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Deep-freeze transporter, Semi-trailer Vehicles

General Trailer GT CITY WITH 2 AXEL COOLER CARRIER 2002General Trailer5
Groenewegen 3ass KOELTRAILER + CARRIER VECTOR 1800MT 2006Groenewegen7
Kaiser Frappa Thermo King SL 400 ATP / FRC: 07.2012 2003Kaiser7
Kaiser Frappa Thermo King SL 400 ATP / FRC 2003Kaiser7
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer Kühlauflieger 1992Kassbohrer2
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer Kiessling L 10-24 SF meat case 2x 1994Kassbohrer8
Lamberet 3 axis freezer Carrier Maxima partition 1997Lamberet5
Lamberet 3 axle refrigerated trailer 2005Lamberet5
Lamberet 3 axle refrigerated trailers 2003Lamberet7
Lamberet 3-axle truck with a meat pipe Roofing TERMOKING SL400 2005Lamberet11
Lamberet 3 tengelyes Nyerges Mélyhuto SKO-Alap 1993Lamberet10
Lamberet CARRIER - VECTOR 1850 diesel + electric 2008Lamberet9
Lamberet Carrier Maxima 1200 diesel / power liftgate 2003Lamberet6
Lamberet Carrier Maxima 1300 Current high as 2.70 new 2006Lamberet7
Lamberet Carrier Maxima2 1,000 hours 2000Lamberet6
Lamberet Carrier YS-3P BPW axles top condition 2001Lamberet15
Lamberet cool trailer 2002Lamberet4
Lamberet Freezer * Thermo King SL-200e + * + double deck lift 2005Lamberet15
Lamberet Freezer Thermo King SL 200 2007Lamberet4
Lamberet Kühlauflieger Carrier Maxima 1993Lamberet5
Lamberet LBW freezer with 3-axis maxima Charrier 2003Lamberet15
Lamberet LVF S3 F1R 2001Lamberet13
Lamberet LVFS 3 2012Lamberet5
Lamberet LVFS 3 freezer TERMOKING SL 200 e partition 2006Lamberet15
Lamberet LVFS 3 Frozen 2.60m interior height Thermo King 1997Lamberet5
Lamberet LVFS 3 LIFTACHSE 1998Lamberet7
Lamberet LVFS 3 Thermo King / € 389th - Monthly Rate 2000Lamberet14
Lamberet LVFS 3 Thermo King, a double floor, lift axle 2003Lamberet14
Lamberet LVFS3 CARRIER 1300 Maxima DOPPELSTOCK LIFT 2006Lamberet14
Lamberet LVFS3F Thermo King SL200e 2002Lamberet15
Lamberet LVFS3F7R Carrier Vctor1800 Fleischtransp. 2006Lamberet15
Lamberet Partition 2 evaporator Carrier Vector 1800 Mt 2002Lamberet9
Lamberet Reefer Semitrailer standard 2000Lamberet7
Lamberet Refrigerated semi-trailer Carrier Maxima Good Condition 1995Lamberet6
Lamberet Refrigerated semi-trailer multi-temperature stainless-LBW 2003Lamberet8
Lamberet Refrigerated trailer-axle-lift pallet box TOP 2003Lamberet12
Lamberet Refrigerated trailer Rohrbahnen Carrier D / E 2008Lamberet4
Lamberet Refrigerated trailer Rohrbahnen without cooling 2008Lamberet4
Lamberet S 3 PO CARRIER GOWORIM RUSSKI 1994Lamberet9
Lamberet Semi freezer Standard 2007Lamberet11
Lamberet Semitrailer Caisse Assorb standard 2003Lamberet14
Lamberet Semitrailer Kølekasse standard 1999Lamberet7
Lamberet SKL 218 Thermo King Spectrum dual evaporator 1999Lamberet14
Lamberet SR-2 CARRIER VECTOR 1800 2006Lamberet8
Lamberet SR 2 FUTURA 2008Lamberet3
Lamberet SR-2 THERMO KING SL 200 E 2007Lamberet10
Lamberet SR 2 \u0026 meat Rohrbahnen Thermo King SL 400 2008Lamberet7
Lamberet SR1 2004Lamberet2
Lamberet SR1 2006Lamberet8
Lamberet SR2 2007Lamberet8
Lamberet standard cooler 1996Lamberet4
Lamberet Thermo King Sl 400 meat pipe cars / Meat 2x 2002Lamberet7
Lamberet THERMO KING SL200 2004Lamberet14
Lamberet Thermo King SL400e bunk. 2004Lamberet7
Lamberet Three-axle semi-freezer SKO Multitemp 2007Lamberet15
Lamberet Three-axle semi-freezer SKO Standard 1999Lamberet7
Lamberet Three-axle semi-meat freezer SKO slope 2006Lamberet15
Lamberet Three-axle semi-trailer reefer SKO Standard 1996Lamberet12
Lamberet VECTOR 1800 * CARRIER diesel / electricity * 2.70 High 2007Lamberet11
Lamberet YS-3P 2003Lamberet5
Menci Acerbi 135 1993Menci4
Menci Menci 1996Menci3
Menci Menci 1997Menci3
Merker Meat tube trains, hire from € 1.190,00 2008Merker15
3 Axle reefer, steering axle taillift, backdoor 1998Other4
Aubineau Carrier Maxima 2 1997Other6
Bartoletti - Carrier 2000Other10
Dapa, TK-trailers with Thermo King SL 200 2003Other5
Double-deck, flower width, freezer FRC 2005Other15
Gray \u0026 Adams Thermo King SLTCI 2 Evaporator 1999Other7
Heiwo 2 Axle reefer 2000Other8
Kühlauflieger Sor Iberica Wed partition 2650mm H 1997Other12
Latre 1997Other5
MIROFRET frozen * CARRIER MAXIMA1200 partition 2002Other5
MIROFRET m. thermodynamic SL 200 2001Other9
MIROFRET refrigerated semi-trailer Carrier Maxima 2005Other10
MIROFRET refrigerated trailer bunk 1997Other11
MIROFRET trailer freezer Standard 1999Other10
Naughty - High FHS-28T Thermo King SL300 2001Other10
Oplegger Vries Standard 1998Other6
Other / Gray Adams + Carrier Phoenix 800 2000Other5
Partition, double deck, hire from € 1350.00 2008Other15
Refrigerated trailers Fabr Weka 1999Other3
remorque frigorifique 2004Other5
SAK freezer 1998Other3
Samro Reefer Semitrailer standard 2007Other12
Side door VL. 2002Other4
SOR Carrier Maxima 2 1998Other6
Sor E-F-2509/004 SP 71 CARRIER 2005Other11
SOR SK 24 Thermo King 1998Other2
Sor SOR E-F-2509/004 SP71 2005Other6
TALSON - JUMBO - ROLL Flowerbed - Carrier Phoenix 1990Other10
TALSON - JUMBO - ROLL Flowerbed - Carrier Phoenix 1995Other9
TBV Carrier Vector 1800 2001Other13
Thermo King SB III, SLB 1995Other6
Three axle semi-trailer reefer SKO Standard 2003Other12

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