irion2
Irion DFG 35/45 3.5 T diesel forklift, side slide 1982Irion6
Irion DFG 40/33-R 2012Irion13
Irion DFG3040A 1977Irion5
Irion UNIMAX 1988Irion5
JCB 532-120 4x4x4 12m / 3.2t. Auxiliary hydraulics 1997JCB6
JCB 532-120 4x4x4 12m / 3.2t. Auxiliary hydraulics 1999JCB13
JCB 532-120 4x4x4 12m / 3.2t. Auxiliary hydraulics 2000JCB12
JCB 926 1994JCB13
JCB 926 2004JCB3
JCB 926-4 4x4 Terrain Forklift / 2,6 to 2001JCB12
JCB 926-4 Terrain Forklift 4x4 Tripex-550cm 2001JCB15
JCB 926-4 Terrain Forklift 4x4 triplex 550cm 2600kg 2003JCB15
JCB 926 4x4 11 290 EURO net 2000JCB5
JCB 926 4x4 12 600 EURO net 2004JCB10
JCB 926 B-terrain forklift 2011JCB6
JCB Page 930 4x4 slide! 1997JCB15
JCB Terrain forklift RTFL 926 - FOUR-WHEEL 2000JCB15
JCB Terrain forklift RTFL 926 4x4 - only 1630 operating hours 2003JCB15
Kalmar D8-600 C-terrain forklift hydr.Gabelverstellungen 1986Kalmar13
Kalmar DB 4-500 forklift 1986Kalmar3
Kalmar DB 6 - 600 - Sideshifts \u0026 Zinkenverstellung 2012Kalmar15
Kalmar DC 900-600 pages u XXL fork positioner. + Scale 1998Kalmar14
Kalmar DGC 12-6 * net € 38,000 * 2005Kalmar6
Komatsu FD 25-11 1989Komatsu8
Komatsu FD15T-17 2000Komatsu7
Linde H 25-D 1982Linde10
Linde H 30 D 1994Linde1
Linde H 30 D 1996Linde3
Linde H 30 D 2011Linde5
Linde H 35 L 2011Linde5
Linde H 40 D 1980Linde5
Linde H 40 D 2011Linde2
Linde H16T duplex mast lifting height 5100mm 1994Linde8
Linde H30 1993Linde4
Manitou 4RM26 1985Manitou9
Manitou 4x4 M 26-4 1999Manitou8
Manitou All-wheel 1977Manitou14
Manitou Ausa 4x4 Diesel Forklift Linde as 2003Manitou5
Manitou FY 25 GS 1979Manitou5
Manitou JCB 535-140 2008Manitou9
Manitou jcb 926 4X4 2011Manitou5
Manitou KOOI-AAP Z2 2000Manitou9
Manitou M2-30CP 1991Manitou3
Manitou M26-2 1999Manitou4
Manitou M26-2 Terrain Forklift triplex 550cm 2600kg 2002Manitou15
Manitou M26.2 VA grounds 2004Manitou2
Manitou M26-4 2001Manitou2
Manitou M26-4 2002Manitou8
Manitou M26.4 2008Manitou4
Manitou M30-2 VERY NICE! 2005Manitou10
Manitou M30-4 2005Manitou5
Manitou M30-4 3E2 2006Manitou11
Manitou M30-4 3E2 2011Manitou10
Manitou M30.4-wheel terrain 2001Manitou7
Manitou M30.4-wheel terrain 2011Manitou6
Manitou M50.4 2011Manitou6
Manitou M50.4-wheel terrain 2010Manitou6
Manitou Maniscopic MT625 TURBO 2011Manitou13
Manitou MANITOU MC 50 B 1991Manitou8
Manitou MANITOU MT 1232 S 4x4x4 - 12m / 3.2t. 1997Manitou14
Manitou MANITOU MT 1740 SLT TURBO Series III-E2 - 17m 2005Manitou9
Manitou MANITOU MT 1740 SLT ULTRA TURBO - 17m / 4.0t. 2005Manitou9
Manitou MB20 1974Manitou4
Manitou MC 30 1994Manitou6
Manitou MC 30 2002Manitou5
Manitou MC 30 2012Manitou13
Manitou MC 30 NS with Hyd. Bucket-terrain forklift 1991Manitou8
Manitou MC 40 4 ton diesel truck site 2001Manitou5
Manitou MC 40 Powershift 2002Manitou6
Manitou MC 50 2011Manitou4
Manitou MC 50 40N TI RFB 1670 2007Manitou13
Manitou MC20P 2011Manitou8
Manitou MC30CP 1996Manitou11
Manitou MC30NS 1990Manitou4
Manitou MC40 1983Manitou10
Manitou MC40 1990Manitou1
Manitou MC40 2007Manitou9

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