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Swap chassis, Trailer Vehicles

Blomenrohr Blomenröhr tandem trailer, Müllermitteltal 1997Blomenrohr3
Blomert Trailer with Weckselaufbau 1970Blomert11
Bunge 20 1988Bunge7
Dinkel 1-axis BDF Lafette * standard * 2006Dinkel8
Dinkel 11.9 to Jumbo Tandem mount * Ultra Light * 1999Dinkel7
Dinkel DAWN MAXI carriage Schmitz 2000Dinkel2
Dinkel DTAWN 11 000 1999Dinkel5
HKM 18to tandem rolling sled trailer G18TSZL1, 3 2004HKM8
HKM A 13.5 1.2 EL tandem Absetzanhänger NEW 2012HKM15
HKM A 13.5 tons. EB 1.2 Tandem Absetzanhänger NEW 2012HKM12
HKM HFR atl 20 2000HKM13
HKM Meiller K 18 ZL Combi 5.0 Cont .- Anh weanlings 2011HKM15
HKM Meiller K 18 ZL Combi 5.0 Cont .- Anh weanlings 2012HKM15
Hoffmann Jumbo Tautliner Flatbed 55m ³ 6 x in stock 1990Hoffmann2
Hoffmann Jumbo Tautliner platform 55m ³ x 9 in stock 1990Hoffmann2
Hoffmann Jumbo Tautliner Platform 9 x 55m ³ of stock 1990Hoffmann2
Hoffmann LCC11. OT BDF Tandem 2002Hoffmann6
Hoffmann Tandem trailer 2003Hoffmann4
Huffermann Hüffermann Anh.F.ATL roll container 1989Huffermann4
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer BDF FIRANKA 1979Kassbohrer7
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer BDF L 7.15 m 1995Kassbohrer7
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer BDF trailer 1990Kassbohrer8
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer carriage VC 14 L / carrier VC 14 L 1990Kassbohrer5
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer mount + swap container Schmitz case 1991Kassbohrer13
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer swap * 7.15 M * bows * Plane 1990Kassbohrer5
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer swap * 7.15 M * bows * Plane 1994Kassbohrer5
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer swap * 7.45 * M * tarpaulin curtain portal doors * 2002Kassbohrer4
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer V14 L 1990Kassbohrer4
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer VC 14 L 1991Kassbohrer5
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer VC 14 L 1993Kassbohrer5
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer VC 14 L BDF 1987Kassbohrer3
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer VC 14 L BDF 7.45 m 1992Kassbohrer6
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer VC 14 L, BDF mount 1990Kassbohrer4
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer VC 14L 1985Kassbohrer1
Kotschenreuther ANH F. ATL 20 AWB218 2005Kotschenreuther4
Kotschenreuther AWB 218 / BDF jumbo trailers 2000Kotschenreuther8
Kotschenreuther AWB 218 / Jumbo - BDF trailer 1998Kotschenreuther6
Kotschenreuther AWB 218 2000Kotschenreuther5
Kotschenreuther AWB 218 2003Kotschenreuther2
Kotschenreuther AWB 218 BDF mount with removable bridge 1999Kotschenreuther5
Kotschenreuther TWB 218 1998Kotschenreuther3
Kotschenreuther TWB Jumbo BDF Tandem mount! ABS! TUV! 1988Kotschenreuther12
Kotschenreuther TWB216 BDF hochgekuppelt ideal for driving school! 1997Kotschenreuther15
Kotschenreuther TWB218 BDF 1997Kotschenreuther4
Kotschenreuther WAF 1518 1990Kotschenreuther8
Kotschenreuther WP18 1996Kotschenreuther3
Meusburger MCT 2 2001Meusburger5
Meusburger MCT-2, ABS, EBS, 17.5 \ 2005Meusburger2
435 / 50R19, 5 for all heights 1999Other1
BDF system 7.450 mm long 1998Other6
BDF system 7,150 mm long 1991Other5
BDF system 7,150 mm long 1994Other5
BDF system 7,150 mm long 1995Other7
BDF system 7,150 mm long, NEW PAINT! 1995Other5
Beckmann MV Lübtheen BDF Tandem 2000Other12
Changing container curtainsider side 2000Other5
DAPA rolling / Absetzanhänger three-axle COMBINATION 1993Other5
Dolly dolly axle / hydraulic system with pump 2011Other15
Eylert, TUV NEW, tires 90% 1989Other9
General Jumbo Trailer tandem trailer 2000Other6
General Jumbo Trailer tandem with body mount 2000Other9
George GML absenkb 16. Drawbar for 2 Absetzcont 1997Other9
Graaf mount 1995Other5
Graaff / Lübtheen P-715 WK 1994Other2
Graaff / Lübtheen S WK 715 1995Other2
Graaff / MV Lübtheen Lübtheen WA18 / 1 1998Other4
Graaff WA, 18 1995Other5
H \u0026 W HWTCAB1878 2011Other2
H \u0026 W Jumbo BDF-1 7.15 +7.45 +7.82 NEW axle trailer 2011Other4
H \u0026 W tandem swapbodies 18 To Anh. 2007Other5
HFR 1999Other3
HFR 2 x available 2000Other6
HFR 2000Other3
HFR 2002Other3
Jumbo Annex BDF with hydraulic connections 1994Other6
Jumbo Tandem mount 2000Other4
Kässbohrer change system trailer 1987Other2
Maxi mount 2004Other3
Meadow tandem mount 2007Other7
Meusburger MCT -2 2000Other2
MV Lübtheen WA, 18 1999Other4
MV Lübtheen WA, 18/1! sandblasted and painted! 1999Other9
MV tandem Lübtheen Zwillingber BDF mount. 2000Other3
Przyczepa BDF POPP JOH 1994Other5
SDAH F.ATL 1999Other2
Spier C 715 WECHSELBRÜ CKE 1997Other4
Spier trailer with BDF swap ALW 2/60 1987Other4
Spier WBCK 7150 1997Other3
Steel doors, container Mobile container BDF 7.45 12x 1997Other5
Tandem roll-off container trailer 2011Other3
ThyssenKrupp Steel C 715 CHANGING SELBRÜCKE 1996Other4
Trailer / carrier - in very good condition 1977Other5
Trailer BDF system, WFZ 18, volume 2009Other14
Trailer for swap 2007Other5
Unterholzner UC 16 LU mount 1985Other11
VEB IFA Bornsen HL 10 2 ATL WFS 1975Other15
WECON AWZ 218 LZ ** LIFTAXLE ** 2006Other7
WPR 782 NV-SGA Flatbed / tarpaulin bridges 35 X drapery 2006Other5

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