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Tipper, Semi-trailer Vehicles

Benalu 10.50m 2.20m x 55m3 1999Benalu7
Benalu 10.60m 2.10m x 52m3 1992Benalu6
Benalu 10.60m 2.10m x 52m3 1999Benalu7
Benalu 10.60m 2.20m x 55m3 1994Benalu6
Benalu 10.70m 2m x 50m3 1998Benalu6
Benalu 11.40m 1.90m x 53m3 1988Benalu5
Benalu 11.40m 2.20m x 62m3 1989Benalu6
Benalu 23 cub in Alu 1995Benalu7
Benalu 23 cub in aluminum 1995Benalu6
Benalu 24m ³; Plane, aluminum frame 2005Benalu5
Benalu 25 cub in Alu 2000Benalu7
Benalu 25 cub in aluminum 2000Benalu5
Benalu 27 cub in aluminum 1995Benalu1
Benalu 3 AS 1996Benalu8
Benalu 3-axle semi-trailer aluminum 50 cbm grain slide 1999Benalu4
Benalu 3-axle tipper - 24 m³ 2010Benalu1
Benalu 3-axle tipper 25m ³ 2009Benalu1
Benalu 3-axle tipping trailer 25 m³ 2009Benalu1
Benalu 30 M3 (BY ACCIDENT) 2001Benalu6
Benalu 30 m3 TIPTRAILER 2002Benalu3
Benalu 3L ALUMULDE 44 CBM 2002Benalu12
Benalu 3S 24 1979Benalu4
Benalu 40 KUB 1996Benalu3
Benalu 45 m³ Bulk 2002Benalu5
Benalu 47m3 tipper paletizable 1996Benalu6
Benalu 48 m³ kipper 1999Benalu10
Benalu 48 m³ kipper (2 pcs) 1999Benalu5
Benalu 48m ³ Hinterkippauflieger 2003Benalu5
Benalu 48m ³ Hinterkippauflieger 2004Benalu3
Benalu 48m3 2001Benalu3
Benalu 50 cub in aluminum 1987Benalu7
Benalu 50 cub in aluminum 1992Benalu7
Benalu 50 m³ Hinterkippauflieger curb weight: 5600 kg 2008Benalu1
Benalu 50m complete ALU 6500kg 2006Benalu5
Benalu 50m3 2009Benalu5
Benalu 53 m³ kipper 2000Benalu11
Benalu 53m3, FULL ALU 2004Benalu15
Benalu 56 cub in aluminum 1988Benalu7
Benalu 58m3 tipper 2005Benalu4
Benalu 60 cbm 2004Benalu12
Benalu 62m3 1990Benalu5
Benalu 64 m³ kipper 2005Benalu6
Benalu 65M ³ TIPPER VOLUME 2010Benalu13
Benalu 7.27 astro runner cub 2008Benalu8
Benalu 72cbm 2008Benalu13
Benalu 75 80 85 90 2002Benalu15
Benalu 9.50m x 1.75m aluminum tipper 39m3 1991Benalu6
Benalu 9.50m x 2.20m 49m3 1990Benalu6
Benalu About 30 cubic tipper * * 1994Benalu4
Benalu Agriline 50m ³ (combi-door) 2009Benalu6
Benalu Agriliner - only 5820 kg weight! 2007Benalu5
Benalu Agriliner 50m ³ (combi-door) 2012Benalu7
Benalu ALU 27M ³ TIPPER 2011Benalu10
Benalu ALU 58M ³ TIPPER 2011Benalu14
Benalu Alukipper / 25 m / rims 2009Benalu9
Benalu Alukipper about 52nd Cubic 1989Benalu4
Benalu Alukipper approx 52nd Kubik 1989Benalu4
Benalu Aluminum Hinterkippsattelauflieger 1995Benalu9
Benalu aluminum tipper 10.60m 2.10m x 52m3 1989Benalu7
Benalu aluminum tipper 10.60m 2.20m x 55m3 1996Benalu6
Benalu aluminum tipper, 10.60m 2.20m x 62m3 1992Benalu5
Benalu Aluminum tray 50 m³ / Bencer 2009Benalu4
Benalu ASTRO RUNNER 2011Benalu1
Benalu bena cereale 58m cubi 2003Benalu5
Benalu BENALU 68 m3 2006Benalu6
Benalu BENALU country Liner 50m ³ 2008Benalu11
Benalu BENALU DA24/87 32sqm dumpers 2001Benalu12
Benalu Bencere DA 24/95 Country Liner / Liner country DA 24/95 2008Benalu4
Benalu Bulkliner 58m ³, Vollalu 2010Benalu7
Benalu C34CNSB01 3 axes SMB ALU / ALU Plane 2006Benalu5
Benalu Campfens 70 m3 2006Benalu6
Benalu CEREAL 6720KG DRY WEIGHT 1999Benalu2
Benalu CEREALIERE 1985Benalu3
Benalu CEREALIERE 1986Benalu3
Benalu CEREALIERE 1987Benalu3
Benalu CEREALIERE 1989Benalu2
Benalu CEREALIERE 1991Benalu6
Benalu CEREALIERE 1997Benalu7
Benalu Combined, aluminum, 50 m³, slightly lift 2005Benalu3
Benalu COUNTRY / AGRI / BULK LINER 40-58m3 lekka ULTRA! 2012Benalu5
Benalu COUNTRY / BULK LINER 40-58 m3 zboża, węgiel, buraki 2012Benalu3
Benalu Country aluminum liner, 50 m³, combined door 2012Benalu6
Benalu Country Liner 2003Benalu3
Benalu Country Liner 2009Benalu5
Benalu Country Liner 47m3 2012Benalu5
Benalu Country liner 50 m³, pendulum flap 2011Benalu12
Benalu Country liner 50 m³, Universal Door 2011Benalu13
Benalu Country Liner 50m ³ Kombiklape 2008Benalu6
Benalu Country Liner 50m ³ pendulum flap GMP 2008Benalu6
Benalu Country liner 50M3 2012Benalu2
Benalu Country Liner 50m3 super lekki Thurs produktów rolnych 2012Benalu5
Benalu Country liner, tarp, air, ABS, easily 2011Benalu3
Benalu Country liners, aluminum dump body. 2011Benalu5
Benalu D37AEB 2004Benalu6
Benalu DA24/95 country Liner 2005Benalu3
Benalu DA78 T3 - Dump Truck 1991Benalu2
Benalu fab 2003 axa liftanta frinare discuri 2003Benalu5
Benalu FF T 34C 2001Benalu4
Benalu Full-aluminum, air, elevator, ABS, platform, Rollpl., 26m3 1998Benalu3
Benalu General Trailers 2003Benalu5

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