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Side-loading forklift truck, Forklift truck Vehicles

Baumann 12 to. Sideloader 1978Baumann2
Baumann 60/14/55 Sideloader 1994Baumann6
Baumann AS 301 44 ONP 1989Baumann3
Baumann AS 45/12/40 1987Baumann1
Baumann AS 80/18-17/35 1987Baumann1
Baumann AS50 NOT ready to drive! 1986Baumann6
Baumann BAUMANN DX 50/14/40 2002Baumann8
Baumann CS250 1985Baumann10
Baumann CS250 2012Baumann9
Baumann DFQ 60/12/40 2007Baumann10
Baumann DFQ 60/12/40 Irion 2007Baumann7
Baumann DX 40 12 40 Forkpositioner 1995Baumann5
Baumann DX 50/12/45 2006Baumann12
Baumann E 4S 25/08/33 1995Baumann4
Baumann EVS 50/16. / 33 ST LK 1995Baumann5
Baumann FR 60 1990Baumann5
Baumann GS 60 12 40 1996Baumann15
Baumann GS Langmatrial 50 side loader lift capacity 5ton 1998Baumann9
Baumann H 4S30/12/33 FR Four-way truck multiway forklift! 1991Baumann4
Baumann H FR 4S30/12/33 four-way forklift truck multi-way! 1991Baumann4
Baumann H4S 30 / 4-WAY TRUCK / DEUTZ ENGINE / 1487 BSTD 1991Baumann11
Baumann H4S 30 2011Baumann9
Baumann HS FR 30/12/40 1991Baumann6
Baumann HS30/12/40, Best maintained, 3000 BS, MWst.ausweisb. 1990Baumann5
Baumann HX 12/30/50 2001Baumann10
Baumann HX 35/12/40 1999Baumann8
Baumann HX 40/12/40 1998Baumann9
Baumann HX 40/12/45 1995Baumann1
Baumann SF40 2012Baumann3
Baumann Sideloader 1980Baumann5
Baumann Sideloaders AS50 14 40 four-way forklift 1997Baumann8
Baumann Type HS 12/30/40, VAT. 19% refundable 1990Baumann5
BT RRE8 AC 2003BT4
Combilift C 4000 Four Way LPG 2005Combilift5
Combilift C3000 2009Combilift3
Combilift C4000 2004Combilift14
Combilift C4000 2007Combilift4
Combilift Wózek widłowy 4-kierunkowy 2012Combilift5
Irion 40/14/40 S DFQ 1981Irion5
Irion 40/14/40 S DFQ 4To. 4m with 2m free lift motor NEW 1977Irion9
Irion DFQ 30 14 1975Irion1
Irion DFQ 3012 32B ZS 1979Irion5
Irion DFQ 401240S 2012Irion7
Irion DFQ 40/12/55 4 to Sideloader 1985Irion3
Irion DFQ 50-12-45S 1970Irion7
Irion DFQ 50 14 40 S 1972Irion5
Irion DFQ 50/14/40S 1981Irion2
Irion DFQ 60 / 14 / 45 s Mercedes engine 1985Irion8
Irion DFQ 60 12/40S 1979Irion4
Irion DFQ401240S 1979Irion3
Irion DFQ40/14/50D 1991Irion8
Irion DFQ451631S 1975Irion3
Irion EFY 30 Electric-Fourway Sideloaders 2002Irion6
Irion EFY 30/10/40 1973Irion2
Irion EFY 35 2004Irion6
Irion Kalmar DFQ 40/14/40 S spare parts D-Benz engine 1988Irion4
Irion LG 30/14/40/D1 2012Irion11
Irion S 50/12/40 DFQ 1985Irion3
Irion Sideloader 1997Irion7
Irion vysokozdvižný Vozík 1991Irion5
JCB 537-135 2000JCB5
Jungheinrich EKX 410 Dreiseitenstabler narrow aisle truck 2011Jungheinrich3
Jungheinrich EKX 513 2006Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich EKX 515k G + I three-way / Order picker 2010Jungheinrich7
Jungheinrich GW6/12 1982Jungheinrich3
Jungheinrich JUNGHEINRICH ETM 10 G 115 1968Jungheinrich5
Jungheinrich Sichelchmidt M1200, 2T, triplex mast 1995Jungheinrich7
Jungheinrich Sideloader 1982Jungheinrich5
Kalmar 40 1996Kalmar4
Kalmar Battioni \u0026 Pagan 30 1996Kalmar3
Kalmar DFQ 30/14/50F 1997Kalmar7
Kalmar DFQ 40/14/40/s 1985Kalmar6
Kalmar DFQ 50/14/40D 1994Kalmar1
Kalmar DFQ 65/14/40D 1987Kalmar5
Kalmar DFQ40/12F 1995Kalmar9
Kalmar DFQ50/14/50D 1991Kalmar7
Kalmar DFQ50/14/50S triplex OM 314 Mercedes engine 1987Kalmar7
Kalmar DSA 040 with joystick control 1996Kalmar8
Kalmar DSA 100 1998Kalmar6
Kalmar DSA 70 1997Kalmar9
Kalmar EFA 30 1997Kalmar2
Kalmar Fantuzzi SF40E 1995Kalmar9
Kalmar Iron \u0026 EFY20/12/48E four-way cross-stacker 1992Kalmar8
Kalmar TFQ D 50/12/40 1991Kalmar5
Lansing Battery operated 1978Lansing1
Lansing Jumbo J / SHP 6C/12/45V 2004Lansing6
Linde Fantuzzi SF 45 U 1996Linde3
Linde S 30, CABIN ONLY 3973Bts! 2002Linde10
Linde S40 1998Linde1
Linde S40 2003Linde4
Linde S50 2003Linde9
Linde S50 Sideloader 1995Linde5
Linde S50 with Freihubmast! 2005Linde8
Linde Sideloaders S 60 2000Linde5
Manitou MH 20-4 t 2004Manitou3
4-way wheel Kooi Aap E2-2035-3V driving STAPL 2001Other15
Battioni e Pagani HT 5 UP 2001Other4
BP Battoni Pagani SL4 2011Other5
Capricorn Boss H 60 1995Other5

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