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Stake body, Trailer Vehicles

Agados AD304121-PLUS 2012Agados6
Agados ADAM 254 121 2011Agados8
Agados Adam 255 121 2011Agados6
Agados Adam 255 124 2011Agados7
Agados Adam 256 121 2011Agados7
Agados Adam 256 147 2011Agados7
Agados ADAM 304 121 2011Agados8
Agados Adam 355 124 Swiss 2011Agados7
Agados Adam 356 121 Swiss 2011Agados7
Agados Adam 356 124 Swiss 2011Agados7
Agados DONA 2500kg 380x170cm NEW NEW NEW 2011Agados4
Agados DONA 2500kg 414 x 195 cm NEW NEW NEW 2012Agados4
Agados DONA 3000 - 5020 x 2200 x 350 mm 2011Agados7
Agados HE-AD305021 2011Agados7
Agados VZ22 2008Agados4
Agados VZ33 flatbed extra high sides 2007Agados4
Annaburger 18:02 LT air / elevator building Tandem platform 2000Annaburger5
Annaburger 18:02 LT tandem trailer with building elevator shaft 1997Annaburger7
Annaburger 7:00 LT tandem axle trailer with steel cage 1998Annaburger5
Annaburger LM 8:02 open box 1997Annaburger7
Annaburger LT 7:00 1998Annaburger5
Annaburger LT 7:00 tandem axle trailer with steel cage 1998Annaburger5
Atec EB 2 -2-2 2012Atec1
Atec Kastenanh. yellow 2011Atec3
Atec PL20 1-1 2004Atec3
Auwarter Auwärter 2-meter platform Aufahramppe ----------- --------- 1992Auwarter9
Auwarter Auwärter 60 gl 1985Auwarter5
Auwarter Auwärter Alf flatbed trailer bed 3260x1960x640 1988Auwarter2
Auwarter Auwärter APPH 3.0 Long \ 2007Auwarter9
Auwarter Auwärter Arphe 2.7 1990Auwarter6
Auwarter Auwärter flatbed 6500 mm with supporting bracket 2001Auwarter1
Auwarter Auwärter GL 60 lift increases 1983Auwarter3
Auwarter Auwärter LT6, 4 1994Auwarter3
Auwarter Auwärter Paull APPH 2, 0 1987Auwarter7
Auwarter Auwärter Platform 2.50 x3, 90m x höchenverstellbar car truck 2001Auwarter5
Auwarter Auwärter SDAH Open box 1999Auwarter5
Auwarter Auwärter Tandem LT 8.6 * curtainsider +6.50 m. * 1999Auwarter9
Auwarter Auwärter tandem trailer 1995Auwarter5
Auwarter Auwärter tandem trailer flatbed 2000Auwarter5
Auwarter Auwärter trailer with lid 1998Auwarter4
Auwarter Auwärter TT 6.4 WITH ALUMINIUM RAMPS, 1 HAND 1993Auwarter3
Auwarter Auwärter TTH * ABS * 10.6 * Duomatic 2001Auwarter8
Auwarter Auwärter TTH 4.5 1995Auwarter13
Auwarter Auwärter TTH 4.5 1997Auwarter13
Barthau 750 KG Bodwand to open the front and back plane 2001Barthau5
Barthau EH-1602 with TopZurr cargo securing 2011Barthau15
Barthau ET 1501 2011Barthau12
Barthau ET2002 2012Barthau4
Barthau G656 2000 kg loading area 5100 mm 2008Barthau8
Barthau GTA2702 2007Barthau5
Barthau GTB 2702 mini excavator / equipment trailer 2010Barthau4
Barthau Hochlader SP3502 5120x2120x400 mm 2011Barthau7
Barthau P2000 tandem trailer 1989Barthau2
Barthau P2500 1993Barthau5
Barthau P2500 tandem trailer 1993Barthau2
Barthau PLT 2500 1986Barthau4
Barthau SdaN 2002Barthau4
Barthau SP 2700 Flatbed / sides / 2.7 tons. / 2004Barthau4
Barthau SP 2702 2011Barthau9
Barthau TK 3502 1999Barthau6
Barthau TP3002, passable, only 580mm! NL 2.300kg! 2011Barthau12
Blomenrohr Blomenröhr 541/4500 tandem trailer. f.Minibagger with ramps 2001Blomenrohr8
Blomenrohr Blomenröhr ANH open box 8.5 tonnes 1992Blomenrohr3
Blomenrohr Blomenröhr container Anhäger 1990Blomenrohr5
Blomenrohr Blomenröhr Minnibagger mash inside tractor truck 2001Blomenrohr3
Blomenrohr Blomenröhr SP 65 tandem 7.50 m loading area 1996Blomenrohr5
Blomenrohr Blomenröhr tandem 1994Blomenrohr3
Blomenrohr Blomenröhr tandem 2005Blomenrohr10
Blomenrohr Blomenröhr tandem trailer 1993Blomenrohr5
Blomenrohr Blomenröhr tandem trailer 2001Blomenrohr6
Blomenrohr Blomenröhr tandem trailer with ramps 2002Blomenrohr7
Blomenrohr Blomenröhr TP8-u 889 661 98 517 TP4-twin tires 1995Blomenrohr9
Blomenrohr Co-ordinated Blomenröhr Baumasch.-transport / ramps 1988Blomenrohr13
BNG Platforma auto marca, SBS GB REMA 1996BNG4
Bunge AP180 1994Bunge4
Bunge AP180 building platform 1994Bunge6
Bunge baustoffanhenger tandem 1997Bunge5
Bunge PA 16 E 1975Bunge15
Bunge PA 18 E 1988Bunge11
Carnehl Plate Pendant 1974Carnehl4
Daltec Cargo 35 LS 2011Daltec3
Daltec Cargo 35 XLS 2011Daltec2
Daltec VZ 21 A 2011Daltec5
Daltec VZ 21 ST 2011Daltec7
Dinkel 18 to 2-axle trailer building material body + lift 2005Dinkel10
Dinkel 18 tons of construction materials trailer 7 m 2000Dinkel3
Dinkel 24to 3-axle trailer * Kumlin 3-way tipper * 2004Dinkel6
Dinkel 2SAF axes building 7.10 m deck 1m Aluminium side walls 2001Dinkel4
Dinkel Building material trailers 2001Dinkel1
Dinkel DAP 18 000 2007Dinkel5
Dinkel DAP 18 000 building trailer rims * 2005Dinkel11
Dinkel DAP air suspension truck 18to 18 000 building. 2002Dinkel6
Dinkel Platou trailer 2009Dinkel8
Doll Emil L7, B2 1m, 4m ground ** NEW ** 1977Doll5
Fitzel Full aluminum platform trailer 172x321 2.7 t RESTPOSTEN 2011Fitzel15
Fitzel Full aluminum platform trailer 172x321cm 2.7 t 2012Fitzel15
Gergen-Jung 7:30 AN18 TOP TOP TOP 2007Gergen-Jung6
Heinemann 400kg 1975Heinemann3
Heinemann Maxi Long with 5:10 Plane § 25a 1992Heinemann9

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