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Swap Stake body, Trailer Vehicles

Dinkel DWN - only platform-construction! 2002Dinkel5
Dinkel DWN - Pick-up only! 2002Dinkel5
Hoffmann Lift-Plane - 7.20 m 1994Hoffmann6
Hoffmann Stake / BDF Bridge 1998Hoffmann5
Hoffmann Swap available more than once 1994Hoffmann2
Hoffmann Wechselbürcke Plane VPH10 1993Hoffmann6
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer Annex VC16 for container 1979Kassbohrer5
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer BDF 18t 2 axis 1992Kassbohrer4
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer swap 7.15 m 1972Kassbohrer5
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer swap 715 cm NEW Plane TOP 2010Kassbohrer3
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer swap TB715 LIKE NEW! 1992Kassbohrer9
Kotschenreuther 2 x 7.82 WB jumbo, roof 2002Kotschenreuther4
Kotschenreuther JUMBO 7820-WB 2002Kotschenreuther1
Kotschenreuther Jumbo-Stahlkoffer/Doppelstock 2000Kotschenreuther3
Kotschenreuther Jumbo Wechselbruecke BDF * * 7.60 m * 2 units * 1997Kotschenreuther3
Kotschenreuther Mega volume Wechselk BDF. Double-decker m. Beam 2001Kotschenreuther5
Kotschenreuther Swap 7.45 m 1998Kotschenreuther1
Kotschenreuther WB 7.82 meter road Kleiderkoffer / 8x present 2001Kotschenreuther9
Kotschenreuther WB7.82 m WKSTC782 jumbo clothes box with holes 2001Kotschenreuther8
Kotschenreuther Wechselkoffer steel 7.45 m 1998Kotschenreuther1
Meusburger 7.820mm, Edscha, rear outriggers, lifting roof, 1.Hand 2005Meusburger5
Orten loose swing wall body VDI 2700/LBW 2005Orten2
Orten Wechselpritsche / truck / curtainsider 2000Orten4
14 x BDF Tiefkühlkoffer 2004Other15
30x 7.82 m steel jumbo right \u0026 left Plane 2001Other6
745 C 1999Other3
745 SR-F 1999Other3
BDF 7.15 1995Other8
BDF Bridge 7.45 2001Other9
BDF portal trunk doors 7.45 m 2005Other2
BDF swap 2004Other4
BDF swap bodies JUMBO 7.45 Door 1996Other9
BDF swap bodies JUMBO bunk 7.45 1999Other9
BDF swap safes 7.45 PAINT NEW! 2001Other6
BDF swap sides *** / ** Good Condition 2004Other5
BDF system 7,150 mm long 1994Other5
BDF system 7,820 mm long 2008Other11
BDF system 7,820 mm long, PAINT + NEW PLANE! 2009Other11
BDF system of long 7,150 mm (STORAGE TANKS) 1998Other6
Cargo Zandt 2001Other4
Cargo Zandt corrugated steel box swap 2008Other8
Chancel Vial 2007Other2
Dessau C715 wagon 1995Other3
Drinks / DRIVING FORKLIFT 7.80 meters 2000Other4
DRINKS rear doors swing wall eyelets 1996Other9
EDSCHA BDF BRIDGE 7.45 1999Other8
EPA ANH to ATL 18 1989Other6
Graaff / Lübtheen P-715 WK 1995Other3
Graaff / Lübtheen P WK 715-10 in Stock - 1994Other2
GS Meppel BDF met bak! 2005Other4
H 1990Other5
held 1990Other3
Jumbo swap 7.85 x 3.10 1996Other2
JUNG - 7,45 m - Thermo King - FROZEN 1998Other5
Kiessling Refrigerators rear doors 2x available 2003Other12
La 16/715 1979Other4
Lift-bridge plan 1994Other6
Mildner \u0026 Koegel 5x change system Borwände 1999Other7
Plateau swap with front wall 1992Other5
Przyczepa dp przewozu kontenerów (BDF) 2000r. 2000Other2
Refrigerators 1980Other7
Rolling bowl 3 pcs 5.50 meters long 1995Other2
SAXAS MKD71-M dry freight van body * NEW * 2011Other2
SAXAS swap dry freight box 2011Other4
SKRZYNIA Metalowa 2006Other1
Spier WBCK 7150 1997Other2
Steel doors, container Mobile container BDF 7.45 12x 1997Other5
Steel doors, container Mobile container BDF 7.45 14x 1996Other5
STL swap 2006Other4
STL toilets swap 1995Other4
Swap 1997Other6
Swap Plane / sideboards 1980Other4
Swap Plane / sideboards 7.15 m 1990Other4
Swap sides / Plane 1998Other5
Swap with sideboards 1980Other6
Swap with steel roller door 7.45m 1999Other9
Swap with tarp sides 1985Other4
Swap with tarpaulin tarpaulin 7.45 m 1999Other5
Toilet container with hot water boiler heating Pisuar 1990Other7
TULO Combi Box 7.45 steel curtain doors portal 1998Other6
WB 1996Other5
WB 7.82 jumbo, roof 2002Other4
Wecon steel roof 2003Other2
Zandt SWB C 745 steel swap 2007Other8
ZASLAW D656 wymiennych Thurs transportu kontenerów 2011Other1
Wackenhut WASVB 18 1998Wackenhut2
Wecon 2X WB 7.45 m! Edscha! Porch door! Gardiene! 2005Wecon10
Wecon 4x u Jumbo 7,82 m 2001Wecon4
Wecon BDF 1999Wecon4
Wecon BDF 782, sliding roof plane, 2006Wecon4
Wecon C7820 jumbo double-decker Edscha roof LASI 2006Wecon9
Wecon C7820 Jumbo Hubdach Edscha LASI Leergew. 2750 kg 2007Wecon7
Wecon Container WPR 45 SG bahnverladbar 45 feet, Lasi 2008Wecon8
Wecon Double-decker jumbo C7820 Edscha roof LASI 2006Wecon9
Wecon EEZ LZ 218 1999Wecon3
Wecon JUMBO - EDSCHA - 7,800 mm 2004Wecon4
Wecon Jumbo - swap Plane WPR 745 1997Wecon1
Wecon Jumbo Bridge 7.82 6 pieces Edscha roof Lasi 2007Wecon4
Wecon Jumbo C7820 LASI internal staplerbefahrbar 3 mtr. 2007Wecon11

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