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Box, Trailer Vehicles

OTHER suitcase 155x300x185 2,0 t + ramp 2011Other15
OTHER suitcase LK 128x255cm Height: 153 1.3 t Auffa 2011Other14
OTHER suitcase LK 128x255cm Height: 153cm 1.3 t 2011Other15
OTHER TAURUS XL bike trailer 1.5t 2011Other15
OTHER Trailer Sales 171x372cm H: 190cm, 2, 2011Other8
P1882KO STEEL suspension 1987Other5
Pielhau EP12L * 1.Hand * 2002Other15
Pipe KA-10, 5 m case. Insulating walls 1991Other5
PIPE KA 18 - L mtr 7.2. LBW lift 1999Other4
PNJ PROD RENT 12:00 2004Other11
Promotional trailer snack * unused * unique * 2008Other15
Przyczepa Lekka CNSE 750kg 2006Other5
Race transporter 1992Other5
Raven-Gros pursuit 2006Other5
Rebel Compact Dalery 2011Other5
Rebel Dalery 1 Eco 2011Other5
Reinhardt luggage trailer 1992Other5
REITH calibration vintage car trailer 1976Other3
Retractable aluminum carrying case 346x158x212 cm 2500kg 2011Other13
Retractable luggage - 2.0 tons - useful width 2014 mm 2011Other15
Retractable luggage - 2.5 t - useful width 2014 mm 2011Other15
Retractable luggage - 3.0 t - useful width 2014 mm 2011Other15
Samro Ava Clip 3 axis 1988Other4
Sandwich box trailer 499x200x200 cm 3500 kg 2011Other11
SAXAS 12t dry freight trailers / trunk 2011Other2
SAXAS tandem box trailer to 11.9 2011Other4
Saxas tandem trailer 2009Other4
Schier - tandem trunk 1993Other5
Schlumbohm and Rohde By loader 2001Other5
Schlumbohm and Rohde By loader 2003Other6
Schroeder Wiesmoor (Flowers / Florists / Flowers Transp 2000Other4
SCHWARZMÜLLER 2A BDF (id: 7993) 1998Other3
Schwarzmuller Budowlana 2001Other3
SDAH. Closed box wagenbouw R15 2004Other4
Selling retractable trailer 3.2t 2011Other15
Sommer AG 120 T, Möbelkoffer 1994Other4
Special trailer box body 1991Other5
Spier AGL 290 jumbo trailer # 3196 1994Other12
Spier AGL 290 jumbo trailer! HU - NEW! 1994Other12
Spier HGL 2/50 1993Other5
Star Steinhagen MBB 1000K/700 with LBW 2004Other14
Staufen box trailer 5x2, 5x2m 3000 kg HUGE 1995Other11
SVAN CHTP 10V 1999Other7
SVAN TCH10 V-17, 5 CELLO 2002Other1
Tandem 3550kg 1995Other3
Tandem box trailer NEW 318, - per month 2011Other6
Tandem box trailer with rear doors 1983Other5
Tandem carbonyl BV (NL) SDAH Closed Box 1999Other4
Tandem flatbed, barrel 2 t, Box 2007Other5
Tandem LBW 1997Other5
Tandem refrigerated trailer 7.35 m. long Thermo King 2000Other5
Tandem trailer with box 1993Other12
Tandem trunk 7.20 m / NEW / 334, - per month 2011Other6
Tandem trunk liftgate 301-month 2008Other6
Tandem trunk per month through loader + tail lift. 368, - 2009Other6
Tandem trunk through loader / NEW / 340, - per month 2011Other6
Tandem trunk with tail lift 2003Other12
Tandem trunk with tail lift 2007Other12
tended CASE FURNITURE - ton trailer 12! 1993Other8
Through LBW + loader tandem trunk NEW 453, - per month 2011Other6
Through LBW Isolated Loader tandem trailer 2000Other7
Through tandem trunk tailgate loader + 374-month 2006Other6
Trailer with aluminum lid Kofferanh. 2012Other4
Trailers Neuss 2011Other3
Trautwein geschl.Kasten 1992Other5
Trebbiner Fahrzeugb. 1993Other5
Trike Trailer 2002Other5
Trouillet Closed box 1997Other4
Tulco suitcase swap 7.45 1999Other5
Turntable aluminum luggage tags, 440 x 210cm 3.5T 2011Other12
Type ETK 1530 2011Other6
USA Carry Top Look 2008Other12
Vans 1985Other4
Var trailer 1989Other12
VEHICLE * 18 * WZ 1997Other3
Veldhuizen P37-4 click star 2009Other7
Vidal Herbert 1948Other5
VS 3000 2011Other3
VZ26KB1-1200kg 2011Other3
VZ31KB2 - 2500kg ramp 2011Other3
VZ31KB2 2011Other3
WELLMEYER TC018 (id: 6233) 1999Other3
wells cargo 2011Other12
Wiese 1 axle trailer Kleiderkoffer Luftgefeder 2005Other15
Wilson Double Deck SAF axles 1999Other12
Wüllhorst ZPRAS 18 tandem / loader through 2005Other10
WM S-AZ, car trailer 2003Other1
XTRAIL box trailer aluminum construction 2011Other6
XTRAIL box trailer with side door 2011Other9
Young ZKO 10.5 T 2000Other6
Zanner 92/104 KS 6294 1994Other6
Ziegler trolley with portable fire 1997Other14
Palfinger P2 TP4 Möbelkoffer 1993Palfinger3
ROHR 18 CI with liftgate. MINT CONDITION! 2007ROHR15
ROHR 2 Iso-axle box trailer lift 2004ROHR6
ROHR BEAR RAK/18 case with LBW 2007ROHR4
ROHR BPW axles Box with tail lift 1999ROHR8
ROHR Isolation Box ca.43m ³ LBW Bear BC2000 2007ROHR13

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