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Car carrier, Trailer Vehicles

3.5t box Autoransporter Voss Vorführanhänger 2011Other14
3-axle vehicle in a class! For 2 cars, NEW! 2011Other12
3500kg car truck 500 x 196 cm 2011Other5
4.7 Producer-LAWETA WEEKEND gwarancja 2012Other7
A + A Hahn 2006Other4
absenkarer car carrier air suspension 100 km / h 2007Other10
ADAM 2000-2700kg 2011Other9
Agados ADAM 67 universal trailer 2006Other3
ALF AT 250 1991Other4
Algema Eder Allu Fold AT 2608 2000Other4
Alutraum Car 1900 136 2012Other13
arco AT2000 100km / h Zualssung 1991Other4
ATH 26 1993Other4
Atlas 4 2011Other8
Atlas 4.5 2011Other8
Atlas 4.5 na 13 kolach 2011Other8
Atlas 4 na kolach 13 2011Other8
ATX 3521 DS Jotha turntable 2011Other4
autotranporter 1983Other3
Autotransp. 430 x 199 cm 2700 kg 2011Other6
Autotransporter 2500kg 4.00 x2, 00 ACTION IS SPRE 2011Other5
Autotransporter 515 x 210 cm, 2700 kg 2011Other15
Autotransporter Grewe 2006Other8
Autotransporter Jotha ATC AS 2500, tiltable 2006Other5
BAOS BATK 305,519.5 2002Other8
BGV 2001Other3
BGV NP 6 (id: 5519) 1993Other3
Big Tex 14GN 2012Other5
BORO / Blyss Jupiter 2009Other5
BORO 2 axles, hydraulic tipping, 4.3 x 2m NEW! 2011Other9
BORO 2011Other7
Boro 2,6 T 2011Other6
BORO 3.5t, 8m car transporter for 2 cars 2012Other8
BORO 3.5t, 8m car transporter for 2 cars, NEW! 2011Other12
BORO BR 2 2010Other8
Boro BR3 3-axle extendable net € 5,500 2012Other10
Brandt / Extertal 1989Other1
BRENDERUP 8METER LONG FOR 2 car 2800kg 2007Other4
Buhl Auto Transport Trailers 1990Other5
BUHL (DK) auto-transport trailer, Year: 1990 1990Other7
Car / trailer Motoradtransport 1995Other6
Car-Special - van body 2011Other3
Car-trailer 2.5 tons 1983Other9
Car trailer 2002Other6
Car Trailer tiltable 2.5 t 1995Other4
Car Trailer with Winch 2,5 t 4x2 m NEW! 2011Other6
Car Transporter 1984Other5
Car Transporter, 1989Other8
Car Transporter 1995Other5
Car Transporter 2 cars 2011Other4
Car Transporter 2700 kg or 2000 kg NEW 2011Other6
Car Transporter 3.5 t 2xPKW 7940x2040 new car 2012Other5
Car transporter flatbed 2.7 t 4.0 m est. ground 2011Other5
Car transporter flatbed 2.7 t 4.5 m est. ground 2011Other5
CAR TRANSPORTER TRAILER ATLAS 2700; 4.0m Kubix 2011Other9
CAR TRANSPORTER TRAILER ATLAS 2700kg 4.5m Kubix 2011Other8
Car transporter, trailer, NEW TUV / 2600kg RNG 1994Other3
Car transporter with canvas 409x204x150, 2000kg 2011Other10
Car transporters, 1989Other8
Carbo 1997Other1
Closed 2000Other5
DA204019 with winch - new vehicle 2011Other8
DAV LIMBURG 1990Other1
DAV LIMBURG 1994Other4
DAV Limburg Auto Transport 2004Other6
DAV Limburg car trailer ramps 2.5 tonnes Hand Winch 2011Other1
DAV Limburger trailer construction 2009Other5
Diamond 1990Other3
DIY 1991Other5
Double-decker 1998Other2
EDER AT 2008LB 1998Other7
EDER KARO 2 OSiE 1998Other7
enclosed car transporter 550x230x200 cm 2011Other15
Enclosed Car Transporter 620x232x180cm 3.5T 2011Other13
Erath car transporter with tarpaulin 1990Other5
ESS trailer 1986Other3
Fahrenhorst Tietze 1991Other3
Farid Moncalieri 1984Other5
FASANO RT pøepravník 6aut (id: 7907) 2000Other3
Fitzel € 30-20/48 ZW dual tires 2011Other3
Full trailers for 2 cars 2009Other12
G 2000 2011Other5
G 35 1984Other5
Hirt 2700 1999Other5
HOTRARJIS full trailers 1998Other10
Höötmann AK 2700 2002Other11
Höötmann HF 3500 car 2 car transporter 2009Other8
Hydraulic tipping Boro BR2 2011Other7
IMF! Car Trailer! 2t! Fold! HU-NEW! 1999Other2
Indespension CT 27 167 tandem 2011Other4
Indespension Plant 106 multipurpose trailer 3.5T 2003Other10
Indespension TD 35 167 tandem 2011Other4
Indespension TD 35 187 tridem 2011Other4
Indiana LAWETA 8000 x 2000 Auto Paka 2011Other5
Inny inny NOWA przyczepa ALU 4 X 2.1 M 8 2010Other3
Inny LAWETA 2012Other5

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