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Roll-off trailer, Trailer Vehicles

Castle BPO12-24C/36 1989Other3
Contar OPEN 3-AS 1995Other4
Craventasker 26S20 1979Other1
Craventasker F8M32SK 1983Other3
Craventasker FORMULA 8 1973Other3
DAF NVW-18/INL 1978Other3
DAPA rolling / Absetzanhänger three-axle COMBINATION 1993Other5
Demountable 1990Other3
Demountable 2011Other11
Dercks OL-16-10 1993Other6
Eggers HW24 boat trailer NL 18500 kg 2005Other4
Eggers HWT ZR 18/1 1993Other6
Eggers HWT18 Z 2/1 A 1988Other1
Eggers HWT18ZLR / 1 1995Other6
Floor AXA.330.S 2011Other5
Floor FLA.10.109 1990Other4
Floor FLA-10-109S 1991Other3
Floor FLA-9-98S 1991Other5
FZ.BAU ALTENBURG GTM 18/3 1995Other8
Georg-off container trailer 1982Other2
George idler trailer (265/70 R 19.5) 1999Other6
George Neitersen LI 12 1979Other2
GFOLLNER DO HAKOWCA 2004 r 2004Other5
Ginsberg-Daaden 1986Other1
GLI 151KO platform 1995Other4
GS 2000L AC 1999Other5
GS-2600-AC MEPPEL 1977Other2
GS AC 2000 L 1997Other4
GS AC-2000-R 1992Other5
GS AC-2000L 1993Other3
GS AC 2800 N 1995Other3
GS MEPPEL AC-2800 1993Other5
Gsodam vehicle 2012Other5
Havelberger HDR 05 1996Other3
Heilit + Woerner water tank with pump 1998Other12
Heimann Abrollkippanhänger liftable 4 container 1996Other3
Heuser \u0026 Settling Abrollanhänger 1997Other10
Hilse 1992Other1
Jung tandem with container 55m3 2002Other6
Kompenhans KHM9105 1993Other5
Kraker 1996Other4
Louault R2DCA 1994Other4
M \u0026 V Automotive Oranienburg CPA 18 1993Other4
MAFA AS 18 1994Other6
Meppel Abrollanhänger tiefgekuppelt 1999Other1
Moesner 1998Other4
NUFA AZR 18ZS 1998Other5
NUFA idler trailer 265/70 R 19.5 1992Other4
OMC AI4938 1993Other2
Original ATM 1996Other5
Pacton 1612 D-S twistlock 20 foot 1987Other4
Polkon 2005Other2
Rancke City Abrollanhänger for 4.5 m containers 1993Other2
REISCH REA-18T trailer for Ro 2009Other6
Roll Container Drawbar 2011Other5
Rolling depression 2011Other3
Rolling plateau 2011Other3
RTL knight type ACK 18 2000Other1
Schroeder Dispensers 1981Other5
Solingen container trailer 17t 1991Other6
Sproll sinker - Edition 2011Other5
SUD TAINER AL 7 200 4 RP 1997Other4
Tandem roll-off container trailer 2011Other3
Tandem trailer Absetzcontainer 2011Other5
Tandem-trailer platform for settling o 1997Other8
TASK 30S25 1985Other4
teutonia 1993Other6
THL 10 2011Other5
TKA18H 1995Other5
Trailor S 30 1974Other1
TRAX 1999Other15
UILDING protection 1987Other2
Unterholzner UER 18 / e 1997Other7
Unterholzner UER 18/ZW BDF 1995Other15
Varmo 23R213 2001Other3
WAF JF.62 1992Other3
Young Absetzanhänger silo 18 Vario 6 1995Other6
YOUNG trailer combination (235/75 R 17.5) 1993Other4
Palfinger PLK 19.60 2001Palfinger3
ROHR PA24 platform 8.10m 3 Achen Container chassis 1987ROHR15
Voss operated motorbike trailer wheel clamps incl 2011Voss4
Wackenhut Abrollanhänger 1992Wackenhut5
Wackenhut WAA 18 Abrollanhänger 1998Wackenhut10
Wecon AW218L, AIR SUSPENSION, SAF 2000Wecon15
Wecon OPEN 2-AS 1999Wecon6
Westfalia ANH Open box 1975Westfalia8
Wielton 2-axis, Abrollanhänger, NEW! 2011Wielton14
Wielton 2-axis, Abrollanhänger, NEW! 2012Wielton14
Zaslaw Zaslaw Bieżnia! LEASING! 0% I WPLATY! 2012Zaslaw4

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