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Standard tractor/trailer unit, Semi-trailer truck Vehicles

Iveco AT 440 S 42T accident 2008Iveco14
Iveco AT 440S40 T / P 2004Iveco5
Iveco AT 440S42 Euro5 dumperhydraulic, 430,450,420 2007Iveco15
Iveco AT 440S45 EURO5, Automatick 2008Iveco12
Iveco AT N 400 T45 WT 2009Iveco6
Iveco AT400T41 2011Iveco4
Iveco AT440S31T / P 2005Iveco5
Iveco AT440S35 2006Iveco15
Iveco AT440S35T / P (air suspension air heater) 2005Iveco6
Iveco AT440S36T / P 2007Iveco7
Iveco AT440S36TP (Euro 5) 2008Iveco12
Iveco AT440S42 2007Iveco15
Iveco AT440S42 T / P 2006Iveco4
Iveco AT440S42T / P CUBE € 5 15Xverfügbar 2007Iveco5
Iveco AT440S42T / P Cube with a flat roof + PTO 2008Iveco8
Iveco AT440S42T / P NEW (Euro5 climate) 2009Iveco6
Iveco AT440S42TP 2007Iveco3
Iveco AT440S43 / DAMAGE GEAR 2006Iveco7
Iveco AT440S43 / TEILETRAEGER 2005Iveco6
Iveco AT440S43 2006Iveco4
Iveco AT440S45T / P (Euro4 Intarder Air) 2009Iveco6
Iveco AT440S45T / P NEW (Euro5 Intarder Air) 2008Iveco6
Iveco AT440S45T/PSL (intarder air heater) 2011Iveco6
Iveco AT44OS36T 2008Iveco8
Iveco AT44S43TP 2005Iveco9
Iveco Cube 18 450 Euro 5 manual 2007Iveco3
Iveco Cube 18 450 Lowdeck 2007Iveco10
Iveco Cursor 260 EH / 1, 6x4, 380HP, Euro 3 2003Iveco8
Iveco CURSOR 390 Year 2000 ZF MANUAL AIR 2000Iveco5
Iveco Daily 35-12 - 3.5 tonnes GVW 1998Iveco13
Iveco Daily 49-12 - 5.0 tonnes GVW 1998Iveco13
Iveco Daily 50C17 City-/MiniSattel switch speedometer age 2006Iveco8
Iveco Daily 50C18 City-/MiniSattel counter top! 2007Iveco9
Iveco Daily 65 C 18 3.0 HPI mini trailer with trailer 2008Iveco14
Iveco Daily mini trailer tractor DOKA 7.5 to/12to 2008Iveco12
Iveco Daily tractor trailer DOKA Saxas 7.5 to/12to 2008Iveco13
Iveco Euro Cargo 2002Iveco5
Iveco Euro Cargo 80 E 21 + Sattlezug trailer air 2004Iveco13
Iveco Euro Cargo 80 E 22 Air 2008Iveco9
Iveco Euro Cargo 80 E 22, with 1-axle trailer Plugge 2008Iveco9
Iveco Euro Cargo ML280 E23 T 1994Iveco5
Iveco Euro Star 2000Iveco4
Iveco Euro Star 430 ET 2001Iveco4
Iveco Euro Star 440 E 43 2002Iveco2
Iveco Euro Star 440 E 46 Cursor 2002Iveco14
Iveco Euro Star 440 E 47, retarders, air conditioning, leather 1997Iveco9
Iveco Euro Star 440E38 1999Iveco5
Iveco Euro Star 440E43, Crane TIRRE 4120kg 17m 2001Iveco10
Iveco Euro Star 440E43 CURSOR 2001Iveco15
Iveco Euro star 480 2002Iveco9
Iveco Euro Star compressor Thurs wydmuchu 2002Iveco6
Iveco Euro Star Cursor 2001Iveco5
Iveco Euro Star Cursor 440 2000Iveco5
Iveco EUROCARGO ML180E21T / P + AIR, NET € 5.750, = 2000Iveco7
Iveco EUROSTAR 1999Iveco8
Iveco EUROSTAR 420 hp INTARDER 1998Iveco5
Iveco EUROSTAR 440 automatic, gearbox 2001Iveco10
Iveco EUROSTAR 440 E 38 1997Iveco3
Iveco EUROSTAR 440 E 43 2001Iveco6
Iveco EUROSTAR 440E38, KIPPHYDR.! 1999Iveco5
Iveco EUROSTAR 440E42 parts carrier 1996Iveco7
Iveco EUROSTAR 440E43 2000Iveco12
Iveco EUROSTAR 440E47T 1995Iveco8
Iveco EUROSTAR automatic intarder 440 EURO 3 2001Iveco10
Iveco EUROSTAR CURSOR 10 EUROTRONIC Euro3 430 2001Iveco5
Iveco EUROSTAR LD440E43 2000Iveco3
Iveco EuroTech 2004Iveco6
Iveco EUROTECH 350 1999Iveco4
Iveco Eurotech 440 400 hp air intarder ADR 2001Iveco5
Iveco Eurotech 440 E38-chassis, engine, gearbox 1998Iveco10
Iveco EUROTECH 440E31 2002Iveco5
Iveco EUROTECH 440E34, 340 hp 1993Iveco1
Iveco Eurotech 440E38 1998 1998Iveco8
Iveco EuroTech 440E39 T / P CURSOR - BLOCK Diferenz / PTO 2001Iveco15
Iveco EUROTECH 440E40 6X2 2001Iveco4
Iveco EuroTech 440E42 2000Iveco6
Iveco EUROTECH 440E42 420km MANUAL 1999Iveco4
Iveco Eurotech 440E43 2003 2003Iveco4
Iveco EUROTECH 6X4 (EURO 2) 1995Iveco3
Iveco EuroTech cursor 390 2000Iveco6
Iveco EUROTECH MP 440 E 35 T / P (218) 2001Iveco10
Iveco EUROTRAKKER AD400T44 4X4 2006Iveco7
Iveco Iveco Magirus 260-25 6x6 Org.189 \ 1986Iveco4
Iveco IVECO MAGIRUS 440 ET 1999Iveco5
Iveco IVECO Stralis 440S43 2003Iveco7
Iveco IVECO Stralis 440S45 2007Iveco8
Iveco Iveco440 € Star Air 2002Iveco5
Iveco K/MP720E44HAT 6x4 2003Iveco5
Iveco LD 440 air retarder 2001Iveco13
Iveco LD 440 E 43 TP € Star Cursor 2000Iveco8
Iveco LD440 AIRCO 2 PIECES - NL TRUCKS 1998Iveco13
Iveco LD440 Trailer 1980 1998Iveco6
Iveco LD440E43 2000Iveco13
Iveco Magirus 2001Iveco4
Iveco Magirus 2008Iveco8
Iveco Magirus 2011Iveco2
Iveco MAGIRUS 440 2002Iveco2
Iveco Magirus 440E47 T 1999Iveco13
Iveco Magirus 480 2003Iveco9

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