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Westfalia 2000kg 2 tandem axles 3mX1.4m 1994Westfalia5
Westfalia 300 x 140 tarp bows 1200 kg 1997Westfalia5
Westfalia 400 KG with lid 1973Westfalia5
Westfalia 7521 A, aluminum box with tarpaulin in gray 2002Westfalia2
Westfalia A 118 001 1977Westfalia5
Westfalia AA1 1985Westfalia4
Westfalia ANH Offner box (Klaufix) 1985Westfalia2
Westfalia Anh open box 1977Westfalia5
Westfalia BMW Multi-Trailer package with hood + motorcycle 2003Westfalia5
Westfalia BMW Multi-Trailer with Hood 2001Westfalia6
Westfalia Box, 1000 kg, including Defender, Mercedes DG 1988Westfalia5
Westfalia Box 2to vinyl cover, accident, 1993Westfalia5
Westfalia Box trailer with lockable fiberglass cover 1994Westfalia2
Westfalia Bremen 1975Westfalia5
Westfalia Car trailer with tarpaulin 1975Westfalia1
Westfalia Classic car barn find rare TYPE 121 002 1974Westfalia10
Westfalia closed box with tarpaulin 1981Westfalia3
Westfalia Comfort 1990Westfalia3
Westfalia COMFORT m. Fiberglass hood and 100km / h 1995Westfalia5
Westfalia Comfort Single Axle 1996Westfalia2
Westfalia COMFORT with cover for a wheelchair or electric car 1996Westfalia15
Westfalia Connect with 1326H14 Plane 2008Westfalia4
Westfalia Double axle 2000 kg 1994Westfalia5
Westfalia General purpose trailers 1989Westfalia1
Westfalia Hearses 1975Westfalia1
Westfalia HT 1531A14 2009Westfalia5
Westfalia Livestock trailer 1979Westfalia5
Westfalia Offner box 1992Westfalia5
Westfalia open box 1983Westfalia5
Westfalia open box 1986Westfalia5
Westfalia open box 1994Westfalia5
Westfalia open box 2000Westfalia10
Westfalia open box 2002Westfalia2
Westfalia Open box braked 1973Westfalia4
Westfalia Open box trailer 1995Westfalia3
Westfalia Open box trailer SDAH 800KG GEBREMST 1979Westfalia5
Westfalia Open box with tarpaulin 1976Westfalia3
Westfalia Open platform trailer tandem 1992Westfalia7
Westfalia Other trailers with locking lid 1987Westfalia4
Westfalia Purpose trailers 1987Westfalia4
Westfalia SDAH tandem Knott 1982Westfalia5
Westfalia SLEEP - and SURFTRANSPORTANH. 1996Westfalia5
Westfalia Tandem 1979Westfalia5
Westfalia Tandem 1994Westfalia3
Westfalia Tandem axle trailer hood (FRP) 1996Westfalia5
Westfalia Tandem box trailer rebuild 1981Westfalia8
Westfalia Tarpaulin + tarpaulin 1975Westfalia5
Westfalia Trailer 1980Westfalia3
Westfalia Trailer 1983Westfalia5
Westfalia Trailer 1988Westfalia2
Westfalia Trailer 400 kg 1987Westfalia5
Westfalia Trailer with lid 1977Westfalia2
Westfalia Trailer with lid 1983Westfalia3
Westfalia Trailer with lockable lid 1981Westfalia8
Westfalia Tüv 9.13 curbed even for small cars 1978Westfalia4
Westfalia Type 118 451 1984Westfalia5
Westfalia Type 157 1976Westfalia5
Westfalia Undertaker 1965Westfalia4
Westfalia used trailers 1996Westfalia4
Westfalia WAE 2000 1994Westfalia6
Westfalia Westeria 1983Westfalia5
Westfalia westfalia plants open box with plane 1995Westfalia3
Westfalia with canvas polyester cover additional 1988Westfalia6
Westfalia with lid 1987Westfalia4
Wielton PC 16KT 16.0 t tandem 2004r. 2004Wielton4
Wielton PC16 2006Wielton8
Zaslaw Zasław D-670 2009Zaslaw3
Zaslaw Zaslaw budowlana! LEASING! NOWA 2012Zaslaw4

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