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Low loader, Trailer Vehicles

Manufacturers Partenheimer 1994Other4
Marquardt K 30TB multi-purpose trailer 1996Other6
Meusburger - MPJ-3 - wheel wells 2001Other7
Meusburger - MPJ-3 - wheel wells 2002Other6
Meusburger MTA-4 - wheel wells 2003Other9
Mini Excavator truck 2,7 to. BL 2011Other10
Mini Excavator truck 2,7 to. BXL 2011Other7
Mini Excavators 3.5 to transporters. BXXL 2011Other7
Montracon MMCSM44HDLSC 1987Other4
Mössbauer TL 10 1960Other4
Mössbauer TL 15 1980Other7
Nuremberg vehicle, open box 1977Other5
OTHER 150x300cm 2.6t drawbar height adjustable 2011Other11
OTHER 178x427cm 3.5T 213cm double deck 2011Other15
OTHER 180x300cm 2.0 tons with high cover 200cm 1990Other9
OTHER 2.4 tons aluminum jumper 2011Other15
OTHER AS Absenkanhänger 155x260cm 1.35 t 2011Other5
OTHER car trailer / car carrier OFFICE 2000 2011Other7
OTHER case 157x305cm Height: 194cm + 2.0 t Auffa 2011Other15
OTHER case 157x305cm Height: 194cm 2.0 tons double 2011Other15
OTHER case 157x305cm Height: 194cm 2t + collision 2011Other15
OTHER cattle truck TA5G12 366x156x213cm 3, 2011Other12
OTHER Excalibur S1 silver 2011Other15
OTHER GAS Absenkanhänger 150x306cm 3.0 t 2011Other15
OTHER GAS Absenkanhänger 175x366cm 3.5T 2011Other15
OTHER GX125HD 157x366 3.5T with skids STOCK 2011Other12
OTHER GX126HD 184x366cm 3.5 t 1.83 V with a ramp 2011Other12
OTHER HB506 with front exit 2011Other15
OTHER jumper 2.4 t 2011Other15
OTHER livestock trailer 121x192x113 2011Other15
OTHER livestock trailer 156x304cm 183cm high 2.6 t 2011Other12
OTHER nonsense / Go 760 2006Other10
OTHER Refrigerators 150x306x165cm 2.6 t Stromaggr 2011Other15
OTHER S2 Excalibur Custom Style 2011Other15
OTHER suitcase LK 128x255cm Height: 153 1.3 t Auffa 2011Other14
OTHER suitcase LK 128x255cm Height: 153cm 1.3 t 2011Other15
OTHER Viehtransoprter 178x366x183cm 3.5T Abwa 2011Other15
PACTON 18PG 1993Other5
PACTON loaders 2328S 1984Other3
Panav TV 16 L Tandemtieflader 2004Other4
PART news SPECIAL KA tandem 1992Other5
Partenheimer Construction transporter 2004Other5
PNR loaders TAD-15 producer 16.5 t in 2012 New 2012Other8
Promotional trailer snack * unused * unique * 2008Other15
Recker JTA 24 2011Other4
Ressenig 2003Other6
SAXAS machines transporter / trailer with ramps 2011Other2
SAXAS tandem trailer with ramps 2011Other1
SAXAS trailer with ramps NL 8.8 To 2011Other3
SAXAS trailer with ramps NL 9To 2011Other3
SDAH Open Box / TAT-B-180 2011Other6
Slash valley TAH 30 BauCraft 2011Other4
Slash valley TAH 40 BauCraft 2011Other5
Slash valley TKG 3.5 BauCraft 2011Other7
Slash valley TTH 11.9 BauCraft 2011Other4
Slash valley TTH 14.0 BauCraft 2011Other4
Slash valley TTH 14.0 BauCraft, wide ramp 2011Other3
Slash valley TTH 18.0 BauCraft 2011Other6
Slash valley TTH 19.0 BauCraft 2011Other7
Sproll - Centre- 2011Other6
Stedele plant carrier tandem with WOOD Practice 2009Other1
Strobel trailer tandem 2,4 to load 2002Other6
T4 / 4080 B 1991Other5
Tandem 3 way tipper * NEW * 193, - per month 2011Other6
Tandem trailer ramps ball 1985Other8
Tandem trailer tilt / 0.99 m Wheelbase FSK3 1994Other15
Tandem trailer with ABS 2002Other6
Tandem trailer with ramps 259, - / month 2006Other6
Tandem trailers 1996Other3
Tebbe 1994Other7
TECHAU TA 50 trucks trailers 1989Other4
Tipper trailer hitch H2700 Baumaschinentransp 1995Other8
TL 35 trailer 1997Other7
Trailer with cover and railing 2009Other2
Trailer with ramp CTI 4261 1992Other3
Trax R424AP B * J97 / 4-Achser/42to total weight * 1997Other11
TU 3-24/80 1992Other6
VA TE 12 1997Other5
Vehicle Donauwöhrt 1994Other4
Witzke vehicle, trailer 1988Other4
ZEPPELIN April 9-50 1998Other6
Zeppelin (Bauer, P.), Year: 1995, Gen. good states. 1995Other7
ZREMB 1986Other2
Zuck Tandemtieflader 6.4 t / Auffahrampen 1991Other7
Stedele Pendant, 0.75 T Zentralachanhänger 2011Stedele2
Stedele Tandem aluminum trailer - TTA 120 2012Stedele1
Tempus BS303015 loader mini excavator (Vorführanhänger) 2012Tempus8
Tijhof TA 6600 2000Tijhof10
TPV - MB-P4 Boeckmann University - New car trailer 2011TPV7
TPV EU 2 2010TPV5
TPV EU 2 with vinyl cover 800mm 2012TPV6
Trebbiner BT 20th 31-15 2000Trebbiner3
Trebbiner BT vans 30.31-15 Construction 2011Trebbiner11
Trebbiner Excavator trailer 2000Trebbiner1
Trebbiner Plant carrier with sides 1999Trebbiner5
Trebbiner Plant carrier with sides 4.00 x1, 75m 2005Trebbiner6
Wackenhut AT 12.4 autotransport tiflader 1986Wackenhut5
Wecon Tandemtieflader 18 tonnes 2003Wecon6

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