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Refrigerator body, Trailer Vehicles

Bunge KA 12 Z (Vintage) 1964Bunge5
Carnehl Cool, MistralT note 850 Plus! Site! 1999Carnehl5
Carnehl Cooler, Mistral T850, Diesel + Elec, Alcoa wheels 1999Carnehl5
Gergen-Jung Refrigerators 1998Gergen-Jung4
Hendricks 3 Chamber / Frigoblock / current Year 2002 1995Hendricks8
Hendricks 3 x present / tandem refrigerated trailer / Diesel / S 1998Hendricks8
Hoffmann rohbahnen three 2007Hoffmann4
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer tiefkuehl-2-axle trailer 1989Kassbohrer6
Klagie Refrigerated box body / Trucks / Fresh Service 2011Klagie4
Klagie Refrigerated trailer / beverage trailer 2011Klagie5
Klagie Refrigerated trailer / Luggage Tags / beverage trailer 2011Klagie2
Klagie Refrigerated trailer / meat trailer 1 Rohrbahn 2011Klagie7
Klagie Refrigerated trailer / trailer meat / fresh service 2011Klagie2
Koch Cool 6Typ C6 150x300x190cm 2.6 t 2012Koch12
Kotschenreuther Case + liftgate + cooling unit 2000Kotschenreuther10
Krukenmeier Refrigerated trailer 1994Krukenmeier5
Niewiadow Niewiadów NI cooler 1996Niewiadow6
Orten 2-axle refrigerated trailer 1975Orten3
Orten 2-axle refrigerated trailer 1977Orten4
Orten Tandem refrigerated trailer width to 2.6 version 2012Orten4
Orten Tandem trailer cooling to 2.6 2012Orten1
-0 ° Juba beverage cooler refrigerators, 1,500 kg new 2011Other10
2.0 Insulated Kofferanh TKA. Tandem 1991Other7
2-axle refrigerated trailer 1973Other3
2-axle refrigerated trailer 1974Other3
2-axle refrigerated trailer 6.90 m THERMO KING 2002Other3
2-axle trailer freezer Fleisch-/Rohrbahnen 1998Other5
6.6 mtr. Refrigerated trailers, air suspension 18 To. 1989Other3
Anh.Geschl.Kasten / refrigerated trailer 1991Other2
Aschwege \u0026 Tönjes (Schmitz Refrigerated) Tiefkühlk 2005Other15
Available 3 times Bodden TAN THE 2001Other3
BAOS AKK 202 514 Refrigerators 2004Other4
Car Meyer Refrigerators 2004Other10
CARDI (rimorchio) 2002Other7
CARGO UT 180 PM 2000Other3
Carlsen Tiefkühlkoffer 2008Other5
Castle BPDO 10.10 LS 1991Other3
Castle Wipkar Thermo King 20 M BPA 1996Other5
Crown TK 2011Other4
DESOT carrier t 850 plus 1999Other6
Fire freezer 1985Other1
FLOOR FLA 10-101 1994Other1
Freezer box \ 1999Other7
Groenewegen RES-9-9 PC wipkar tandem middenas 1988Other5
HE2000 1976Other3
HFR PE2X100 Thermo King TS MD-200MT 2001Other6
Isopolar refrigerated trailer flatbed 1990Other5
Juba € -0 ° Refrigerated Trailer, 1500 kg, re- 2011Other10
Juba meat reefer trailers -0 °, 1500 kg new 2011Other10
Juba tandem trailer -0 ° Refrigerated, 2500kg, new 2011Other7
K1000 2000Other4
Kühl-/Isolier-/Getränkeanhänger 1953Other6
Kiessling 2-axle reefer HKKA 18 Thermo-King 1996Other11
Kiessling frozen meat KKA18 Rohrbahnvorberei 1997Other9
Koeper Tiefkühlkoffer with Thermo King refrigeration 1990Other2
Kumlin AKO 14 refrigerated trailers 1987Other9
LA 18/6-7, 4E fresh service with aggregate 2002Other3
LAMBERET refrigerated trailers (no cooling unit) TOP 2003Other7
Meyer 100/01 2001Other5
Meyer MAKL 18 cooler 1994Other3
Niemann Lastrup refrigerated trailer bogie 2002Other1
NOR-SLEP 1997Other4
OTHER Cool 6Typ C6 135x250x190cm 1.3 t 2011Other15
OTHER Cool 6Typ C6 150x300x190cm 2.6 t 2011Other12
OTHER Refrigerators 150x306x165cm 2.6 t Stromaggr 2011Other15
PANAV PR 18.13 (id: 4350) 1998Other3
Pipe KA 18-L 1998Other3
PIPE-KA 18 L 2001Other12
Reefer 1997Other2
Reefer 1999Other2
Refrigerated reefer refrigerator trailers 1974Other5
Refrigerators 2012Other6
Rose Meier 1-axle refrigerated trailer 2011Other4
Rose Meier refrigerated trailer dark 2011Other4
Rose Meier refrigerated trailer flatbed 2011Other3
schroeder TANDEM 1998Other6
Spermann FD 18 Thermo King SL 100 2001Other7
System-trailer Lamberet Frigo, TK SL 100 2002Other5
Tandem refrigerated trailer 7.35 m. long Thermo King 2000Other5
Tandem refrigerated trailers with refrigeration unit 1994Other6
Through LBW Isolated Loader tandem trailer 2000Other1
Tiefkühlkoffer Klégé o cool, never used 1997Other2
Trailer-FULL SIDE OPENING Bygg KT20 + TK SL100C 2002Other6
Trailer trailer refrigeration system Thermo King 2008Other4
Trax Frigo box 1990Other7
Tube refrigerated trailer 16 t LBW ABS 1991Other5
VIESSMANN-freezer including driving cooling to -18 ° C. 2011Other12
VIESSMANN professional freezer -18 ° C to +19 ° C 2011Other12
Weka Refrigerators 2001Other3
Wellmeyer 1966Other4
Westrick TK 010 1998Other4
Wiedler ZTKA18 frozen central axis LBW 2T 2009Other7
Willenbrock reefer with liftgate 2008Other10
Winda CHLODNIA + ABS 1996Other4
Wüllhorst FDA 2003Other4
Wüllhorst GTA tandem trailer 2002Other6
Wüllhorst TKA 2000Other5
Wüllhorst TKA 2001Other5

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