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Car carrier, Trailer Vehicles

Fitzel DUO 35-21/83 tridem 2009Fitzel6
Fitzel DUO 35-22 2004Fitzel5
Fitzel DUO 35-22/83 for 2 vehicles 2.20 m wide 2008Fitzel5
Fitzel Duo 35-23 83 \ 2012Fitzel7
Fitzel DUO 35-24/83 2006Fitzel10
Fitzel DUO EURO 35, Tüv new, new tires, 1 Hand 2005Fitzel8
Fitzel DUO FOR 3500 CAPACITY 2800 KG 2 Automotive 1996Fitzel6
Fitzel Enclosed auto transport trailer with tarpaulin 2000Fitzel11
Fitzel EUR 35 22 60 tilt-plateau over ramps 2009Fitzel7
Fitzel Euro 20 - 20/41 2011Fitzel1
Fitzel Euro 22-19 ZW 1995Fitzel4
Fitzel EURO 2200 1993Fitzel13
Fitzel Euro 25-19 1994Fitzel5
Fitzel Euro 25-19 ZW 1998Fitzel5
Fitzel EURO 25 19ZW aluminum car trailer trailer 1999Fitzel5
Fitzel Euro 25-20 ZW 2002Fitzel5
Fitzel EURO 27-20/41 T TOP!!! 2005Fitzel10
Fitzel Euro-27-20/41ZW full-Alu 2012Fitzel6
Fitzel EURO 30 - 20/48 T 100 km / h approval 2009Fitzel5
Fitzel EURO 30-20 K aluminum car transport trailer 1998Fitzel5
Fitzel Euro 30-20 L with tarpaulin 1999Fitzel14
Fitzel EURO 30-20/48 ZW 2010Fitzel8
Fitzel EURO 30-20/48 ZW EU-NEU/TZ 2011Fitzel15
Fitzel EURO 30-20/48 ZW EU NEW 2011Fitzel15
Fitzel EURO 30-20/48 ZW EU NEW 2012Fitzel15
Fitzel EURO 30-20/48 ZW LIKE NEW EXHIBIT 2011Fitzel15
Fitzel EURO 30-20/48 ZW presenter DEMO TRAILER 2012Fitzel15
Fitzel EURO 30-20/48T 2005Fitzel5
Fitzel EURO 30-20/48T DEMO TRAILER 2012Fitzel15
Fitzel EURO 30-22/48 T TOP 3000 kg 2009Fitzel5
Fitzel Euro 35 - 20/48 T 2007Fitzel11
Fitzel Euro 35 2010Fitzel5
Fitzel Euro duo 35-21/83 2008Fitzel6
Fitzel EURO T 27-20/41 2010Fitzel15
Fitzel EURO27-19 T 2005Fitzel2
Fitzel EURO27/20-41T 2008Fitzel5
Fitzel FIT-ZEL 35-22/48 VAT invoice 2008Fitzel3
Fitzel MultiTrailer 1984Fitzel2
Fitzel Rally 17-20/35 2012Fitzel7
Fitzel TIM AT 28-20/41T 2011Fitzel11
Fitzel Tridem 2006Fitzel5
Fitzel Tridem EURO 35 2006Fitzel12
Fitzel Vollalu 28-20-41T - 2.8T - SR 07/12 - TOP 2012Fitzel1
Heinemann 538 1v4 2001Heinemann5
Heinemann AT 2026 2001Heinemann9
Henra 2.7 ton truck ramps \u0026 3.51 x 1.85 2011Henra14
Henra 2.7 ton truck ramps \u0026 4.04 x 1.85 2011Henra11
Henra 2.7 ton truck \u0026 rail pit 4.04 x 1.85 2011Henra2
Henra 2.7 ton truck \u0026 rail pit 4.04 x 2.02 2011Henra6
Henra AT 2008Henra5
Henra AT01300D 2008Henra5
Henra AT27 K11 / 2.7 ton aluminum floor with Top / 10 inch 2012Henra8
Henra MTK Tipper 2008Henra3
Henra tandem 2007Henra1
Hoffmann Trailer 1997Hoffmann5
Hoffmann TS - 2000 1999Hoffmann5
Homar Vinyl cover 1993Homar4
Hulco Medax 3040 ramps 3000kg 402x203x200cm Plane NEW 2011Hulco7
Hulco Terrax-2 transporter Construction 2011Hulco4
Hulco Terrax Transporter 2 machines 2012Hulco4
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer Metago APT 003 2012Kassbohrer4
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer Supertrans 1997Kassbohrer3
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer Z zabudowa LOHR 1992Kassbohrer4
Klagie Aluminium Platform Truck with HL 3.3 to E winds 2001Klagie4
Klagie Car transport trailer with electric winch Vollverz 1999Klagie5
Klagie Car transporter / trailer Motorcycle 2011Klagie12
Klagie Forklift trailer / trailer 1995Klagie5
Klagie Travel trailer / car trailer with canopy 2011Klagie6
Klagie Vehicle / car double-deck trailer 2011Klagie3
Klagie Vehicle / car trailer 2011Klagie1
Klagie Vehicle / car trailer, tilting 2011Klagie3
Klagie Vehicle / trailer car trunk 2011Klagie4
Koch Car Transporter Multi Transporter MSX, aluminum floor 2012Koch13
Koch Smart Box trailer Type S 2011Koch5
Koch Smart trailer / small car trailer 2003Koch9
Koch Type S 350cm Smart trailer / small car trailer 2011Koch4
Koch Type S Auto Trailer (smart trailer) 1500 Kg 2008Koch4
Koch Type S Smart trailer / small car trailer 2011Koch4
Kroeger Cargo Trailers 2006Kroeger5
Kroeger Felix -Autoanhänger/Plattformanhänger- 2008Kroeger4
Kroeger Felix 2003Kroeger5
Kroeger FELIX 25 TTF 40.20 / TADEM / TUV NEW 1995Kroeger3
Kroeger FELIX TF 1 1998Kroeger5
Kroeger G2400 1997Kroeger3
Kroeger SDAH car transporter 2008Kroeger3
Lafaro LAV Limburg 1991Lafaro4
Lafaro ZAA 3000 AT 1995Lafaro12
Niewiadow Niewiadów. 2006Niewiadow5
Niewiadow Niewiadów A2002BHT Autotransporter long 4m to 1350kg 2012Niewiadow5
Niewiadow Niewiadów A2502BHT car transport trailer with tarpaulin 2009Niewiadow3
Niewiadow Niewiadów A250BHT with SDAH Plane u.Spriegel 2004Niewiadow3
Niewiadow Niewiadów A2513HT auto transporters to 1835 Kg Fold 2012Niewiadow6
Niewiadow Niewiadów car trailer 2004Niewiadow5
Niewiadow Niewiadów, LAWETA 1996Niewiadow3
Niewiadow Niewiadów trailer 1995Niewiadow5
€ Lohr car transporter trailer with construction * 1999Other8
12 T. Lohr € 18 T.Berlin Germany exports. 12990.0 2001Other7
2000kg. Trailer with tarpaulin 1993Other12

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