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Box, Trailer Vehicles

Koch 125.250.13 HOOD TRAILER +100 km / h 1.3 t bkb 2011Koch14
Koch 125x250cm 1,3 t + hood 125cm Interior Height 2012Koch15
Koch 125x250cm 1,3 t + hood 140cm Interior Height 2012Koch15
Koch 125x250cm 750kg + lid, 65cm height, U4 2012Koch11
Koch 125x250cm 750kg + lid height 50cm U4 2012Koch10
Koch 125x250cm 750kg + lid height 80cm U4 2012Koch10
Koch 125x250cm 750kg 125cm + hood interior height 2012Koch15
Koch 125x250cm 750kg 140cm + hood interior height 2012Koch15
Koch 750kg + cover 105x205cm, height 50cm U2 2012Koch11
Koch 750kg + cover 105x205cm, height 80cm U2 2012Koch11
Koch Aluminum trailer cover 250x125 2010Koch3
Koch Case 152x301cm Height: 180cm + 2t side flap 2012Koch12
Koch Case 153x301cm Height: 180cm 2.0 t 2012Koch12
Koch Case 153x301cm Height: 180cm 2t, + access ramp 2012Koch12
Koch Case 155x300cm H: 185cm 2.0 t 2012Koch14
Koch Case 155x300x185 2,0 t + ramp 2012Koch15
Koch Case 175x426cm Height: 190cm 2.6 t 2012Koch12
Koch Case 204x426cm Height: 210cm 3.0 t 2012Koch11
Koch Cool 6Typ C6 150x300x190cm 2.6 t 2012Koch12
Koch Sandwich box 175x366cm 2.6 t 2012Koch9
Koch Sandwich box 175x426cm Height: 210, 3.0 t 2012Koch10
Koch U 2 105x205cm ALU + + + COVER PAPER railing hkh 2011Koch7
Koch U4 125x250 cm 1-axle trailer cover 2009Koch10
Koch U4 cover 2011Koch7
Koch U4 with lift lid and increase NEW 2011Koch3
Koch U5 300 x 125 x 95 Aluminum cover 100Km / h 2007Koch5
Kotschenreuther APF 218 / trunk / liftgate 1999Kotschenreuther15
Kotschenreuther APF 218/Koffer/Ladebordwand 1997Kotschenreuther15
Kotschenreuther Tandem Jumbo, 8.1 m + LBW, load-through 2005Kotschenreuther5
Kotschenreuther WB7.82 m WKSTC782 jumbo clothes box with holes 2001Kotschenreuther8
Kroeger Luggage Tag 1999Kroeger5
Kroeger Tandem ZA3 + LBW 2003Kroeger6
Kroeger Tandem ZA3 + LBW 2004Kroeger6
Kroeger Tandem ZGL 290 2000Kroeger6
Krukenmeier ALUKOFFERANHÄNGER, ABS, AIR, 2.6 M HIGH 1999Krukenmeier15
Krukenmeier TLK 10 tandem 2010Krukenmeier3
Luck Lück Rollerbahn air freight box 1990Luck5
MEGA Otto Muenz Luggage Tag 1992MEGA5
MEGA Przyczepa Tandem Z Trójstronnym wywrot PRZYCZE 2012MEGA8
Neptun Go Kart Trailer 2005Neptun5
Niewiadow Niewiadów 12-2005 2005Niewiadow5
Niewiadow Niewiadów B2036HT trailers sandwich 5m long 2012Niewiadow5
Niewiadow Niewiadów luggage trailer 2000 kg 2011Niewiadow5
Obermaier 0D2 - L 105 L 2010Obermaier9
Obermaier 0S2 - 105 L L 2007Obermaier8
Obermaier 0S2 - 105 L L Young-up 2006Obermaier11
Obermaier case 2004Obermaier4
Obermaier Case tandem trailer air suspension 2001Obermaier4
Obermaier ETN 65 1995Obermaier4
Obermaier ETN box body 89 1995Obermaier7
Obermaier OS2-trailer L69L Möbelkoffer with portal doors 2009Obermaier8
Obermaier OS2 trunk / Möbelkoffer 2000Obermaier12
Obermaier Tandem box with tail lift 2003Obermaier12
Obermaier Tandem trunk with tail lift 2003Obermaier12
Obermaier TFK 105 APC 1995Obermaier5
Obermaier TFK 65 Luggage Tag 2000Obermaier13
Obermaier TFK air 105, rear doors 2000Obermaier14
Obermaier TFK105 tandem TFK 105 Air ABS 10500kg 2000Obermaier15
Orten AG 18 T-box drinks 2004Orten5
Orten AG 18 T top roof and forklift driving 2005Orten14
Orten SA drinks suitcase 1999Orten6
. Gomm tandem trunk 5.80 m * net 2,900 -. * 1992Other12
1.3 ton 3x1, 5x1, 85m - Interior light 100km / h lashing 2011Other15
11.9 tonnes tandem trunk * 7.28m + month lease LBW 522nd 2011Other12
1300kg braked 2,5 x1, 25x1, 5m indoor light 100km / h 2011Other8
2.0 To re-TOP case - ramptail trailer! 2011Other9
2000 kg - 3x1, 5x1, 85m - Interior light - 100 km / h 2011Other13
203 618 Isolierkoffer 2011Other15
2x Koegel F.X. ZPK 12 cases 1990Other5
3.00 x 1.51 x all purpose trunk 1.85m, 2000kg 2011Other5
3.5 tons of used Alukofferanhänger 400x230x230cm 2007Other4
35V AM 1991Other8
6.6 mtr. Refrigerated trailers, air suspension 18 To. 1989Other3
750 kg 2,5 x1, 25x1, 5m indoor light 100 km / h 2011Other10
Aluminum box trailer 330x169x180 cm, 2000 kg 2011Other9
Aluminum case construction, 2500 kg GVW, 300x182x180cm 2011Other9
Aluminum lid closed box trailer ramp 1998Other5
ANH Geschl.Kasten 2008Other7
Army overrunning brake 1962Other6
Available 3 times Bodden TAN THE 2001Other3
BDF steel case 7.45 m 2006Other4
BDF swap, luggage, storage containers 1996Other9
BDF swap, luggage, storage containers 1998Other7
Beilharz TAP 8.7 Möbelkoffer ** - * Load-through 1992Other10
Bender box trailer open / closed 1300 kg 1991Other5
Blumhardt L 18/74 e former Coca-Cola 1992Other3
Box trailer 3500 kg 2012Other7
box vans 2012Other5
CAR GRILL 1993Other15
Carbo MK 2040 Tandem Trailer Iso sandwich construction 2004Other10
carbo snack dare varkauf 2011Other14
Cargo / Streetbox 273x150x185cm - 1600kg 2011Other15
CargoAlu 254 119 2011Other5
Carlux tandem trunk 2000Other6
Case with Lbw. 7.2 long 1999Other4
Case with rear doors x 3 times 1996Other6
Castle BPDO 12-20 LS 1990Other5
Closed aluminum box trailer 400x200x185 cm 2011Other15
Closed Box 1983Other5

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