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Low loader, Semi-trailer Vehicles

Kaiser Robust S5303P deep bed 1989Kaiser3
Kaiser Robust SSB25K winch 1987Kaiser8
Kaiser S3802F 1989Kaiser12
Kaiser S5703F 2001Kaiser4
Kaiser SN 1994Kaiser5
Kaiser SSB 35/2 1993Kaiser7
Kaiser SSB25 1990Kaiser8
Kaiser SSB35 - 50 ton 3 axle (1 trailing axle) 1999Kaiser5
Kaiser XS 200 1991Kaiser2
Kassbohrer 3 tractor trailer Kässbohrer Hydra Ulich TOP 2008Kassbohrer9
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer 46 tonnes payload 2009Kassbohrer9
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer JS / PLATFORM / BDF 20/40 foot empty 6140 kg / 2011Kassbohrer15
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer JS / PLATFORM / BDF 20/40 foot STEERING AXLE !!!!!! 2012Kassbohrer15
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer LB 3 2011Kassbohrer14
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer LB 4 2011Kassbohrer11
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer LB3 trailer with removable bed depth 2008Kassbohrer11
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer LP 3 stock cars NEW 2011Kassbohrer9
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer LP 3 telescopic vehicle bearing New 2011Kassbohrer9
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer LP 4 2011Kassbohrer12
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer LP 4 telescopic stock cars NEW 2011Kassbohrer12
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer SEMI DIEPLADER 3-AS 2011Kassbohrer7
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer semi low-loader semi-trailer 2011Kassbohrer2
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer semitrailer 2011Kassbohrer2
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer trailer, 4 axles, extendable NEW 2008Kassbohrer15
Kempf 3 - Axis special low bed singing same maturation 1998Kempf9
Kempf 3-axle low-bed intermediate floor and ramps 2006Kempf1
Kempf 3-axle low-bed semi-trailers 2011Kempf2
Kempf 3-axle low-bed with shelf for mega-Plate 2007Kempf1
Kempf Oblique loader / loaders 3x Hydr.lenk.Teleskopier. 1998Kempf15
Kempf SAH FZB 2002Kempf4
Kotschenreuther SEMI DIEPLADER SCHUIFZEIL / TAL 2-AS 1995Kotschenreuther5
Kotschenreuther SP 2624 LL 1991Kotschenreuther11
Luck Lück AIR CARGO - JUMBO - ROLL Flowerbed 1989Luck7
Luck Lück STP 35 2012Luck5
Luck Lück STP 35 trailer 2 pcs. with steering axle 2003Luck11
Luck Lück STP 44/3 GG 42000kg lift and steering axle 1994Luck11
Luck Lück STP 44/3 GG 44000kg lift and steering axle 1994Luck11
MEGA 3 x SAF axle / low-bed platform 30T / deck 9.6 m 2012MEGA15
MEGA Naczepa Niskopodwoziowa 2 Osiowa Obniżona NACZEP 2011MEGA9
MEGA Naczepa Niskopodwoziowa 3 Osiowa NACZEPA NISKOPO 2012MEGA9
MEGA Naczepa niskopodwoziowa Rozciągana Dwubelkowa 2012MEGA8
Meusburger 2-axle low bed with tarpaulin 2009Meusburger2
Meusburger 3-axle low-bed semi-trailers 2009Meusburger2
Meusburger 3-axle low-bed semitrailers 2008Meusburger5
Meusburger 3-axle semi-trailer tele- 2009Meusburger1
Meusburger 3-axle semi-trailer-telephoto, lightweight 2011Meusburger2
Meusburger 3-axle semi-trailers tele- 2011Meusburger2
Meusburger 4-axis 2001Meusburger4
Meusburger 4 axle low loader heavy haulage MEGA, Plane 2008Meusburger10
Meusburger 5-axis tele-Semi-trailer with ramps 2012Meusburger2
Meusburger 5-axle semi-trailer with Tele-ramps 2008Meusburger2
Meusburger Anh.Tieflader normal MTA-3 2002Meusburger11
Meusburger Deep bed with tarp MTS-3 / 3 x STEERING SHAFT 2000Meusburger8
Meusburger Deep bed with tarp MTS-3 / 3 x STEERING SHAFT 2002Meusburger7
Meusburger Jumbo 2-axle semi-trailer with swing-axles 2011Meusburger1
Meusburger Low bed semi-trailer 2005Meusburger4
Meusburger Meusburger / mpg-4 2005Meusburger5
Meusburger MGP3 1999Meusburger12
Meusburger montenegro 2 TRUCK 1995Meusburger4
Meusburger MPG 3 - MEGA - Semi-trailer with 2 x wheel recesses 1998Meusburger8
Meusburger MPG 3 - Semi-trailer 1999Meusburger9
Meusburger MPG 3 - Semi-trailer with 2 x wheel recesses 1997Meusburger8
Meusburger MPG 3 - Semi-trailer with wheel recesses 4 x 1996Meusburger9
Meusburger MPG 3 - Semi-trailer with wheel recesses 4 x 1997Meusburger7
Meusburger MPG 3 - Semi-trailer with wheel recesses 4 x 1998Meusburger5
Meusburger MPG 3 - semi-trailer with wheel wells 4 x 1996Meusburger10
Meusburger MPG-3 2002Meusburger2
Meusburger MPG 3 with ramps and Plane 1999Meusburger12
Meusburger MPG-4 - Semi-trailer 2001Meusburger8
Meusburger MPG-4 LOADER LIFT AXLE 2005Meusburger7
Meusburger MPG4 2009Meusburger5
Meusburger MPS-2 1998Meusburger3
Meusburger MPS 3 1998Meusburger11
Meusburger MPS 3 2000Meusburger10
Meusburger MPS3 ramps wheel wells 2003Meusburger6
Meusburger MPS3 wheel wells ramps / Actros 1846 2003Meusburger6
Meusburger mtb3 2004Meusburger15
Meusburger MTS 220 1996Meusburger2
Meusburger MTS-3-Wheel and telescopic excavator recess 2011Meusburger5
Meusburger MTS-4 2xLenkachse telescopic Containerlocks 2008Meusburger4
Meusburger Mts-4-axle low loader 4 2003Meusburger4
Meusburger Payload 39 100 KG - steered trailing 2003Meusburger14
Meusburger SP wheel wells 37 4 St 2005Meusburger4
Orten Semitrailer 2001Orten2
Orten SP35 2000Orten5
Orthaus 300 mm deep bed with planning 1999Orthaus4
Orthaus Loaders with crane Hiab 140 AW 1992Orthaus14
Orthaus OGT 24 concrete Inloader 1996Orthaus7
Orthaus OTS 20 / AIR / ABS / 2 axle / TOP! 1992Orthaus13
Orthaus OTS16/20 1990Orthaus6
Orthaus OTS30 / AIR / ABS / 2 steering axles / TOP! 1992Orthaus15
2-axle low loader 1989Other4
2 axle trucks for transport truck / tractor and construction equipment 2006Other3
3 +1 1996Other11
3-A semi-trailer, telescopic, extendable 2009Other1
3 axle low loader LÜECK 1999Other8
3-axle semi-trailer steering 3SA49 + Lift axle 2011Other8
3-axle semi-trailers, extendable 6 m, hydr. GE 2001Other9
3-axle trailer - 47 tons 1988Other2

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