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Beverages trailer, Trailer Vehicles

Bunge ! Beverage establishment! with lift 1999Bunge5
Bunge ! Drink up! with lift 1999Bunge5
Bunge Swivel Wall suitcase suitcase drinks LBW 1997Bunge6
Bunge ZP 180 LBW Sörensen 2000 kg 1997Bunge5
Dinkel Bad construction m. Cargo securing 1998Dinkel3
Dinkel DAKW 1800 Swivel Wall trunk Certified VDI2700 2004Dinkel5
Dinkel M bad design. Load restraint 1998Dinkel3
Fitzel ANH. and bows BRAND: Franz Fischer 1992Fitzel5
Hendricks Wingliner 1997Hendricks8
Hoffmann LPK 18.0T 1994Hoffmann7
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer V 14 L 1993Kassbohrer6
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer V 14 L 6.72 mtr long 1992Kassbohrer2
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer V 14 L drinks swing wall body 1991Kassbohrer8
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer Z14L drinks body 1991Kassbohrer5
Klagie Beverage dispensing beer wagon island 2007Klagie12
Kotschenreuther APF218 beverage trailer from 1 Hand-status TOP 2000Kotschenreuther15
Kotschenreuther Beverages trunk 1995Kotschenreuther4
Kotschenreuther In 3000 GSK roof design 2006Kotschenreuther2
Kotschenreuther Tandem LBW LPF 218 1998Kotschenreuther5
Kotschenreuther Tandem trailer with liftgate drinks 1998Kotschenreuther10
Lafaro Tandem swing wall appendix with LBW 1995Lafaro3
Obermaier Tandem trailer swing wall 2001Obermaier2
Orten 18 1999Orten5
Orten 2-axis swivel wall Anh 2001Orten2
Orten 2-axis swivel wall appendix with LBW 2001Orten2
Orten 2-axis swivel wall trailer 2000Orten3
Orten 2-axle trailer drinks 2000Orten3
Orten 2 axle trailer swing wall / LBW / VDI 2700 2001Orten3
Orten AG * 18T tandem beverage 12.600KG payload * 2003Orten12
Orten AG 18 beverage trailer 2008Orten15
Orten AG 18 swivel wall-top roof, LBW 2000Orten5
Orten AG 18 T / beverage case / Duomatic 2001Orten2
Orten AG 18 T / Beverages trunk / Duomatic 2001Orten2
Orten AG 18 T / beverages with swivel wall 2004Orten12
Orten AG 18 T 2000Orten4
Orten AG 18 T-box drinks 2004Orten5
Orten AG 18 T tandem drinks / swivel wall trailer 2002Orten5
Orten AG 18 T top roof and forklift driving 2005Orten15
Orten AG 18T Safe Server 2005Orten5
Orten AG18T / certificate DIN VDI 2700 2004Orten6
Orten AG18T 2003Orten3
Orten AG18T beverage trailer with LBW 2002Orten11
Orten AG18T Gert intrigue trailer with swing wall body 2001Orten6
Orten AGT drinks swing wall 18 T 2700 certified 2004Orten4
Orten BEVERAGE TRAILER / ZA 8 L 2001Orten15
Orten Beverage Trailers safe Sever with certificate 2007Orten6
Orten Center-pivot wall trailer / Certified 1998Orten6
Orten Exclusive-dispensing trolley 2009Orten13
Orten Getränkeaufbau 1999Orten4
Orten Getränkeaufbau with LBW VDI 2700 2004Orten2
Orten Keppler beverage trailer, el Roll tarp, Portaltür 2002Orten8
Orten Keppler swing wall body with tail lift two to.T 2001Orten3
Orten Keppler swing wall mounting TA 18 L 2003Orten3
Orten SA drinks suitcase 1999Orten7
Orten Safe-server / certified! VDI 2700 2004Orten5
Orten Swivel screen with LBW 1991Orten6
Orten Swivel Wall Topliner, LBW, VDI2700, repainted 2004Orten13
Orten Swivel wall with LBW 2006Orten1
Orten Tandem 18t 2001Orten5
Orten Tandem Beverage Trailers 2000Orten2
Orten Tandem Beverage Trailers 2003Orten3
Orten Tandem drinks Anh certified LBW 2003Orten7
Orten Tandem mount + swap 1996Orten2
Orten Tandem refrigerated trailer width to 2.6 version 2012Orten2
Orten TANDEM SAVE SAFER trailer + motor car construction 2004Orten2
Orten Tandem Schwenkwandanhänger trailer / truck / VDI 2700 2002Orten11
Orten Tandem Schwenkwandanhänger/Überdach/LBW/VDI2700 2002Orten6
Orten Tandem trailer cooling to 2.6 2012Orten1
Orten Tandem trailer drinks * Certificate * 2002Orten3
Orten Tandem trailer drinks 2003Orten3
Orten Tandem trailer swing wall 1994Orten4
Orten Tandem trailer swing wall 1999Orten2
Orten Tandem trailer swing wall 2009Orten2
Orten Tandem trailer swing wall on roof / VDI 2700 2002Orten3
Orten Tandem trailer swing wall on roof 2000Orten2
Orten Tandem trailer swivel wall / LBW / VDI 2700/7.300mm 2002Orten5
Orten Tandem trailer with swing wall LBW 2000Orten2
Orten Tandem truck Anh drinks holder 2004Orten1
Orten Trailer swing wall / CERTIFIED 1995Orten1
ACI Riesweiler VKD 250 1989Other4
Blumhardt L 18th 65E beverage trailer 1985Other6
Estepe 2003Other5
EVIL tandem trailer swivel wall / LBW / VDI 2700 2001Other3
Ewers Bierwagen 1987Other9
Fahnenbruck with cooling serving cell cars 1993Other5
Fehring drinks tandem swing wall LBW 1998Other5
Graaff 2 axle refrigerated trailer turntable / 230 volts 1994Other4
Hecka AFG-TA/11L 2005Other6
Hegert SIG18 beverage trailer 1998Other3
Isopolar tandem refrigerated trailer / 2.6 to 2004Other5
Kumlin AKO 14 refrigerated trailers 1987Other9
Octagon Beverage Beverage Trailers 1996Other4
Peki 78.14 L curtainsider 1999Other5
Peki drinks tandem lift 2002Other2
PEKI GVA in 2700 serving drinks trailer 2007Other10
PEKI serving drinks trolley 1990Other5

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