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Platform, Semi-trailer Vehicles

Benalu SREM 2000Benalu4
Broshuis 3AOU-48 1993Broshuis1
Broshuis 3AOU-48-3 2001Broshuis7
Broshuis (NL) Spring Susp. / Extend. 1981Broshuis4
Broshuis (NL) Spring Susp. / Extend. 1989Broshuis2
Broshuis rozsuwana platforma 14-22 2000Broshuis3
Doll D550 wooden stakes 3-axis transport 1997Doll8
Doll P3H 1997Doll7
Doll P3H 1998Doll4
Doll P3H T 1998Doll3
Doll P3L 1996Doll3
Doll Tang platform to 18.8 m for wood / steel 1989Doll9
Doll transport long material 1991Doll4
ES-GE 3-axis Coilauflieger 2005ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axis Coilauflieger 2006ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axis Mega-plateau with continuous loading dock 2003ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axis Megatrailer 2011ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle platform semi-trailer 2010ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle platform semi-trailer 2011ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailer - Containerverr. 2011ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailer - Containerverr. 2012ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailer - extendable 2007ES-GE2
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailer - extendable 2008ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailer - extendable 2010ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailer - extendable 2011ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailer 2012ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailer with sideboards 2010ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailer with stakes 2010ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailer with stakes 2012ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailers - enhanced 2008ES-GE2
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailers 2003ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailers 2004ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailers 2008ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailers 2009ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailers 2010ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailers 2011ES-GE1
ES-GE 3-axle trailer Tele - lightweight 2011ES-GE2
ES-GE 3 axle trailer Tele, extendable to 21 2005ES-GE8
ES-GE 4 - axle semi-trailers - 3 x tele 2009ES-GE1
ES-GE 4-axis Mega Trailer - telescopic 2000ES-GE1
ES-GE 4-axle semi-trailer 3 x telescopic 2010ES-GE1
ES-GE 5-axis Mega Trailer - telescopic 2010ES-GE1
ES-GE 5-axis Mega Trailer - telescopic 2011ES-GE1
ES-GE Coil 3 NA 2005ES-GE9
ES-GE SANH platform 2001ES-GE2
ES-GE Third Axis directs tele, 6.8 m, side panels and tarpaulin 2006ES-GE10
Faymonville 3-axle extendable twice TELEMAX 2011Faymonville2
Faymonville 3-axle extendible TELEMAX triple 2009Faymonville1
Faymonville 3-axle extendible TELEMAX triple 2011Faymonville2
Faymonville 3-axle semi-trailer 2002Faymonville1
Faymonville 4-axle semi-trailers - 3 x tele 2011Faymonville1
Faymonville Platoo-suited for transporting steel-2 X STEERING AXLE 1996Faymonville12
Faymonville SDS plateau 24 1992Faymonville8
Faymonville SPZ 4AAA heavy plateau 3 x 3 telescoped 2002Faymonville9
Faymonville SPZ-5 S 38 75 000 KG 5 axes / 3 steering axles 1996Faymonville15
Faymonville TELE-Z-3L-AA Special Trailer 2008Faymonville4
Faymonville TELEMAX 3-axle semi-trailers 2011Faymonville1
Faymonville TSG 37/44 1991Faymonville3
General Trailer Plateau 2002General Trailer4
General Trailer plateau 40 'twistlock 2001General Trailer3
General Trailer Platform / Flatbed 2001General Trailer14
General Trailer PLATFORMA * 2003 * French registration 2003General Trailer8
General Trailer SEMI REMORQUE PLATEAU 2001General Trailer3
General Trailer TX34CF 2001General Trailer6
Groenewegen DRO 12 27 Tautliner BPW Schuifdak / Edscha doors H 2001Groenewegen7
Groenewegen DRO 12-272 1989Groenewegen6
Groenewegen DZ05-12-20 1982Groenewegen2
Groenewegen Spring suspension 1973Groenewegen5
Hoffmann 3-axle semi-trailers, extendable 6 m, hydr. GE 2001Hoffmann8
HRD 3-axle semi-trailer mega-plateau 2011HRD2
HRD 3-axle trailer platform heavy ballast 2007HRD5
Kaiser EXTENDER on Spring Susp. 1991Kaiser8
Kaiser Platform 3 axles departmental 1988Kaiser7
Kaiser S380 1987Kaiser3
Kaiser S3803C1C (FOR POTATOES) 1991Kaiser4
Kaiser SHK 31 situated for transporting steel 2 steering axles 1999Kaiser4
Kaiser Spring Susp. 1990Kaiser7
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer JS / PLATFORM / BDF 20/40 foot empty 6140 kg / 2011Kassbohrer15
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer JS / PLATFORM / BDF 20/40 foot STEERING AXLE !!!!!! 2012Kassbohrer15
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer SANH platform steered axle 2007Kassbohrer9
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer Sprzedam naczepę Kaessbohrer - PLATFORMA 1985Kassbohrer1
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer Sprzedam naczepe platforme 1985Kassbohrer2
Kotschenreuther SPH 2320 1992Kotschenreuther3
Kotschenreuther STL 324 * steering axle * Flatbed * BPW Eco Plus 1997Kotschenreuther9
Meusburger MPS-3 - Platform 1998Meusburger4
Meusburger MPS-3 3-axle twin tires plateau 2000Meusburger8
Meusburger MPS-3 3-axle twin tires plateau 2003Meusburger2
Meusburger Sanh platform with a mobile crane Kennis 1997Meusburger10
Orthaus 1-axle truck + air + * ABS BPW +13.40 m 1993Orthaus9
Orthaus OPS 24 2 steering axles / Stapleraufnahme 1995Orthaus15
Orthaus OPS 24 A pull-out. b. 20.80 m very good condition 1993Orthaus15
3 assige semi-trailers 1992Other3
3 axis tele-trailers, extendable to 21 2005Other8
3-axle semi-trailers - Disc Brake 2010Other1
3-axle semi-trailers - sideboards 1999Other1
3-axle trailer with ramps gooseneck jumbo 1992Other7
3xVorhanden platform with sideboards 2001Other11
ACTM steel suspension 1996Other6
AFA 3-axle semi-trailer - Mega Trailer 1995Other1

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