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Tank body, Trailer Vehicles

Bunge 3-axle tank trailer with bottom loading 1999Bunge3
Bunge 3 axles tank trailer 1991Bunge7
Bunge 6000 ltr., 2 stainless steel milk tank manhole cover 1992Bunge4
Bunge A Chambers III / 3 1994Bunge2
Bunge BUNGE TAA 22.5 / 3-AXLE TANK TRAILER A3 22 500 L 1994Bunge9
Bunge Diesel fuel oil tank trailer + 1996Bunge4
Bunge T.A.A. 16.5, 3 chambers, MOT until 06.2013 NEW 1987Bunge9
Bunge TA Saug-/Druckanhänger 12/1 A1 1983Bunge7
Bunge TAA 18.5 / 3 A3 1986Bunge3
Bunge Willig tank trailer 3 axle diesel 1995Bunge11
Hendricks Tank trailer 1999Hendricks7
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer BWB water tank 23 1982Kassbohrer3
Kassbohrer Kässbohrer TA 18 tank trailers GGVS 1992Kassbohrer8
Orten OMT 1996Orten3
2700 l tank cars 1986Other3
Adige 22RNM-7 1987Other4
ATCOMEX TA/20T/32AL 1999Other4
Bardenhorst tandem suction pressure feces 13 m³ 1993Other8
BARTOLETTI TANKER 18800L 1990Other13
BLUMHARDT steel tank trailers 11 000 liters. 1974Other5
Car trailer with 1500 L tank 1981Other2
CARDI RICOFER LPG / GAZ / GAS BAR + 26.5 ABS 28.000LTR 1994Other15
Cisterna DO paliwa Z Wojska 1980Other2
Container 1980Other5
E T A TANK 17 000 liter 1999Other6
E T A TANK 17 000 liter 2004Other8
EKW RAC 20T2A (id: 5684) 1996Other3
ELLINGHAUS K-TAH 18-20/3 TANK TRAILER 20.800L 1997Other7
Ellinghaus tank for lubricants 1992Other5
Emiliana Serbatoi TF 3.3000 liter tank with pump 2011Other3
ESTERER 3-axle trailer tank bottom loading 1993Other7
Esterer TA 18 186 2001Other5
FOR FILLING 2000Other7
GOFA, holding drum, suction, pressure tank 1973Other6
HL 50.45/10 1985Other5
Hörndl stainless steel tank 1977Other1
Karstädt HL 30.45 / 2 1986Other3
Kroll tank trailer A1, A3, 3 chambers 1972Other5
KROLL TH DIESEL FUEL 24.5 4 Kammerl 1993Other9
Muller KDU 1981Other2
Nödinge tank ADR 16000litr 1992Other1
Only 21,000 liters of fuel 1991Other2
PILATUS tank trailers, diesel tankers, 1974Other8
Pipe ANH-A-K 15.0 tank trailer / ABS 1992Other5
Przyczepa Rolnicza BECZKA DO Vody 1985Other2
SCANDIA 1986Other1
TA 24 225 3 KAMMERN/A-3 1998Other15
TAH 189 L A III 1996Other2
TAH 200L 20 000 LITRE DIESEL / GASOLINE 1997Other9
TAH185 A3 L \u0026 F 2009Other5
Tank Tank 1980Other4
Tank trailer 1965Other5
Tank truck, water truck, 5000l 1986Other9
Tanker 2000Other3
Tankman S4-360 36 000 liters 1994Other15
Tractomotor RC-1000 1989Other6
ROHR for gasoline, diesel, fuel oil 1987ROHR6
Stedele Tank trailers, mobile workshops, \ 2007Stedele7
Voss Snack trailers built to order - Trailers Voss 2009Voss15

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