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Low loader, Semi-trailer Vehicles

Faymonville Extendible semi low loader ramps + 2008Faymonville4
Faymonville FAYMONVILLE Tiefbett 2 +4 / extendable 1995Faymonville4
Faymonville Flatbed extendable ramps / 2008Faymonville2
Faymonville Flatbed with radmuldem 2012Faymonville1
Faymonville Goose neck low loader 2007Faymonville7
Faymonville ILO-3 concrete Innenlader Innenlader 2000Faymonville15
Faymonville Loaders / ramps / Extendable to 20 m 2003Faymonville4
Faymonville Loading height 750 mm / extendable 1997Faymonville4
Faymonville Loading height 750 mm / wheel recesses / extendable 2005Faymonville6
Faymonville Low bed / detachable gooseneck 2004Faymonville3
Faymonville Low loader trailer 1994Faymonville4
Faymonville Lowbed for Mährdrescher / Combine 2010Faymonville2
Faymonville Lowbed loading height 300 mm 2011Faymonville1
Faymonville Max Trailer Max100-N-3A-8.60-U / extendable 2012Faymonville5
Faymonville Max Trailer MAX100-N-3A-8.60-U / telescopic 2012Faymonville5
Faymonville Max Trailer Max100-N-4A-9.30-U / extendable 2012Faymonville6
Faymonville Max Trailer MAX100-N-4A-9.30-U / telescopic 2012Faymonville7
Faymonville mega - Z4LVA 4 axle low bed 2000Faymonville2
Faymonville Mega flatbed + 2 m extendible convertible into 1998Faymonville2
Faymonville MEGA Z4LVA TIEFBETT 4XHYDR. STEERING 2000Faymonville15
Faymonville Megamax Extendable bed tot 12.60m 2007Faymonville13
Faymonville Multi-Z-8-A 1993Faymonville6
Faymonville Multimax 3-axle, extendable wheel recesses, 2010Faymonville11
Faymonville MULTIMAX 4 ACHS - 71000KG 2006Faymonville15
Faymonville MULTIMAX! and 17.9 m! Lifting bed, double ramps! 2004Faymonville6
Faymonville Multimax extendable 1994Faymonville4
Faymonville Multimax-N-3L-AU Extendable 2007Faymonville9
Faymonville N-3-A-18-13.60-22.5-2.54 2012Faymonville3
Faymonville NEW 300 mm deep bed / sofa 2010Faymonville4
Faymonville NEW! Multi-N-3L-AU 2012Faymonville15
Faymonville NEW Special Combine Transport 2009Faymonville4
Faymonville SCHWARZMÜLLER ST 4 / Z (927) 2005Faymonville3
Faymonville SPZ-5 S 38 75 000 KG 5 axes / 3 steering axles 1996Faymonville15
Faymonville ST 3 U, hydraulic ramps, 36 tons, drop 1992Faymonville4
Faymonville STBZ-3 VA Megamax 2006Faymonville2
Faymonville STBZ-3A MEGAMAX hydr.gelenkt 38 ​​000 kg 2005Faymonville8
Faymonville STBZ-3VA 1995Faymonville5
Faymonville STBZ-3VA 2008Faymonville4
Faymonville STBZ-3VA Heavy Load Handling 2003Faymonville6
Faymonville STBZ-3VA MEGAMAX 38000kg Net 2005Faymonville8
Faymonville STBZ-3VA MEGAMAX payload 38000 kg hydr. directed 2005Faymonville8
Faymonville STBZ-4VA 2001Faymonville3
Faymonville steerable axle 3 + 2x ausschiesbar 2005Faymonville10
Faymonville STN - 4A 1996Faymonville5
Faymonville STN-3AU Multimax 2007Faymonville15
Faymonville STN 3AUB extendable 2005Faymonville14
Faymonville STN 3U 2007Faymonville15
Faymonville STN-3U 2010Faymonville8
Faymonville STN-4U / GG: 75 tonnes payload: 65 t 2006Faymonville14
Faymonville STNZ-4U 2004Faymonville6
Faymonville STZ-3AU 2001Faymonville5
Faymonville STZ-3AU 2005Faymonville8
Faymonville STZ-4AA 1996Faymonville12
Faymonville STZ-4WAAA (4 x Hydraulic gestuurd) 2002Faymonville6
Faymonville TELESCOPIC MULTIMAX STN-6A (942) 2008Faymonville6
Faymonville Tiefbett_Schwanenhals_Teleskop_verbreiterbar 2007Faymonville6
Faymonville Trailer with ramps 2006Faymonville1
Faymonville Trailer with wheel wells 2005Faymonville1
Faymonville VARIO STVZ 6HVA - bed boiler / Vesselbridge 2003Faymonville5
Faymonville Variomax 3 +5 2009Faymonville15
Faymonville Variomax STBZ VA-6-2 +4 2007Faymonville8
Faymonville yacht transport 2 x 15 m extendable in bed 1999Faymonville12
General Trailer SAHN TIEFLADER NORMAL 1995General Trailer3
General Trailer TSR Special 2007General Trailer2
Groenewegen SEMI MET BORDEN / DAK EDSCHA 1987Groenewegen15
Hoffmann 3-axle semi-trailers, extendable 6 m, hydr. GE 2001Hoffmann8
Hoffmann Loaders / Extendable 800mm load height 1999Hoffmann4
Hoffmann Low boy trailer with ramps 13 m (Germany) 1996Hoffmann4
Hoffmann LST 30.0 / 2 WITH LOADER collision RAMPS 1994Hoffmann5
Hoffmann LSTU 20.0 / 1 suitable for forklift transport 2001Hoffmann7
Hoffmann LSTU 26.0 / 2 1995Hoffmann4
Hoffmann LSTU 35.0 / 2, Steer, Staplertr. suitable 2002Hoffmann7
Hoffmann LSTU 45.0 / 3 special low loader 1996Hoffmann11
Hoffmann Sanh special low loader LST 48.0 / 3 lightweight! 2002Hoffmann3
HRD 24 1989HRD7
HRD 3 axle low loader STTM3N extendable! 2008HRD5
HRD 3-axle platform semi-trailer with Bordwandaufba 2011HRD2
HRD 3-axle semi-trailers 2011HRD2
HRD 4-axle low loader 2011HRD2
HRD 4-axle semi-trailer low tele- 2009HRD1
HRD 4-axle semi-trailer with ramps and wheel recesses 2011HRD2
HRD 4-axle semi-trailer with wheel recesses 2011HRD2
HRD 4-axle semi-trailer with wheel wells 2012HRD8
HRD 6-axle low loader semi-trailer 2009HRD2
HRD Low loader 2002HRD5
HRD Tele STTM3N 2011HRD4
HRD Tele STTM3N 2012HRD7
HRD Visevica 1980HRD5
Kaiser 2-axle low loader ZGgew.-38000kg 1982Kaiser8
Kaiser 57 Ton Hydraulic ramps 2002Kaiser8
Kaiser 57 Ton with Mercedes 6X4 3343 2002Kaiser15
Kaiser dieplader 1986Kaiser5
Kaiser Low loader 1992Kaiser6
Kaiser niskopodwozie 2010Kaiser6
Kaiser NISKOPODWOZIOWA 1976Kaiser7
Kaiser Original 1994Kaiser6
Kaiser PORTE-ENGINS 2 axles 1990Kaiser11
Kaiser ROBUST KAISER 1997Kaiser4

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